Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic to win 13th French Open title

Rafael Nadal maintained his stranglehold on the French Open by beating world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in straight sets to lift a 13th men’s singles title.

The Spaniard won for the fourth straight year at Roland Garros with a 6-0, 6-2, 7-5 victory under the closed roof on Court Philippe Chatrier.

After the match, Rafa said:

“Congrats to Novak for another great tournament. Sorry for today.

“It’s clear today was for me. That’s part of the game. We’ve played plenty times together – one day one wins, another the other.

We are facing one of the worst moments we remember fighting against this virus,” he says.

“Keep going. Stay positive and all the very best. We will get through this. After all the things I went through in my career in terms of injuries, without a great team and family around me everything would be impossible.

“So thank you very much. I want to send a message to everyone around the world.

“We are facing one of the worst moments that we remember facing in this world, fighting against this virus. Keep going, stay positive.

“We will get through this and we will beat the virus soon.”

“It’s been a very tough year. Winning here means everything to me.

“It’s not about equalling Roger on 20, for me today it’s just a Roland Garros victory.

“Roland Garros means everything to me. I spent most of the most important moments of my tennis career here.

“Thank you very much to everybody here. Just playing here is a true inspiration. The love story I have with this court.”

Our champ is the first player to win 13 singles titles at the same Grand Slam and has now won 20 majors overall just like Roger Federer.


  1. Yes, I was there 😃👑😆 in R Garros, it was lovely and these Fan Club photos are super, just as we saw. Had a 1st class seat with a good view and am pleased they closed the roof as it was more concentrated. 😉 Had the guest lunch and champagne toast 🍸offered after the match. Of course, I have written to Rafa in Spanish to congratulate 😎 him. I was quite pleased it was over in 1 hour 41 mins 😂as it savés sitting through a long stressful match. 😡 However, as you Jas and others have said it seemed easy for him with a 6- 0 first set and Novak not at his best. He cheered himself when he managed to win a game but made errors and seemed a bit down 😕 Even our commentators on the Paris TV sports Channel Équipe did not have much to say last night about the match,🎾 just that Novak seemed resigned that he did not have much chance and just cheered himself when he managed to advance. ☺ They put more emphasis on the Victoire 13 R Garros 😃👑and 20 Grand Slams and their newspaper today I have bought has that on the Front page with the photo of Rafa on his knées 😅 They saïd that we are all pleased for Novak to win in Aus Open 😃👑 at least he had that. All the media are talking about the reign of the big 3 🎾 Nadal obviously on the Clay Court, so ND on hard court, there is less rivalry, just a balancé. ☺ Fiona in Paris

  2. We Love You Rafa ! You are a phenomenal person and an amazing role model for tennis . Beating Djokevic soundly to accomplish a 13th Roland Garros title is the ultimate highlight this year for me . Vamos Rafa forever and thank you to McEnroe for your great praise of Rafa !

  3. Got to say you sure made my day. You were so good. Your serving was great and your returns were magical. I was so nervous but you sure calmed my nerves in a hurry. Congrats to a super great player and human being.

  4. Congratulations for the victory, your hard work and grit. The dye was cast when your time on court leading into the final was 13 hours, 13 minutes! So, who knew freezing conditions, middle of the night matches, a flat ball, damp clay and a closed roof was really your cup of tea! Now, take the Australian for your 21 and twice around slams.
    You’ll need to get Charly a nice Rafa Nadal Academy parka and a wolverine lined mask for the winter is the new summer clay tour. He looked positively frozen watching both semi-finals.

  5. As you said…. “READY”. and you were ready to claim history!! So well deserved, champion!! I love that the world appreciates a good human!!

  6. Simply PhenomeNadal! How many times? 🙂 Wonderful job, Rafa! Awesome. Enhorabuena to you and your team, especially Head Coach Carlos Moya!

  7. Another trophy at RG without dropping a set, phenomenal job, Rafa!!! Congratulations to you, your family, your team, and your fans👏🎊

    So proud and thrilled to watch you biting the trophy! As always, ❤️ your beautiful smile 😍🤩

  8. I am so happy that i cannot belive i can evet be. This is one of my happiest day of mt life. I write here very rare but i read comments almost everu day. What a victory… He did it against his major rival. Now i think at him finish this year no 1 and win the tournament of champions… I want so much to win australian open and to beat all the records if thzt will happend. I cried of happy of the ceremony… Alwats with you… My greatest sportman of all the time… Vamos Rafa!!!!

  9. Was there any doubt that Rafa would not win? The effort.. the will, the determination! Love this human xoxo

  10. Best news of the Sports year 2020.
    What a triumph for our Champion…straight sets..blinking fantastic. History for all time…13 Roland Garros Championships.
    Equaled GS now with Roger.
    Who is the real GOAT……Yes it is our boy
    RAFAEL NADAL, King of Clay, Banana Man, The Champion of Champions, Magician on Courts and of shots. Vamos Rafa for ever

  11. I thought that if Rafa was going to win, he might win in straights – to get it done quickly was probably his best bet. But I never imagined he would be so perfect – surely nerves, or Novak, would get in the way?

    That has to be one Rafa’s greatest performances, with all of the conditions against him, and against Djokovic, and with the weight of the historic numbers that he would create if he won. He barely put a foot, or a ball, wrong and used every bit of his vast talent. To serve out that last set, when Djokovic had been pushing him so hard, took nerves of steel.

    You are a legend in your own lifetime Rafa Nadal, a true and deserved champion, it is a privilege to watch you.

  12. A fabulous win-congratulations, Rafael Nadal.🏆🙏❤️You are right-this is a love story-a magical combination-you and Roland Garros. Such intelligent comments from you-winning is wonderful, but
    you kept tennis in perspective. The fight is not over yet. Stay healthy-celebrate this resounding win with your family and team. Thank you for such an inspirational victory, and your gracious words.
    We are so proud🌹❤️

    • I second Isabel Lee’s comments. We are all very proud of Rafa and his team. And congrats to all the Nadal Fans who sent him their energy and positive thoughts. It worked! Rafa was on fire from game 1 and showed at the end of the third sets that he was still in charge.

      I wonder if Paris and London will still be played given all the new cases in France and Great Britain. And would Rafa want to play?

  13. Huge Congratulations our wonderful King of Clay, Roland Garros truly belongs to you. Take care, stay safe and healthy and look forward to next year x

  14. Congratulations Rafa. I just can not believe you won here again this trophee. Paris is enjoying your victory. Look at the sky. It’s sunny. You bring us some nice moments in the tough ones. Thank you.

    Congratulations to Novak.

  15. ENHORABUENA!!! Rafa por tu trece, emocionada d alegria solo te digo que eres EL REY DE LA TIERRA BATIDA, Y recuerda que SIEMPRE CONTIGO,

  16. Was it worth waiting for Rafa? HECK YEAH!

    Where are you David? Rafa didn’t bagel ND in Rome but he sure did at Roland-Garros. My call was a tournament early. I hope you got to see the match.

    • I believe Rafa did bagel ND in the first set in Rome. Novak then won the second set, but Rafa won the third. Today was just an incredible win. I am so happy for him and us.

      • Va4favre, In a previous post about Rome 2020 I said I wanted Rafa to bagel ND in Rome like he did in 2019 but he didn’t.

        Rafa did bagel ND at RG 2020 and that’s why I said my call [for a bagel] was a tournament early. The bagel I wanted happened at RG 2020 instead of in Rome 2020. I hope I haven’t confused you.

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