Rafa Roundup: “Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are perfection”

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“I’ll tell you one thing, and I say it with my hand on my heart,” Nadal told Spanish media following his straight-sets win over Marcos Giron on Monday.

“I understand this whole GOAT ‘movie’ that has been built around all of this. I live in my day to day, and my day to day and my concerns are different to all this about being the best in history.

“I am being honest, this is not a show. In the end, we have coincided as three players who have obviously achieved special things in the history of our sport. No one had done them before. If someone ends up winning more, then fantastic; really. Somehow, the three of us have far exceeded any of our expectations from when we were young.

“We have all fulfilled our dream and we have surpassed it by quite a bit. And the reality is that I am very happy with everything that has happened until today. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to continue enjoying what I do, but I don’t live with the inner anguish or desperation of wanting to be the one with the most (Grand Slams).

“If it comes, it comes. I don’t think my future happiness depends on whether I end up winning one more Grand Slam than Novak or Roger. I will continue doing what I do to continue enjoying my career to the fullest.”

“Not much went to plan today to be honest except that I won,” Zverev said in his on-court interview.

“But that’s how it is sometimes. It’s the first round of hopefully a very long tournament. You’re not always going to play your best tennis, except if you’re Roger [Federer] or Rafa [Nadal] you always come out and you’re always perfection. But I’m not like them. So it was a good match for me to get into the tournament, hopefully the next one will be better.”


Rafa has a chat with chair umpire Fergus Murphy between games about the speed at which the serve countdown clock was being reset during his first round match against Marcos Giron.

Rafa is sporting a purple, white and mint combo this year, complete with his iconic headband, sweatbands.

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  1. This is poor Djokovid style, who is crazy obsessed to be above the FeDal, that makes him disrespecting the rules fighting against a Australia and lost for being a idiot ! VAMOS Rafa

  2. I’m a bit fed up of the debate too. Does anyone think the less of Sampras, Edberg, Becker, McEnroe, Connors, Borg or anyone else because they won fewer Grand Slams than other people? Respect each person for their achievements.

    • Well said – respect is the key word. You have to respect yourself to earn respect and you cannot get respect if you are arrogant, dishonest and have no regard for how your actions impact anyone but yourself. This describes Novak who will go down in infamy for his selfish behaviour

  3. In that way if Rafa win he will come second.To be real champion fafa need to win the King of the court Novak Djokovic other way rafa will be second not winer Australian open we wana see really tenis not bulshit.But I belive zverev will put him down or medvedev for shure.

  4. Before you win Australian open is a long way,but even if u win good luck you need to win first the champion King Novak Djokovic then we can say you won the Australian open

  5. Rafa, I really look forward to watching you. You are the GOAT. Impressive determination to go from defense to unbelievable offensive shots. We Love your passion. We hope you bury Djokovich in 2022.

  6. Good luck for today Rafa!!, enjoy the match, best vibes and keep going and improving. Cannot way to watch the match again and to see you in action.

  7. Rafa good luck vamosssssss all the way to the final 👍👍👍👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪

  8. No interest in such a movie. Tired of this endless debate. Enjoy this golden era while we can. You write your own legacy.

  9. Best of luck to Rafa tonight and also to Ash Barty who plays just before him on Laver.
    Vamos & Oi, Oi, Oi.

  10. I am in a very large group in Canada who are among your greatest fans. We wish you good luck, and ask for God’s blessings for good health and happiness. Vamos Rafa

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