PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Denis Shapovalov to make Rome Masters quarter-finals

Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal rallied from a break down in both the second and third sets to beat Denis Shapovalov 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (3) in a third-round match at the ATP Masters 1000 clay-court event that lasted three hours and 27 minutes.

Into a record-extending 97th quarter-final at the ATP Masters 1000 level, Rafa awaits the winner of Alexander Zverev and Kei Nishikori next.


    • Margo …Did Theim have COVID? He looked awfully tired out there and he was sweating a lot. I haven’t been paying attention to much but I thought I heard he did have it.

      • Ziggy, as far as I know Thiem never tested positive for COVID.

        He is suffering from mental fatigue and physically from his left knee. He didn’t elaborate on his knee problem only to say it was congenital.

        Mentally he is sad about the lack of fans and the uncertainty that COVID has marred the Tour calendar.

        “I’ve had a completely planned life for as long as I can remember,” said Thiem. “Every day, every week, every month is divided. I feel better knowing what will happen the next day. That’s gone right now.”

        He said he lived his life chasing a grand slam. Now that he has achieved that he wants to spend more me time.

        “I chased the big goal (of winning a Grand Slam) for 15 years without looking left or right. I achieved it – under weird circumstances, but that’s not that important to me,” he stated.

        “In a way, some things fell by the wayside – private life, dealing with other things and broadening your horizons. You have to do something for your head, for your brain. There was only tennis. I want to change that a bit.“

        He said lockdown in Dubai was unbearable.

        He also said he wants to play less so that he could be 100% for the big tournament. However, Rafa recently said the less you play things are not going to turn out good.

        I hope he finds his way. I really like him for someone I don’t even know. While a lot of players don’t open up or complain about the effects COVID has had on their lives in the Tour, even though they were not infected, I don’t doubt that a lot of them are suffering.

        Sorry this is so long. Just realized it after proofing.😬

      • I’m sorry about that…This pandemic has really made things crazy. I think that is what’s wrong with Sinner he is only 19 & he lives & breaths tennis. He was in the stands watching Dennis and Rafa… One of the commentators said he spoke with him and asked him what he did in his spare time and he replied, I watch tennis and that’s all. You can burn out real quick if you don’t have an outlet.I’m under a different name but you were my bestie and we used conversed all the time! (Siouxie) I see so many names that are still posting! Just crazy how time has flown by. Rafa was just a kid & now he is 35( soon to be). Now I hope people don’t get sick of me posting! I’m so happy that you are still here!

  1. Hoy se ha visto tu raza de campeón, difícil partido, pero tú experiencia te ayudó, descansa para recuperarte para mañana que tienes otro partido difícil, nunca olvides tu servicio, VAMOS!!!!!

  2. Well don Rafa it was it time too rest go for the next much vamosssssss champ you can do it again rest 👍👍👍💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

  3. I think everyone here Got tight today but He has given so manny happiness to all of his fans by giving his best….It’s Rafa vs Zverev again….He lost last 3 against Alexander….I think it’s time for a Sweet revenge tomorrow…Rafa needs to improve his Game to lift 10th in rome n 14th in RG

  4. What a cliffhanger, I could hear my heart happening! I must have a strong heart. The tension was extreme, brilliant match by both. Rafa stayed focused when it looked like he was on his way out. What a strong mind and resilience.
    Shapo got agitated and Rafa sealed the result in the tie break. Bravo Rafa, you are the best. 🇪🇸🙏👏

  5. So happy that Rafa won this close match. Great tie-break. Take confidence out of it and keep going. Vamo Rafa❤️

  6. I couldn’t watch after the start of the 2nd. but had a sneaky feeling that he might turn it around. Didn’t dare look at my mobile for results etc until now. Sooo happy and relieved my champ!!! Don’t ever lose hope!!! You’re the greatest and the best!!!

    Wish you every success for all your next matches and VAMOS!!!!

    Cmon Rafa all the way!


  7. Congrats Rafa…. Valiant effort from Shapovalov. but…. you can never count Rafa out!!!

    I do wish Rafa would get off to a better start . He tends to get behind in the beginning of these matches and then has to play catch up, leaving me at the edge of my seat while I hold my breath….
    As the match goes on, Rafa digs deeper and deeper with so much grit as he turns the beat around….

    So now I have exhaled and look forward to tomorrows match….

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  8. You are getting ready. Today you proved that you can play past your mistakes and make yourself a winner!!! So good to stay positive. ” I can”!!! Your draw is a good tough one to hone skills on. Vamos, man!

  9. Khawartaimoor, Rafa saved only two match points, but it felt like a ton of them.
    He got broken five times and still managed to win. Unbelievable! Although luck had a big part to play, once again it just shows how much he’s determined to fight, even when it seems all may be lost.

  10. Rest up Rafa. You have another battle ahead of you tomorrow. GOOD LUCK CHAMP.


    • Yes, definitely. Vamos Rafa💪❤️
      Thank goodness Rafa found a way to win!👏 I am exhausted Margo.

      • LOL Mimi
        I ran out of oxygen. With matches like this one I am unaware that I’m holding my breath until I can’t breath. Rafa is gonna put me six feet under😂🤣😬

      • 😂
        I hope Rafa gives us a little break tomorrow.👌
        Vamosssss Rafa💪🍀❤️

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