WATCH: Rafael Nadal wins epic tie-break against Adrian Mannarino – match highlights

Rafael Nadal wins a ‘breathtaking’ 28-minute tie-break against Adrian Mannarino at the Australian Open.


  1. I am so happy Rafa won this match. He is such a humble person. I think everybody loves him. Well done.

  2. This tiebreak was a nail biter for sure – and I literally cried when Rafa won it. (I’m not sure why – I just want him to win this Slam so he breaks the 20 tie between the big three – SOOOO BADLY!). Can’t see the videos in the USA??? It’s okay – the breaker is embedded in my brain 🙂

  3. Rafa what a match! Wonderfull tiebreak and what breathtaking shots I’m over the moon. Can’t wait until you lift that trophy!! Lots of luck to you! Love from your greatest fan!!

  4. Great end to a tough tb. Thrilled with the end result for you. Adrian seemed to have a little struggle with some sort of stomach injury after the 1set, but this would not have had any effect on the final outcome 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘

  5. Amazing-the mental strength of Rafael Nadal-AZ just faded away……..from Shap. It takes more than
    great physicality; you also must play the mental chess match with yourself! Rafael Nadal is the master👍👏💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  6. Video is unavailable…will definitely enjoy it later watching replay from ESPN+. Thank you for the treat, Rafa and Adrian.🙏😝

  7. Rafa played just well enough to take the first set and that was big as he played much better in sets 2 and 3 . Mannarino actually had Rafa on the ropes as he managed to stave off 8 set points although Rafa contributed by overhitting slow predictable second serves . I was very unsure that he would take that first set but Rafa managed to do it . It was exciting and nail biting to say the least . Playing Shapapolov will be a big test but if Rafa serves well and keeps the unforvef errors down , this should be a victory as Rafa has the ground game .

  8. Rafa, the king of the slice and the master of plan B. What an epic tie-break in which we saw how great Rafa is when it comes to his fighting spirit and problem solving. Credit to Mannarino, who played an amazing first set, but there was ever only going to be one winner – Rafa.

    Mats Wilander on Eurosport said of Rafa: “He’s unbelievable. I get goose bumps when I watch him and I hope he never goes away….He’s fantastic as a problem solver and a motivating figure in my life to be honest ” Well said Mats!

  9. Congratulations Rafa just keep trying your best as always. You are the best in my opinion. Vamos and good luck.

  10. What an amazing tie breaker, Rafa showed amazing resilience and focus to win against serve.The next two sets were relatively easy. While Mannarino had an injury, I think that Rafa had demoralised him. Fantastic to see him so happy and playing so well. It’s worth waking up at 3 am here in ireland to watch.

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