Rafael Nadal’s outfit for Washington, Toronto and Cincinnati

Rafael Nadal is going to make his return to competition in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, almost two months after his semifinal lost to Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros.

Here’s a look at Rafa’s outfit for the Citi Open, a kit he’ll also wear in Toronto and Cincinnati in upcoming weeks (if he decides to play both of them):

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  1. Rafa may be in a Catch 22 situation and may be using D.C. to see how his foot will hold up during competition. He does need competitive matches but he may need even more time to try to heal his foot, if that is possible. Can he accomplish both without an extended period out of competition? Can he and his team find a solution, as they usually do, to keep him in action without compromising his long term quality of life?

    Rafa and his team know exactly what the problem is so I can only guess he was given medical clearance to play. I am hoping for the best outcome possible for him to continue to heal and reach his goals.

    Rafa: “The confinement was very good for my knees but not my foot. My foot was totally destroyed [after not playing for 5 months]. I went through many difficult months. Months before Rome [2021] I didn’t know how I would arrive there. I had many treatments done which helped.”

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