Australian Open 2021: Sunday practice photos

Even though he is suffering with a back pain, Rafael Nadal is still practicing so that he can be ready for the upcoming Australian Open next week.


  1. According to the AO website Rafa’s match will be at 830 pm USA central time on Monday at Rod Laver. A rarity for US fans- an AO match at a decent hour.

    Rafa was quoted as saying he “tried” to practice his serve. Doesn’t sound good but he will try his best.

    • That will have Rafa playing on Tuesday @ 1:30PM [Australia day and time]. Weather at 75F, which is projected for Tuesday, isn’t bad but playing a best of five could present challenges. Hopefully he can get through the first week without any stress.

    • David,

      FYI-they always allow 1:30 per match. There are 2 matches ahead of him so his would be scheduled for 9pm CT at the earliest. Most likely will be later than that barring a walkover/retirement or blowout in either or both earlier matches. But yes it’s lucky for us to over here to get to see it before midnight.

      No matter what time he goes on court wishing for him to play free of pain especially when serving.

  2. Can’t wait to see you on the court Rafa vamosssssssssssss champ 🙏🎾😘👍🎾

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