Rafael Nadal after loss to Andrey Rublev: “My serve was a disaster” [VIDEO]

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Rafael Nadal speaks to the media after his 6-2, 4-6, 6-2 defeat against Andrey Rublev.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk us through the match, what you think made the difference, how you feel you played.

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, have been an easy match to explain, no? When you face great player like him and you don’t play well, you should lose, no? That’s easy to analyze.

For some reason I had problems with my serve. I don’t know understand why because I was not having problems on the practices at all. But today was one of these days that my serve was a disaster.

Serving like this, the serve creates an impact on the rest of the game. When you serve with no confidence, you are just focus on try to serve, not think about how you want to play the ball. You just think about what you have to do with the serve to put the ball in. Then you have problems continue and prepare the point the right way, no?

Easy: he played well, he deserve more than me. I fighted, yeah. That’s the positive thing, I was there. But you can’t expect win against a player like him losing my serve I don’t know how many times, but too many. No chance like this. Six, seven times? It’s too much.

He played well. That’s true. He played great. He played aggressive, as I knew. Well done for him. Happy for him. He’s a great guy. Wish him all the best.

Q. This tournament is special to you. What was the biggest (indiscernible).

RAFAEL NADAL: Can you repeat that? I can’t understand you.

Q. What was your biggest takeaway from this tournament for you?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, of course, have been such an important tournament for me during all my tennis career. Always sad to lose here, of course, because it’s an important one for me. I missed an opportunity to start the clay court season in the right way.

But that’s it. I can’t complain. It’s not the moment to complain. When you are not able to do the things you had to do on the court, then is not the moment to complain after, no?

The only thing that I can do is go to Barcelona and keep practicing, keep practicing, try to fix the things that didn’t work well. I think my backhand today was not enough well. Lots of mistakes. I was not able to open the court with my backhand then.

Yeah, is small things that I know, and difficult to explain. A few things that makes a big, big difference on the result and on my game that I was not able to make it today.

Q. What chances do you think Casper Ruud has against Rublev tomorrow? Will you give him any advice as part of your academy? You know him quite well after he has had a breakthrough in the sport of tennis.

RAFAEL NADAL: Good chances. I mean, is a tough match for both of them. Casper is a great player. Especially in this surface, he’s one of the best players in the world. Will be a tough battle tomorrow.

I don’t see a clear favorite. I think both of them can win. Casper is playing great. Another great guy. I wish him all the very best. Yeah, will be nice that somebody from the academy, he’s playing there very often, stays in the final of Monte-Carlo and win it.

Yeah, let’s see. I mean, going to be a good match to watch. I don’t know if I going to watch it because tomorrow I have to fly. But let’s see. I have confidence that Casper can win, and of course Rublev is a little bit more favorite because of his ranking, but anything could happen.

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  1. Rafa ya sabes a lo que te expones con jugar con segundo servicio, siempre ha sido tu punto flaco, por lo menos a mi parecer., si lo hubieras tenido bueno hubiera temblado las pistas cuando salieras, se que trabajarás en ello, aunque Rublev venías x jugar muchos partidos y se le notó, tu estabas menos competitivo, pero eso lo recuperas tú pronto, te espero para el Open d Barcelona, suerte para ese evento y que te vaya bien

  2. Rafa already practicing with coach Roig, hope he will win #12 this time……all the best!❤️

    David Ferrer about Rafa: “What Rafael Nadal has done throughout his career is something amazing and unique. We must explain to all the fans that what we have seen with this player is not going to be repeated. Rafa is a legend of this sport and we have to enjoy him while we can.”

  3. Rafa, you are your own worst critic, and entitled to be so. Don’t look back…you are going forward into the season you really love the best. You are not expected to win every match…you are a wonderful sportsman and can only do your very best on the day. Vamos Rafa my champion.

  4. What a true professional you are. A clear, honest, concise self-assessment and complimentary of your opponent. I imagine you have already been on the practice court remembering what it feels like to serve and hit your backhand with precision!

  5. Rafa was stunned by Rublev and I’m hoping for a much better performance from him in Barcelona. He’ll need to get out of the blocks quicker and sharper in every match this time!

  6. Rafa it was a bad day get ready for the next vamossssssssss champ you are the best player and a goodd human being we love your fans for ever i watch you the year 2005 And I love watch you play tennis I’m a biggest fan ❤️💪😘🎾👍❤️💪😘🎾👍😘🎾👍

  7. Rafa, you have often said that after losing a point, you forget and move on. It sounds like you kept thinking about the serve and lost contact with the next thought. Rubles is a tough player, much like your young self….and seems to take your advice as to how to play. You met yourself on the court, your confident self and lost your own confidence.

    Get back within your self and play strong.

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