PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beaten by Novak Djokovic in four sets in French Open semifinals

Novak Djokovic ended Rafael Nadal’s reign at the French Open with a four-set win in a classic semi-final which will be ranked among the all-time great matches on the Roland Garros clay.

Our champ won the first set 6-3 and Djokovic took the second set 6-3 followed by the third set 7-6 and the fourth set 6-2.

Rafa, going for a record-extending 14th title, lost for only the third time in 108 matches.


  1. Rafa had set point in the third set with Nole serving . That missed opportunity allowing for the tiebreaker lost Rafa the match as his mojo and resolve seemed to wane despite Rafa break in the 4th set . Rafa was lackluster and Joker took advantage of the evening conditions which favor Dvokevic
    Rafa should try to avenge this loss by playing Wimbledon and taking the trophy . I think he cam do it !

  2. Only I can set is a bad day Rafa he not a robot he is a human being vamosssssss champ we are with you win or lose your fans love ❤️ 💪💪💪❤️🎾🇺🇸

  3. It’s not the time to be critical of our great champion. It just was not his evening, that’s sport, you win, you lose. While Rafa was defeated on the court he will always be a dignified and fine person. He had huge support from the crowd who willed him to win. At least Djokovic was better behaved than when he won against Berrettini.
    Rafa, you have given us immense joy over the years in RG where no player will ever match your incredible record or your dignity and humility.🇪🇸🌟

    • I totally agree Elizabeth. Rafa tried his best under enormous pressure. He is a fantastic competitor and always has been but he is human too. It is not surprising to me that he did not serve as well as we know he can. Djokovic had nothing to lose against the King of Clay so he could play more freely. The cooler evening conditions did not do Rafa any favours either. Hot, sunny conditions suit his game best because his topspin is much more effective against opponents in those conditions. Djokovic would have been delighted to play him in cooler conditions. I am gutted that he lost, especially to Djokovic, not just because he is his main rival but because Djokovic is a prima donna, whose conduct on court is shameful at times. I really hope that Tsitsipas beats him tomorrow.

  4. Lack of energy and feeling tired I see as the main explanation of the loss. Even if Rafa never won a tennis match again there is no doubt – He is already the goat : Thank you – i love you.

  5. I don’t like the joker either! No class at all. A disgrace to the game of tennis; his antics are awful. By Rafa Losing the fans didn’t have to witness joker’s crazy, disgusting ugly sportsman ship.

    Dolores June 11th

  6. Pity our champ haven’t won in the end. He started very well, but yes, I’m agree wirh you guys, Rafa’s serve was failing today again, something similar to Monte Carlo 😬, and when you are playing against the No.1 or the top 8, you will pay the price. It is/ it was ‘like a gift’, too much actually. But I recognise Djokovic level was increasing all the time.
    You are still the KING OF CLAY Rafa 👑, and you always will be, and even the time is passing, you will have another chance next year,it is jot impossible. You have still many trophies, Tournaments and some lore Grand Slam to win.
    You can do it in Wimbledon, why not even in grass, you have time to practice and ‘Queens’ to training 😉. And you have still the US Open too.
    You have much more ‘to say’ and ‘to come’ 💚🙏🏻😌.
    With you always, we love you Rafa❤️, in the tough and difficult moments and in the great ones too!!.
    VAMOSSSS RAFA, head up and looking to tjr horizon, as you always do. Keep going and keep writing your History 💪🏻💪🏻
    LEGEND 🙌🏻🐂💥🌀⚡🌊🌈🔥

  7. As Rafa says….To win you must play your best. Today he didn’t. No one will ever be The King of Clay as Rafa has been!!! No one will be the king of graciousness either!! I so hope that Novac losses to Titsipas on Sunday!!!! Plrase!

  8. It wasn’t Rafa. He did say it takes longer to recover from a match when you’re older. He wasn’t moving well and the errors were never ending. Djokovic won so I hope Stefanos wins the final.

    I just hope Rafa’s ok. Sad for him but he will bounce back.


    • Not surprised. I tried to warn anyone who would listen in my post yesterday!!! Because i could tell from Novak’s body language et al that he would play the game of his life to beat Rafa and he did just that. Phew!
      As it is, Novak will now confidently go to defeat Stefanos on Sunday – mark my words.

  9. Rafa made some uncharacteristic errors with errant shots. He also did seem to have confidence lapses with his serve. Nole seemed to retun some of Rafa’s best shots, shots that we normally expect to be winners. Novak won critical points in the match with shots that hit lines and other variants. That’s what happens. In short, Rafa was beaten by a player who may have more major championship wins than he and Federer. I am sad beyond words, but that is the game of tennis when two titans tussle for the claim to greatest ever. On to Wimbledon, Raphael!

  10. I think if the match was played first during the day rafa would won even in ss. But in the night the conditions were in joker’s favour. Remember the first set. To bad… I do not know why it was the second match… Now all i want is stefano’s victory. Belive me when a saw the time of start i was sure he will loose. The ball is not fly as rafa wants….

    • I don’t think that Rafa’s defeat had anything to do with the fact that his match was second. The truth is that Rafa just didn’t serve well enough and gift wrapped some of the points to Novak. Unlike most other opponents, Novak was never going to fade away – there was too much at stake for both men.
      Let’s face it like Rafa does, Novak was just the better player on the day.

  11. Nole showed respect for rafa by not screaming like a idiot like he did against berretini.

    Nadal has only himself to blame. He didnt convert his chances in the second and third set also hit a dessastrous volley error in the tiebreak

    But moreover his service was absolute disaster 8 double faults and no free points. This is a absolute disgrace i fully blame Carlos Moya for this.

    I dont see rafa winning in London New York might be his only chance to win but its not easy. If nole wins on sunday he will write history by winning double grand slam. Something Rafa could have done many times in Australia. Also if nole wins sunday and in London he will be at 20 and could do a grandslam in New York its fucking unbelievable at this age.

  12. Sad of course, but Rafa looked a bit tired. Novak played very well so we need to respect that. He did not scream like he did the other night. I am a Rafan win or lose. He plays with such respect for the game. We never have to be embarrassed by his actions. Rafa is the best.

  13. It was a great match. Well done to Novak, although he annoys me like mad and I will be cheering very loudly for Stef on Sunday. But I’m just so sad 🙁 .

  14. My heart is broken😭😭 2015 was tough but this hurts a lot. Rafa was far away from his, had still a lot of chances in the third set but he played to passive and made too many UE. In the end Rafa was tired and hurt.

    Always with you and keep your head up.

    • He certainly does not show the best character on and off the court. His daddy who is always defending his big boy does not help either.

    • Va4favre, i agree. Rafa did look tired, which isn’t surprising with all the running and retrieving he had to do. Like you, I’m glad that Novak, in victory, was respectful to Rafa.
      The stats tell the tale and the bottom line is that Rafa made too many errors in the key moments and didn’t serve well enough.
      I saw a clip of Rafa’s presser and he said that errors, especially in third set cost him dearly. Although he tried hard to smile when responding, you could see and hear that this defeat hurt like hell.
      Stefanos has the game to beat Novak and it would be so good if the young man were to get his maiden slam on Sunday.

      • Dear Rafa. First I want to thank you for the wonderful enjoyment you have given me on your run up to SF.
        Of course my best wishes were for you last night as always.
        What is meant for you will not pass you bye, last night was not your time to win. You gave of your very best during the match and anymore than that we cannot expect. You need to rest now as that match was very strenuous. You are as always, the gentleman of tennis. Am happy that you did not have to witness Novaks’ other side. You have the highest respect for all players
        I wish you all success for the future. No matter the outcome from any your matches, your are and will be my GOAT. Love and Best Wishes

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