VIDEO: Rafael Nadal isn’t upset with French Open crowd after win over Corentin Moutet – press conference, match highlights

Watch Rafael Nadal’s press conference after his victory against Corentin Moutet at the 2nd round of Roland Garros 2022.

“I think the crowd was very nice with me too. I really didn’t feel the crowd against me at all. I think it was 50-50 and it was supporting good tennis.

“I always enjoy good support here in Paris. I think the people here know how special this place is for me and how important and how much respect I always had for Roland Garros. I think they appreciate all the things that I did in this event, so I feel a lot of love from the people here.”

Match highlights:


  1. Vamos Rafa! Waiting for your 14 th RG.Stay healthy and you can beat anybody at RG

  2. A French crowd is bound to support a French player. It doesn’t show any disrespect to the opponent. I don’t know why the press have to try to make such a drama out of everything!

  3. Roland Garros crowd is simply the rudest one in the world. Yesterday they just proved what we already knew. Glad to see Rafa can handle it well over and over again.

  4. Rather wrong headline as Rafa never mentioned “ upset”. The crowd was quite even. Rafa is getting better in every game. Good to see. 👏👏☘️☘️

  5. You are never, ever, gonna hear Rafa complain about who the crowd supports. Not gonna happen! 🙂 Vamos, campeon!

  6. Straight sets victory, congrats. All the best in round 3👍👏🤛💪🍀🎾❤️

  7. Rafa was on his game and I am glad that he was pushed in the 3rd set to get the straight set victory . Moutet is a good player and covers the court well but really was no match for Rafa . The crowd support was fine and I really didn’t think that anyone was rooting against Rafa but hoping for a competitive match . Personally , I think that this victory demonstrated that Rafa can really stepmup his game when push comes to serve and is ready for all comers . I think Rafa should have been seeded higher based on his dominance here but such is the luck of the draw and he will have to beat Novak and Carlos on his way to the title . It will happen if he plays with the roof open and under the sun . The warmer the weather , the better are Rafa’s game and the odds of a 14th title here at Roland Garros .

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