WATCH: Rafael Nadal breaks down in tears as Roger Federer retires

Roger Federer broke down in tears as his amazing career came to an end at the Laver Cup on Friday night. His buddy Rafael Nadal himself could also be seen in tears on Team Europe’s bench as Roger spoke to Jim Courier in his on-court interview.

“We’ll get through this somehow, will we, right?! Look, it’s been a wonderful day. I told the guys I’m happy, I’m not sad. It feels great to be here. I enjoyed tying my shoes one more time – and everything was the last time,” Roger said. 

“Funny enough with all the matches and having the guys being here, fans, family, friends, I didn’t feel the stress so much even though I did think something was going to go – pop a calf or block a back or something in the match. I’m so happy I made it through. The match was great and I couldn’t be happier.

“It’s been wonderful. And of course playing with Rafa, on the same team, having all the guys here and all the legends, Rocket [Rod Laver], Stefan Edberg – thank you. It is amazing, it really is [to share the court with Rafa and the others]. I didn’t want it to feel lonely out there. It felt lonely for a second when they told me to come out one more time, it didn’t feel great. But to say goodbye in a team, I always felt I was a team player at heart.”


  1. Never thought this farewall match will hurt me so badly. Still recovering after 24 hours. Seeing Rafa crying… Such an unforgettable night.

  2. Love to you both! I am a great fan of both of you. Thank you Roger for all the intense matches whether you won or lost. You showed us how to really respect a sport. Good Luck with whatever you choose to do!

  3. They were/are a perfect example of good and respectful friendship and excellent sportsmanship. I wish the younger generation of players will follow their example.
    My interest in watching tennis has now waned somewhat without them.

    • I am hoping a rivalry like this will blossom between Alcaraz and Sinner. They played one of the best matches I’ve ever watched at the US Open and exuded the grace and class of both Nadal and Federer. The influence of these two on the next generation was clear and moving to see.

  4. I was crying to see Rafa cry with Federer. Sure we are getting near for a sad for our Rafa too. Thank you Roger for all the memories.

    • We all cried with Roger but with health issues he decided to retire but otjrt Avenues are open for him to use his tennis experience

  5. The Fedal loss pales into insignificance when you see how emotional Roger and Rafa were after the match. The realisation that Roger would no longer grace the court professionally got to both of them.
    The end of the rivalry, but the continuation of a lifelong friendship.

  6. Quedara para la historia este encuentro y toooda su trayectoria casi perfecta adelante Rey,solo queda decir yo lo vivì,lo sentì y disfrute al maximo.

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