PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal exits Australian Open against Stefanos Tsitsipas

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal’s bid for a record 21st Grand Slam men’s singles title ended on Wednesday when he lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarterfinals at the Australian Open. The Greek player dropped the first two sets but came back to defeat our champ 3-6, 2-6, 7-6 (4), 6-4, 7-5.


  1. This is life, folks!

    We win some, and at other times, lose some.

    Even our Champ was philosophical about it all.

    His post-match interview makes him grow even larger than life in my estimation.


  2. Ginagigi and Rafandy you both have words which help soothe the bitter defeat of our champ. There have been no words that I was able find. Thank you!

  3. Your my favourite tennis player and l now you will come back stronger than ever vamos rafa stay safe all of you xxxx

  4. Rafa, a disappointing end to the AO for you and we your fans feel for your disappointment too.. You are like a Phoenix, you will rise again. 3 more GS to lay claim to. Onwards & upwards, my Champion for ever & always. Vamos Rafa

  5. Rafa must be disappointed……but credit to Stefanos Tsitsipas 👏
    Stay safe Rafa, hope you win your 21 next time!❤️

  6. Can’t believe what happened today. Rafa had the match in his hands and gave it away easily! Two missed smashes in the tie-break of the third and no return for the sets three, four and five. Sorry but this is not enough at the end. For me he looked tired too, bad/slow movement for his standard so that he stood not got to the ball and made a lot unforced errors.

    • I do believe what happened! Rafa carries around a bunch of parasites that are good for NOTHING. Where was his coach Carlos? Why Carlos did not give company to his pupil? The coach my support his pupil at least in grand slams. Then he takes his father and other useless friends. He has not understood that his success has been because of Carlos Moya. That is why he lost, because of his horrible company he carries around.

    • Let’s not to be too harsh on Rafa. All Rafa fans will be very disappointed that he lost in five when he won the first two sets fairly easily but we need to put this loss into perspective. The AO Stats show that Tsitsipas won 145 points and Rafa 142. So only three points difference. The match stats on the AO App showed that Rafa served really well too, as he had throughout the tournament. Yes, Rafa made a couple of overhead errors in the third set tie-break, which is most unusual for him and very untimely and unfortunate but let’s not forget that Rafa was unable to play in the ATP Cup due to a back problem; so he had only played four competitive matches since last November, (prior to his match today). So he was probably not as ‘match tight’ as he normally is when facing tough opposition. In the last two sets Tsitsipas undoubtedly played really well but he would have been very fresh and fully rested after a fourth round walk-over. Apparently, the AO courts are playing faster this year too, which favours big servers like Tsitsipas and everyone knows that faster courts reduce the impact of Rafa’s biggest weapon, his topspin forehand. Put into context, I think it was a great performance from Rafa, who fought hard to the end, as he always does. Eventually, players like Tsitsipas and Medvedev will make their mark in the Slams. In the meantime, let’s enjoy every moment that Rafa is on court and savour those topspin forehands down the line, which he is still producing. Such unique brilliance. There will never be anyone quite like him.

      • Likes are not allowed here anymore, but 👍🏻 from me for your comment especially the last few sentences. I understand fans are upset, but let’s keep some perspective. Thank you

      • Well said, Ginagigi and jas_uk!

        Rafa still enjoy playing, but who knows when his body will not cooperate? Let’s enjoy Rafa tennis while we can🙏

  7. Hello Rafa fans!
    It îs time for conclusions.
    First of all i don’t agree rafa made a weak game. Stefanos played extremely well from the 3 set. If he will play like this he can win the tournament.
    Second point i notice was the unforced erors. He made so much becouse stefanos played unbeliveble. He was going to make his shoots and to riscs more. If you see the stats he made more winners then tsitsipas. If you told me this before the match i would not belived that.
    Third point : Stefanos serve. He served with a very high percent with first serve. Another observation was his position of ROS. He was stayed much closer the base line than usual. Maybe that is the new tactics and for that needs time. How many of was didn”t want this? I thinck that is a good decision for the next years. He has a age….

    So don”t blame him for the loss. He playes whole tournament at a high level. He will learn from that loss becouse his is a very intelligent player.

    I know you all are dissapointed but heads up and look foward. His served are much better. If he served today with the first more than tsitsipas he had win… But let”s faced that stefanos served unbeliveble well.

    Let”s hope that novak will not win the tournament and i am confident that he will lose the final.

    Until the next grand slam VAMOS RAFA

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