Rafa Roundup: Nadal reacts to Djokovic’s injury at Australian Open

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Fognini often plays to the level of his opponents, which is good news for fans eager to see a battle. But less than a year removed from two ankle surgeries, Fognini’s fitness level might play a factor. It’s been a fantastic and unexpected run for the Italian, but it will likely come to a screeching halt on Saturday. 

Eurosport’s Mats Wilander said of Norrie’s performance: “He did very well. It was a good match from Norrie and maybe a step in the right direction.

“But I think he was playing way too much to Nadal’s backhand and you can’t do that. You go into this match thinking, ‘If I’m going to beat Rafa, I need to look at what Novak Djokovic does’, for example.

Djokovic eventually recovered to win the fifth set comfortably, although he insisted he was a doubt for his last-16 tie with big-serving Canadian Milos Raonic, and Nadal admitted it was a ‘strange match’.

‘I don’t like to have a lot of opinions on other matches, no? Anyone has his personal feelings,’ said Nadal.

‘Of course have been a very strange match. But I can’t have an opinion, because I don’t know what’s he’s feeling because for two sets looks like he’s going to retire and then in the fifth I think he played quite normal a lot of points. I don’t know. A strange feeling for me like a spectator. But that’s it. He found a way to win, so well done.’

“No, I’m certainly not a fan of Nadal,” she said when calling in to 3AW radio station, using the fake name of Lisa.

“I think he’s incredibly boring and he goes through all those OCD rituals all the time. The only reason I happened to be at the match was because I’d been at the previous match between Coco Gauff and Elina Svitolina. I stuck around to watch the boring Nadal. I think the fact pictures of me have gone viral reflects how incredibly boring his matches are. Why would you want to focus on a spectator? I know it’s a bit embarrassing. It’s probably not a great look for me, but what’s done is done? My daughter wasn’t too happy because she thinks I’m so embarrassing.”

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  1. I think the lady that show off her middle finger to my champ and mentiomened that my champ’matches are boring, she’s really crazy and frustrated, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was suppose to be at the tarven, her mind is full of alcohol, she needs a very serious attention of psychiatrist, she’s nerves break down she is so mad, how can she say to a highly profile person like Rafa that he is boring, wuuuuuuuu shame to u drankered ur life is in tarvens, from now on, u are banned from all the grand slam tournaments, go drink more alcohol that is ur life idiot

  2. Djokovic is keeping his secret from the public. He refuses to explain his injury.

    “Djokovic snubbed the media when asked to enlighten the world on the specifics of his injury.”

    “I understand you want to know but I don’t want to get into it, what it is,” he said post-match. “Yes, I did an MRI and I know what it is but I don’t want to talk about it now, I’m still in the tournament so I hope you guys understand.’”

  3. Despite Tsitsipas getting a walkover from Berreteni, Stefanos being fresh from lack of that match won’t bother Rafa. Its great that Rafa is not having to rely on his 2nd serve to any great extent. Rafa is ready 💪

  4. Congratulations to rafa. I hope that he will face berretini instead of tsiparas. Nadal has won 33 sets in a row. If he wins the next match in 3 sets he will equalize the atp record which is currently in the hands of federer (36 sets in a row) produced in 2007.

    I believe this year is the year for rafa to win a second australian open title. Nole is nowhere his best. He has played one five setter and two four setters. I predict he will be one more five setter and one four setter so by the time he is in the final he will be exhausted.

    For rafa sake I trully hope that rublev will defeat medvedev. I am sorry i am still not over the loss from rafa against medvedev in the semi final of the atp tour finals last year. Nadal was serving for the match and that was the opportunity for rafa to win the atp tour finals for the first time

  5. That lady was totally pathetic. What a loser and a fool. There are plenty of players who act the fool on the tennis court now a days , not Rafa he’s humble, he works very hard at his craft and he’s kind to a fault with people around him. His game is far from boring and he’s always willing to try to advance his game and continue to grow as a competitor. All this lady did was show how crass and immature she is, both a tennis fan and a person.My advice to her is you got your 15 minutes of fame, now just go away, just go away!! Vamos!! Rafa

  6. Out of all the men still remaining, it is only Daniil Medvedev who can beat Novak.

    I was hoping Thiem would stay long enough to possibly beat Djokovic, but the greatest upset happened since Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson in 1990! – old & spent force called Grigor Dimitri beat our darling Dominic Thiem in 3 straight sets!!!

    Another great. Djokovic beater who in fact has a 2- 0 head to head against Djokovic is the enfant terrible, Nick Kyrgios. But Nick is like a radioactive element – he’s so unstable that he hardly stays long enough in any tournament to create the opportunity to meet Djokovic. So sad!

    So, we are left with only the Professor, Daniil Medvedev.

    Now, here’s the thing – the only way Daniil Medvedev can meet & defeat Djokovic is for Nadal to play to lose to Daniil in the semis …

    But first things first, let us pray for Nadal to beat Fognini. Although if Fognini beats Nadal, that would make Medvedev’s route to the final a lot easier.

    So, if Rafa beats Fognini, at the semis, Rafa should please throw the match in Medvedev’s favour because it is now only Medvedev who can beat Djokovic and stop him from getting an 18th Grand Slam.

    The objective should be to stop Djokovic at all cost from getting No 18. If Rafa can’t get No 21, then Djokovic must by all means not lay his hands on the 18th as well. We need Rafa to throw in the towel, either at the Fognini match or the upcoming match with Medvedev.

    Yes, Rafa has to pay the sacrifices to keep Djokovic far away from the 18th.

  7. Shows that Rafa acted maturally and she didn’t. I grew up watching Rafa( we are about a year and a half apart) and he is one of the most humble players I’ve watched always putting others first before himself when giving thanks at tournaments. Clearly this lady has issues and just wanted attention. If she thinks Rafas matches are boring then all matches are boring and they clearly aren’t. Go Rada Go! 🙂

  8. Rafa is such a class act. The way he diffused that situation with that kooky lady was priceless. Just shrug it off with a big smile and thumbs up. Rafa is a good sport even when he not playing tennis. She even responded with a thumbs up. Of course she was out- classed!

    Re: Novak, he always traffics in these tactics of questionable medical time-outs! I always wonder what is in those mixed drink bottles his team concocts for hiim during the part of the match he seems to be low-energy and complaining of some sort of an injury. Why doesn’t he have enough bottled drinks by his bench like the other players. How long has he been on the tour??? Strange how his issues always seem to miraculously disapear shorty after.

    Best of luck to Rafa in Round 4. I look forward to his match with Fabio. Vamos!

  9. Hmmmmmm – players Mats Wilander, John McEnroe, Sophie Amiach – now-tennis commentator, have off and on over the years put in their two cents as to ways to neutralize, even beat our Rafa. Have you ever stopped, thought and asked why? Rafa has been singled out because on a good day, when he’s healthy and the tennis environment has not been manipulated by unscrupulous opponents to either give themselves an advantage or put Rafa at a disadvantage – well, the record speaks for itself.

    Even our very own Todd Woodbridge supports, possibly promotes underarm serves and so did Sophie Amiach – against Thiem for the former and against Rafa for the latter.

    Funny that Mark Woodforde, Todd’s doubles ‘other half’ (how they thrived in a long partnership with a yawning gap in their values escapes me) frowns upon the underarm serve.

    I know, I know, it is the rule, or rather it’s not part of the rules….

    Back to the big WHY certain individuals involved in the tennis world are on Rafa’s case?

    Simple – conjure up the scene in Ridley Scott’s film ‘Gladiator’. Joaquin Phoenix stabs Russell Crowe, their characters that is, just before their one on one classic duel at the Colosseum….

    The upside? Our beloved Rafa and us, his fans know and believe in our hearts that it’s hard to keep a good man down!

    And may I bore you still with another question to test your movie savviness – how about ‘Seven’? Kevin Spacey drove Brad Pitt to behave in a manner not fitting an officer of the law – ENVY, folks…..

    So the message here is don’t get angry.

    Win or lose, our Champion has prevailed and will prevail.

  10. Actually I’m quite interested in Djokers year issues. Remember when Rafa had his? He played when it was small but had to stop when the tear got larger. I’m thinking if he’s (Djoker) is still playing, it’s not too large to be fixed yet?

    • Notable isn’t it that two other players with abdominal injuries (Ruud and Berettini) had to withdraw and theirs aren’t even muscle tears.

      Someone wants us to believe that he is Superman and we should all marvel at his extraordinary powers of recovery.

      Wishing speedy returns to health to Casper and Mateo.

      • Pauline, unfortunate for both Casper and Matteo – get well soon, and more opportunities will come the rest of the season. Perhaps there’s only one “Superman” in tennis 🤔 😂

      • Come on Karatsev..you can finish him off.
        The Jerkovic muscle injury is probably just a zit on his belly. He is the biggest faker ever and to me he plays mind games. Vamos Rafa

  11. This woman is such an embarassment. Calling her human would be a disservice to humanity.
    How any person can be so rude to one of the nicest people out there in Rafa is beyond me. Such a toxic individual that woman. May god have mercy on his husband for having to live with a monster like her.

    And Novax will win this tournament. He’s faking as always. When Rafa is injured you can see it. You can see Rafa suffering, playing with less then 100%. With Novax, he is always present at slams and rarely misses them and uses injuries as excuse but goes out plays 100% all the time. He’s also very lucky that Thiem lost. Talk about an easy route to the final. While Rafa has to go through Fognini, Tstsipas and Medveded.

  12. She’s just embarrassed because she’s made a fool of herself on international TV, and now on social media as well. The cameras were only on her because she was interrupting the match and the umpire was asking her to sit down and shut up!

  13. I am dismayed by Novak’s comments about his so called injury. I really can’t bring myself to say he was faking, but I do think he exaggerates his injuries. I do not know why, but I would advise any opponent to ignore them. The press was all about his not playing, when that was never in the cards. It must be so frustrating to play against him when he is like this.

  14. Rafa good luck all the best vamosssssss it’s your to win 🎾👍😘❤️🎾👍😘❤️💪💪

    • Hmmm. I use to be a casual Tennis fan. Maybe watch once in a blue moon. Then, I caught a match with an 18 year old Spanish kid with long hair and funny pants. Blew my mind. Ever since I’ve been a Tennis fanatic. This kid was so exciting. Chased down every ball coming his way, making shots no one could. Rafa plays a different style now that he’s in his mid 30s but boring? Nope, not a chance.

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