PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Has A Busy Day In Kuwait

As the photos show, 20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal had another busy day in Kuwait. Not only our champ trained at his tennis complex, he also found time for the exhibition match earlier today.


  1. I am reading now that rafa is thinking about skipping melbourne propably because he thinks he is not ready that would be a huge dissapointment i hope that Carlos moya Will order rafa to play australia this is nadal chance of trying to win australia

  2. I agree with jk that everyone was holding their breath on whether Rafa’s foot would even allow him to play. I agree also that his movement was good and I was pleased with his first serves after hitting the net so often with the first serve last spring.

    Just three weeks until Rafa’s first tournament action since D.C. Rafa’s attitude and demeanor seem really strong and I think he just needs the repetition.

  3. After watching two skinny kids (one of whom I love dearly, so I don’t mean that as an insult) run around and hit the cover off the ball for over two hours, suddenly this vision appeared … a grown man, tanned, athletic, dressed all in black, a man on a mission. What a sight to behold you are Rafa! But after the comments about the kit, Tennis Twitter went strangely quiet, as if everyone was holding their breath. The whole tournament has really been about the return of Rafa, and with him ending up playing Andy Murray the organisers can’t have been happier.

    I didn’t find Rafa’s comments in his interview the previous day very encouraging, so I was pleasantly surprised at how good his movement was. I saw no hint of hesitation in running for balls and he played some great tennis. A few too many errors and that might be the conditions as much as rustiness. He’d practiced with Andrey Rublev for over 2 hours the previous evening as well, so it was good to see that after playing that long, all seemed well. Murray wasn’t an ideal opponent for a comeback match because he’s also a man on a mission (I’ve thought from the start he would win the tournament), but on the other hand it was probably a good test of Rafa’s level.

    So happy to see Rafa playing again and I hope he can carry on as he started today, because it was a very very good start. Looking forward to the third place match with Shapo in a few minutes.

    • Sorry but I still get very sad when Rafa loses ~ It was so good to see him back on the court where he belongs~
      It was also good to see Andy looking fit and playing well~ All & all Rafa was playing as good as he could on such a fast court & not playing for so long ~ it would have been good for him to win one of those matches but it wasn’t meant to be 😔

  4. Why is everyone so quiet? I thought we were all excited about Rafa’s return!

    So he lost to Andy. At least our champ is back and he will now start the process of becoming match ready.

    Take it day by day Rafa!

  5. The time has arrived. I just love seeing Rafa play in all black. It shows off his stunning physique so well. Go get the win champ!

  6. 🤩 can’t wait to watch Rafa vs Andy tomorrow…anxious and excited at the same time!

    Good luck to Rafa🍀🎾❤️ Vamos💪

    • Sooo happy to have Rafa back! Wished he beat Andy and Denis, but not surprised he lost as he needed more time…

      All the best for 2022!🍀 Stay healthy and safe!❤️

  7. Seeing Rafa on court, you can tell it’s like being home for him… His face is lit up both with the intensity of his practice along with that gorgeous smile we all know and love as he takes pictures and signs autographs for those at the Academy….

    This is one beautiful post RNF … Thanks for the pics…. Made my day….

    Next stop…..Abu Dhabi….

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  8. It is great to see Rafa in action, and I love the wonderful pics of him. However, is it really necessary for the photographer to plaster her name on them so prominently. As always, Vamos Rafa! Stay healthy.

  9. I am so excited about seeing Rafa on court again soon. The TC in the US will show the expo starting Thursday at 7am est. Rafa is scheduled to play on Friday against the winner of the Murray v Evans match.

  10. Always a great smile! Merry Christmas Rafa and Mari. All the very best for the new year. Kick some ass in 2022! XOXO

  11. I’m so happy to see Rafa play again vamosssssss champ all the best 2022 stay healthy 👍😘💪

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