PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray enjoy Gala Dinner before Laver Cup

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and other tennis stars have swapped their tennis apparel for suits and ties to attend a gala dinner ahead of the Team Europe vs. Team World matches in London. Here are a few photos.


  1. These photos of the Fab Four are truly historic. I’m not so sure Murray really belongs in the group honestly, but nonetheless. The top 3 are beyond words. Of course we all know Rafa is the GOAT. But this time, we focus on the dynamic duo of Rafa and Roger. How we love their friendship and their tennis! What a blessing for us to get to see this Team Europe. I’m an American and, while I love McEnroe and have since I was a child (he got me hooked on tennis!), I will be cheering on team Europe! I cry every time I see Roger/Rafa – they are amazing and tennis will never be the same when they are both retired. For today, I will enjoy every single second of this Laver Cup! Vamos Rafa!

    • We forget how amazing they all look dressed up… We are so used to seeing them all sweaty and in their tennis garb! I do think Andy deserves to be in there he was so damn good before he got injured! They all look so handsome! I’m American too but 100% for Rafa until the day he retires!
      I’m not even sure if I’ll watch tennis then but if I do I really like Taylor Fritz! Just can’t imagine being so passionate about any other tennis player other then Rafa So excited for tomorrow! Go Team Europe! Vamos Rafa!

      • Ps… Mery is being monitored very closely & I have heard she probably will have her baby earlier which to me means a C-section. In that case you know exactly when the baby is going to come. These are the last golden parts of Rafa’s career…. Plus I’m sure it has nothing to do with money he is a multi multi millionaire! It would be really sad for Rafa to miss this very special event with Roger retiring & all!

  2. What Rafa does is Rafa’s. He is hardly ” running around the country”! He is participating in events that are oh so precious to him and others. TOO soon they will be over . Luckily his wife and family understand their world together. Such happiness he shares with Federer in these moments

  3. Spectacular shots with City in the background!

    I’m going to give Rafa the benefit of the doubt unless I hear that there is some kind of emergency situation with Mery and the baby.

    • I read that mery and baby are doing fine and under great care. Let’s not worry about rumors but enjoy the historic moment in front of us that Federer and Rafa are writing together!

  4. I don’t understand why Nadal continues to run around playing tennis with his wife either in the hospital, had the baby, lost the baby. All of these things require daddy and/or husband being with his wife. He has enough money. I am 20 year best fan with every bit of memorabilia of Nadal. Never missed a match. But I’m also a great grandmother and am disgusted with this behavior.

    • To Betty Ward: as his wife had pointed out several times before her pregnancy and during, he is a sports phenom and she gets the fact that tennis is just as important to him as his family is.
      She has lots of family and friends surrounding her, therefore she is covered unlike many who are not.
      Sure it’s money but also sure that it’s the competitive nature of Rafa as well as the love of the sport.

    • Shhhh! You are entitled to your opinion but Rafa makes his own decisions and dies not need to answer to your provincial beliefs.

      • I agree with Rafa fan usa and Dominique!

        Betty Ward: you can say what you want but Rafa makes sound and wise decisions. You’re just jealous of all that’s happening and maybe you should look at yourself, so absent minded! Nothing bad has occurred with Rafa’s wife and soon to be born son, so stop with your fabricated stories. Bad taste in your thoughts.

      • Agree with Rafa fan usa and Dominique. Let’s enjoy and celebrate the occasion! Feudal one last time, very historic! Everything else from Betty ward is just false hearsay or fabrications.

    • Please do not believe any of these terrible untrue stories.
      Rafael Nadal is a very sincere and loving caring husband and family man. London from his home.. He’ll be home overnight.. Been with Rafa forever..Fedal ..

    • Quit it, Betty ward. Your words make no sense and irritate the heck out of me. 🙁

      But these photos of the Big 4 and Rafa’s smiles throughout are wonderful to me!

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