VIDEO: Rafael Nadal on his 14th French Open, health, and future

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal won his 22nd Grand Slam title with his 14th French Open victory Sunday. He joins “CBS Mornings” the day after that record-setting win to discuss what it means to him, playing through chronic pain and what he hopes for next in his historic career.

He says he didn’t think he’d still be competing at age 36 — but the game keeps him motivated: “It’s about passion and how much you love what you do.”


  1. Look at how fresh and relaxed Rafa looks in the video. How does he do that?

    I’m impressed that American television is finally interested enough to spend this much time on his victory. We don’t usually see TV features on Rafa in the U.S. even after a GS win. CBS 60 minutes did a feature on Rafa a couple of years ago but the CBS Morning Show segment is new recognition of how great Rafa is. I think its because Rafa has unquestioned world wide popularity.

    Its also an acknowledgement that Rafa is the GOAT or something very close to that. One of the interviewers referred to Rafa as the best ever or the greatest, I can’t remember which. John Finestein, a long time U.S. sportswriter, wrote in the Washington Post today that Rafa has basically eclipsed Joker. A writer refers to Rafa as the “King of Tennis,” no longer just the “King of Clay.”

    Just glad for others to see what we have known all along about the great Rafael Nadal.

    • Yay! Yes David I have noticed that as well… I would get so angry because Rafa is doing things in sports that no other athlete has been able to do. He should be plastered all over the sports news. However I find that tennis is not the most popular sport here in the US.. it’s way down the line actually… football baseball soccer & golf are all ahead of tennis! Gayle King interviewed Rafa today on CBS … She’s been at some of his matches at the USO. I was so happy to see him getting the attention he so deserves!
      Even Rafa admitted that 14 Roland Garros GS is not so easy! Rafa was still in Paris this morning when they interviewed him… hopefully he will get home soon to enjoy his family and his yacht! Although I knew Rafa was very special I had no idea he would accomplish all that he has! Like The commentators say… it’s insane!

      • Hi Ziggy. Yeah I don’t care that Americans don’t like tennis as much as I do. I just want them to think of Rafa first before otherale players. And the Williams sisters don’t even play any more! So Rafa should come to mind first.

  2. Great to see a happy and relaxed Rafa after a hard fought RG campaign. No mention of Wimbledon, but I hope he’ll be there if he’s fit enough.

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