Rafael Nadal’s outfit for Washington, Toronto and Cincinnati

Rafael Nadal is going to make his return to competition in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, almost two months after his semifinal lost to Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros.

Here’s a look at Rafa’s outfit for the Citi Open, a kit he’ll also wear in Toronto and Cincinnati in upcoming weeks (if he decides to play both of them):

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  1. Rafa may be in a Catch 22 situation and may be using D.C. to see how his foot will hold up during competition. He does need competitive matches but he may need even more time to try to heal his foot, if that is possible. Can he accomplish both without an extended period out of competition? Can he and his team find a solution, as they usually do, to keep him in action without compromising his long term quality of life?

    Rafa and his team know exactly what the problem is so I can only guess he was given medical clearance to play. I am hoping for the best outcome possible for him to continue to heal and reach his goals.

    Rafa: “The confinement was very good for my knees but not my foot. My foot was totally destroyed [after not playing for 5 months]. I went through many difficult months. Months before Rome [2021] I didn’t know how I would arrive there. I had many treatments done which helped.”

  2. Sounds to me like an aggravation of the left foot neonatal condition Rafa has been dealing with for most of his career. Rafa always has his feet wrapped when he plays. The foot may have swelled during the RG final which is why Rafa needed to adjust things late in the match.

  3. For fans in North America the interview Norah O’Donnell did with Rafa yesterday will air tonight and tomorrow on CBS evening news. The main topic is said to be mental health. It should be interesting to learn of Rafa’s methods for dealing with intense pressure.

  4. Fox News released an article titled ” Rafael Nadal jabs Novak Djokovic after Olympian’s tantrum in bronze-medal match”
    The article goes on to say.. Rafael Nadal took a slight jab at Novak Djokovic over the Serbian tennis star’s outburst at the Olympics during his bronze-medal match against Spain’s Pablo Carreno Busta.
    Djokovic was seen tossing his racket in frustration as he lost in three sets to Busta over the weekend. Nadal, who was preparing for the Citi Open in Washington, was asked about Djokovic….
    “Luckily there weren’t any people in the stands and nothing else happened,” he told reporters, via The Daily Mail. “He’s a point of reference for a lot of children, but these things happen from time to time. He has to try to avoid them.”
    He added: “It’s strange that someone who has had so much success should react that way from time to time but at the end of the day he’s very competitive and reacts like that. It’s not the best image.”

    That’s our Rafa…. getting his point across in the gentlest of ways ….

    Me … I say…. Hey psycho… you’re going to hurt someone seriously one day…
    Go get some help… you need it!

  5. Lorna, Margo & others- another excellent article about Rafa in the Washington Post today. This one- reporter Liz Clark I think- from a relaxed interview after a practice session was rained out.

    The impression I have is that the foot “ailment” is on the serious side. Rafa says that what keeps him going is the hope that he can return to top form. He apparently had a gradual long rehabilitation starting with half hour sessions. Rafa down plays his chances in D.C. and says he knows his return to competition will be “difficult.”

    Rafa is enyoying D.C. and has taken long morning walks along the Potomac. He plans some formal sight seeing on Tuesday.

    I wonder if Mery is there? BTW Coach Francis R. is with him, apparently not Coach Moya this trip.

    • Yes David…. It definitely sounds more serious than I had originally thought… I remember the chatter about a foot wrapped too tight and then there was some talk about a foot injury…but no explanation…After that, Rafa headed home and has kept it very quiet as to the extent of his foot injury, as we are first hearing bits and pieces about it now…
      Ughhh…. I’m worried…. If its a spur..or something torn….it could be quite painful and impede his progress and success….

      Here’s hoping with everyday that passes he feels better and better…..

    • Francis Roid, usually goes with Rafa. to Canada… (along with his physio Rafael and I believe his trainer Tameo ) … Carlos joins them at the US Open….
      This is a long stretch starting in Wash DC……
      I don’t think Mery is there… As they have in the past, the whole family will fly in for US Open…

  6. Our Rafa can wear any colour…my favourite is in the green shades . This outfit is a nice change A lovely tribute Rafa paid to PCB on winning the Bronze Medal….another lovely day for Spain.
    Buena Suerte Rafa y Citi …☘☘🇪🇦🇪🇦


  8. I prefer the dark muted colors with cutoff sleeves as he used to wear . It gives him a fierce and hard loclk that intimates his opponents . I just want to see Rafa win and wearing stylish outfits is not what this is all about . If he can out in all black and unshaven , I would be thrilled that he is playing and I quess the endorsers are determining his outfits much to my dismay . Not saying he doesn’t look good but not masculine colors .

  9. Rafa had said that he withdrew from Wimbledon and the Olympics because he wanted to rest his body and extend his career. At that stage, he didn’t elaborate further, so I just thought he chose to have a break to reset mind and body and give himself the best chance at the US Open. I hadn’t realised that the foot injury was the main reason for the withdrawal.

    Maybe I’ve not been up to speed, as I’ve just read the Tennisworld article in which Rafa explained that his reason for those withdrawals was due to the foot injury which forced him to stop playing for 20 days. “I have had some problems after Roland Garros, for which I could not play a couple of significant tournaments for me such as Wimbledon and the Olympics. My body decided for myself. If I had to choose I would never miss Wimbledon and the Olympics….but I had some issues with my foot and had to stop playing for 20 days.”

    Yes, contrary to what some people have speculated, Rafa would never just duck out of a major tournament. It’s typical of our champ not to find excuses straight after a defeat, but to find solutions in order to come back stronger.

    • Lorna- an Associated Press story this morning noted that Rafa had “a previously undisclosed foot problem.”

      No one on this site was quite sure if was a an injury after the French Open although Margo mentioned that Boris Becker called it that during Wimbledon. At the French Open there was an explanation that his foot was wrapped too tightly. Does a player wrap a foot unless there is an injury?

      Here’s hoping its one of those things that heal with time off like the hand injury he had after the 2019 U. S. Open.

      Go Rafa!

      • Thanks David. Many of us will also remember Guy Forget mentioning that Rafa had “a little bit of foot pain”, but that’s all that was said. Yes, let’s hope that all is well now.

      • David, during Rafa’s interview on “Mi casa es la Tuya,” Rafa responded to the question about the impact of the pandemic on him. I am now writing from memory but I think I posted that Rafa said “it was great for my knees but my foot is/was destroyed.”

        I posted that here after Guy Forget’s comment about Rafa having pain during the FO. It appears Rafa has been having foot pain because of his long time off the tour.

        I want to be optimistic but wonder if it is possible for him to heal his foot enough to play consistently at his best level.

        Unable to find a translation of that interview.

  10. Rafa can wear any colour and always looks great. Looking forward to seeing him back on court. Tennis is so mundane without him. Great to see Pablo Carreno Busta win Gold in Tokyo. No comment t in the guy he defeated.
    Go Rafa🇪🇸🌟👏

  11. Great outfit – he can play in any color – just soooo glad he is back – go for it you can do it !!!!

  12. I love the color blue you look good in any color good luck Rafa vamosssssss champ we are ready to see you play 👍💪❤️🎾🇺🇸

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