Rafael Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon 2022

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from Wimbledon ahead of his semi-final against Nick Kyrgios. After a light practice for 45 minutes on site at 1:30pm today, the 22-times grand slam champion informed All England Club officials later in the afternoon that he will not be fit enough to play on Centre Court tomorrow because of a 7mm abdominal tear.

“I have to pull out of the tournament. As everybody saw yesterday I have been suffering with pain in the abdominal [area]. That’s confirmed. I have a tear in the muscle. I feel very sad to say that.”

“I make my decision because I believe I can’t win two matches under these circumstances. I can’t serve, not only not at the right speed, but it’s [that] I can’t do the normal movement to serve. 

“I have to say that to imagine myself winning two matches and for respect to myself in some way I don’t want to go out there and not be competitive enough to play at the level I need to play to achieve my goal, and with a big chance of making things worse. A couple of weeks ago I saw my career [future] very difficult. Things now are better in that way without a doubt. But as I always said the most important thing is happiness over any title.

“I can’t risk that much and stay two-three months out of competition because that would be tough for me. If that happens, it happens, but not because I wasn’t doing things properly.”

Source: The Times


  1. Rafa, you are an excellent leader for us all…a great attitude to life, its joys and disappointments. Happiness is the most important ingredient in our lives; a tough learning curve. Bless you and thanks. Heal well. Keep in touch, Greetings from Melbourne. I am so proud of who you are; a humble man who shares his life skills with the world of tennis. We can all learn so much from you. As you have already said, a peaceful quiet life is for you and me. Vamos

  2. Rapha you are an amazing tennis player! Your grit and never giving up is astounding and I can’t imagine the pain you were in against your match with Taylor. I kiddingly call you my “boyfriend” to my sons and husband but truly I admire you immensely. By the way I’m 63. Take a rest and see where this injury takes you! Kathie Foster

  3. Good wishes to our Rafa for your speedy recovery. Grand slam is not more important than your health. We are right behind you Champion 🏆

  4. Right decision made! Hope recover soon and keep healthy! See you at Flushing Meadow this Fall. Vamos Rafa! ✌

  5. After watching this all I wanted to be able to do was give Raphael a big hug and say”You made no wrong decisions.” Truly, Rafa is the GOAT. Class personified. Toughness. Emotion. Honesty. In the moment. And to be able to speak eloquently on such an emotional topic. Wow.

    • I give Rafa alot of credit. I’m glad he pulled out for himself and his family. He is a great champion and hope to see him back soon.

  6. I am, was the oddball who was for Rafa withdrawing, for his sake. Like his sister and Dad. The choice was so clear for me even during the match with Taylor.

    • I’m the only other odd ball with you Julieta. Watching Rafa bending over in pain & seeing him put his head in his hands was heartbreaking to me. No one was asking to gift Taylor the match…it’s called a walkover & it happens all the time… Rafa had a walkover in the semi finals at RG when Sascha Zverev injured his ankle & had to retire. With Rafa’s fighting warrior spirit he kept on fighting even against the will of his father & sister. Just this year alone he has had a stress fracture to one of his ribs a few procedures on his foot which included daily injections to numb his foot & now a tear in his abdominal muscle…Rafa’s body is wearing out… he has far exceeded all predictions on the length of his career & just look what Rafa’s has accomplished. Even with all of his injuries he has managed to raise above & become the Greatest of all time! Rafa is the GOAT. Even if ND catches up with GS there is no other like a Rafa. He is on a pedestal all by himself! I hope that NK has rested and can beat ND … that would be wonderful!

  7. No one wants to be “gifted” an opportunity in a tennis match. TF had his chances and was beaten by a better player yesterday.

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