Monte Carlo 2021: Rafael Nadal vs Andrey Rublev – match highlights, hot shots

Did you miss Rafael Nadal vs Andrey Rublev? Here are the highlights.


  1. Very sad that Rafa didn’t play well at all. I just hope he can put this loss and that it doesn’t affect him mentally or harm his confidence

    VAMOS Rafa I think you can still have some good wins!

  2. Stefano vs Andrey

    Good luck to Andrey!🍀 My friend is right. It’s only fitting if someone were to beat Rafa, let it be someone who regards Rafa as their hero/idol.

    See you again soon, Rafa. All the best!❤️

  3. I won’t watch the highlights because for Rafa, there were too many lowlights!

    Rublev’s fast and furious pace was too much for Rafa to handle and he maintained this high level of intensity throught the match. It was painful to see our champ pushed and pulled from one side of the court to the other, constantly having to defend. No wonder he was exhausted, whereas Rublev, his younger opponent, looked like he could have run all day long.

    In a way, it’s good that Barcelona is next week, so that Rafa doesn’t have too much time to ponder over this loss. Rafa will play himself into peak form in time for RG which is the ultimate goal.

    Meanwhile, come on Dan. Lift that Monte Carlo trophy ! 😃💪🏻🏆

  4. Rafa solo decirte que otra vez será, así es el juego y la competición, cuidate para mantener siempre una actitud positiva, como tú eres, te esperamos con gran anhelo en tu próximo torneo, suerte y siempre estaremos contigo

  5. It’s a sad day for you and your fans.😔 But looking forward to watch you at the Barcelona Open very soon.😊 This tournament will always have a special place in my heart. I was so lucky to see you and your team in the hotel lobby waiting for your ride to practice. I couldn’t believe my eyes……thank you for your autograph and the chance for me to take a photo with you!🙏

    Take care and stay safe!❤️

  6. I am still shocked. Rafa played an amazing final at the French Open but in Rome, Bercy, Finals (last year) and at the Australian Open this year he was far away from his best. For me he is looking tired and something is going wrong.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. Let’s hope we are wrong.

      This is what Rublev had to say, according to Eurosport:

      “If we look (at) a player like Rafa, the best claycourt player in history, then it’s one of my best victories,” said Rublev, who faces Casper Ruud next.

      “But if you look at it from the other side… for sure he didn’t play his ‘good’ level. In his position it’s tough when people expect that… you have to win every time.
      “It’s so tough to play with this feeling.”

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