Rafael Nadal on French Open semifinal loss vs Novak Djokovic: “Today was not my day”

Rafael Nadal was all class after his stunning loss in the French Open semifinals:

‘That’s sport, you know. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I tried to give my best. Probably was not my best day out there. Even if I fought, that I put in a lot of effort, I mean, the position on the shots haven’t been that effective tonight. Against a player like him that takes the ball early, you are not able to take him out of his positions, then is very difficult, no?

‘Even like this, I had the big chance with set point, 6-5, second serve. That’s it. Anything could happen in that moment. Then I make a double-fault, easy volley in the tiebreak. But it’s true that have been crazy points out there. The fatigue is there, too, no?

(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

‘These kind of mistakes can happen. But if you want to win, you can’t make these mistakes. So that’s it. Well done to him. Have been a good fight out there. I try my best, and today was not my day.’

‘Have been amazing, the support, no? I can’t thank enough the feelings. I have been super tired some moments, but the crowd gave me some energy to keep going, no?

‘Yeah, it’s super emotional for me to feel the love of the people in the most important place of my tennis career, without a doubt. So thanks a lot to them.’

Source: metro.co.uk


  1. Here’s a silver lining: To watch Rafa lose with such grace, even in such an important match and to such an annoying opponent, is a wonderful lesson for all of us. You may have lost the match, Rafa, but you gave the world something great with the strength, kindness and integrity you show in all situations.

  2. You are and always will be the best ever. You are an example of excellence to young players (and people in general) everywhere. I wondered why you weren’t serving to his forehand? He was predicting you wouldn’t and you didn’t. But regardless, you are the best in so many ways. I think it would be kismet if you won Wimbledon. 🙂 God bless you.

  3. Love you Rafa. Win or lose. You will forever be number 1 and the winner in my heart. God bless you Rafa. Love. Mary Lynn

    • So sad that Rafa lost, especially to Djokovic. I dread the time when Rafa eventually decides to retire but with Tsitsipas in the ascendancy (not to mention Medvedev, Zverev and Sinner) it is inevitably going to get harder for Rafa to win the French Open again. I really hope he can but he will be 36 next year. He played some great matches on clay this season, wining Barcelona and Rome, against very tough young opponents but recovery takes longer as you get older. He said himself he was tired. Rafa is unique, not only because of his outstanding achievements on clay but also because no-one plays like the King of Clay. (I never tire of watching him hit his topspin forehand winners down the line.) Let’s enjoy every moment and leave the recriminations to others. He has earned and deserves our full support, always. Fingers crossed for Tsitsipas tomorrow.

      • I so agree. I was close to tears last night and has to switch off in the end. I just couldn’t bear to see djockovic’s smug face. There’ll never be another player like Rafa and I’ve followed him from when he was just a teenager. He is a really special player and an even more special human being. He’s the best in my book and nobody can touch him. C’mon Tsitsipas!

  4. Well…what I can say. I feel disappointed and sad…but ..Come on,Stefano

    • I can’t stand to see Rafa lose at any of the tournaments. I also can’t stand Djokovic, he has no class in my humbled opinion. I’m praying 🙏 Tsitsipas defeats the Joker in the French Open final.

      Rafa is always a class act. He will win more slams.

      Last time Djokovic defeated Rafa in the Quarters at the French in 2015, he went on to lose to Wawrinka in the finals.

      Let’s hope history repeats itself?

  5. “Today was not my day.”🙏for a courageous effort, Rafael Nadal. Your accomplishments will never
    be diminished. We expect the impossible from you, and that is to always win. We are saddened, but
    we are not broken. You lost, but you are not abandoned. As long as you continue to fight, we are

  6. Am an avid fan of champ Rafa.👏👏 Felt sad truly sad.😞😞 Am not that selfish person but I always long for Rafa’s winning every match he’s in. As champ Rafa said sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I guess there’s someone out there awaiting for this amazing moment of a lifetime.

  7. I hate to see Rafa lose to the Joker but wow is Rafa a fighter! He nearly pulled off a minor miracle in that third set.

    I hope Rafa is not personally too devastated by the loss. Maybe a little blue for a few days. I can’t wait to see him at Wimbledon. He can get 21 there or at the U.S. Open.

    • David, I agree on all of your points but am starting to worry about his recovery from one difficult match to another. Let’s see how it goes and which tournaments he will play. Feeling bad for him.

  8. Heartbroken for this wonderful player and person. Small margins at times but Djokovic better on the night. Most of his fans are obnoxious, Rafa has mega support. Rafa left with dignity and class. Rest Rafa and we will still support you and hold you in our 💕.

  9. Before the end of the tie breaker in the 3rd set, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and surrendered to sleep.

    It was a fatal mistake on my part. I’ve always felt all these years, that so long as I am there supporting you in spirit, you’d always prevail….

    Let’s cry a little, then dust ourselves off, and as I have said time and time again: “NEXT, RAFA!”

  10. My son and myself have been sitting here in London , with our Rafa shirts on , and were supporting our unique sporting hero with all our hearts ! It was not to be , that is sport , and you most definitely are not a machine or a robot !
    We saw Novak, a disturbingly crazy man, pulling weird faces, screaming with anger at his box , who a German sports writer called a Werwolf after he screamed at length at the end of the Berettini match.
    And we saw our Rafa – and what you see is what you get : kind ,brave , passionate , fair, fighting till the end, gracious even in defeat and saying a proper good- bye to the crowd,
    Rafa , thank you ! You light up our life and we are sad with you . That was that and tomorrow is another day : Vamos , dear Rafa , you are the greatest !!! ⭐️😍🍀

  11. Estuviste como los grandes,pero tienes razón,así es el deporte.
    Gracias por esa calidad de persona y de profesionalismo.

    • Absolutely.. We love you . You were great and the draw ridiculous.. No one week ever catch you!

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