Rafael Nadal says he is ‘tired’ of the whole Novak Djokovic affair

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

In the post-match press conference on Monday, Rafael Nadal was asked to comment on the Novak Djokovic visa situation. Here’s what he had to say.

By the way, I’m quite tired of that subject. When he won the first trial I said here that the justice had spoken. Yesterday the decision was different. I will never be against what the justice says.

What I believe it would be better for the sport would be having all the best players here, including Djokovic. Another thing is what happened. I think the situation is very clear now.

Always had a good relationship with my rivals. Life is better that way. With Novak it’s been like that all my life. I wish him all the best. The situation was a mess and he wasn’t the only one who did things the wrong way. But he is one of the responsible too.

Rafa Nadal


  1. Rafa the world of tennis is fed up of his drama. He knew the consequences b4 Oz as he does for RG..so who is worried?? Concentrate on your own game & leave him on sideline. Felicidades Rafa. Buena Suerte on your next encounter 🇪🇦🇪🇦🤣🤣

  2. Rafa all the best next play you got this vamosssssss champ we are with you all the way ❤️👍💪👏❤️🎾

  3. Rafa’s next opponent will be now be the qualifier Hanfmann who pulled off the upset over Kokkinakis. That’s how it goes in grand slams.

    Best of luck to Rafa. Keep moving forward and getting sharper match by match.

  4. Tanika @SitSanyusha posted a picture of Rafa’s interview in the January 2022 edition of “Elle España” magazine. The print is too tiny for me to translate.

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