Rafael Nadal beats Sebastian Korda to reach Roland Garros QF

Twelve-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal raced into the quarter-finals with a straight-set victory against American qualifier Sebastian Korda. Our champ took the match 6-1 6-1 6-2.

“Sebastian will have a really bright future, such a great player and only 20 years old,” said Rafa, of a player who calls him an inspiration.

“It is a real honour. All of our generation try hard to be passionate, play every single day at our best, and if that is an inspiration for the younger generation, that is good.”

He will face the winner of Alexander Zverev versus Jannik Sinner next.


  1. Why are there always issues with the scheduling in Paris? I appreciate that it’s no-one’s fault that the Collins-Jabeur match was rained off yesterday, but scheduling 5 matches on Chatrier is crazy. What if Dominic and Diego go to a 5th set? It’s not raining at the moment, so they could get at least one of the matches played on Lenglen.

    • Although I think they’ve done quite well to have only one match played a day late, I agree they could have put Jabeur-Collins on Lenglen, it was the court where they started the match, after all. I thought it was slightly unfair that the men played yesterday and the women’s match was postponed, especially after they had come out and warmed up, but hopefully all the players agreed to it.

      Goodness knows what time Rafa and Jannik are going to start. I don’t know if there’s any curfew at RG – would they even start a match at midnight?! At least there’s an extra day off for the semi-finalists in the top half, but I would rather Rafa had played in the daytime. This match is going to be hard enough as it is I think, a big step up from the earlier rounds.

      • Good luck to Diego🍀 I am hoping for a long match between Diego and Dominic, but I also would like Rafa and Jannik to start their match as early as possible.😬

      • This is ridiculous. It’s 8pm Paris time, and, even if the final set only takes an hour, it’ll be half 9 before Swiatek and Trevisan can start, and then their match could go to 3 sets.

    • Difficult to understand why two unseeded women are scheduled on Chatrier. Simone Mathieu is not in use today. Unless there’s a problem with it you would think their match would be moved. Feel like it’s disrespectful to the defending champion Rafa to have to wait all day.

      • The doubles matches are finished, perhaps they can move the ladies match to Lenglen too?

  2. Agreed Pauline….NY Times reporter .Christopher Clarey reported that Zverev said he tested negative for Covid and he posted the test results on his instagram account…. (has the document posted) with an announcement on it to everyone that he will take a few days to recover and gives full credit to Jannik and wishes him good luck along the way.

    • That’s where I got the info Marileena.

      The clinic should have told him that testing negative the day after showing symptoms doesn’t put you in the clear. According to MD’s he will need to be retested in 5 days or so. Hoping he will do that.

  3. A.Z. has claimed that he took a Covid test which was negative. He is now saying that his physio informed the Dr. yesterday who gave him medication. Was no mention of this previously. He also told Eurosport that there was no requirement to report his illness. This is untrue and in violation of the F.O. protocol. If a Dr. was in fact consulted he was supposed to test him at that time and have him isolate until the result came back.

    Alex is 23 years old. More than time for him to realize that the world isn’t only about him. Perhaps he can start to spare a few thoughts for other people. Don’t dislike the guy but will like him better when he finally grows up.

    • I wonder why there has been no mention of the Zverev incident on Tennis Channel. Does the French Federation hope this whole issue will go away? I just want protocols to be followed so everyone is safe.

  4. Jabeur-Collins moved to tomorrow on Chatrier, PCB and Altmaier tonight on Chatrier after outside play was mostly rained off.

    Rafa v Jannik Siinner is the last (fifth) match on Chatrier tomorrow. I don’t like that timing, but as always, vamos Rafa!

  5. Now Zverev is out of the tournament, he isn’t obliged to take a covid test. I only hope he does the decent thing by having the test for the good of all concerned.

    • If only the F.O. had instituted temperature checks at the hotel (as was done in N.Y.) before players left for their matches A.Z. would have been pulled from the tournament. Instead they relied on the good judgment of each individual. Zverev stated that he thought it would probably be a quick 3 setter and that he could get through it. Some judgment.

      Wishing for his driver, the ball kids and staff he came near to all get tested and are negative.

  6. According to the AP:

    “Paris police chief Didier Lallement said bars in Paris will close for two weeks from Tuesday as part of new measures to slow coronavirus infections.

    But he maintained the current limit of 1,000 spectators at sports events in Paris and specifically noted the clay-court tournament at Roland Garros.”

    • Why lead you to make such a sarcastic comment?

      I don’t see where any one of Rafa’s fans here has claimed to be a “medical expert.” We are concerned about Rafa’s safety as well as the safety of others involved with the French Open. Together we fans are trying to keep each other updated on the ever-changing environment at the tournament. I very much appreciate the informative comments of others.

  7. BIIIIIEEEEEENNNNNN Rafa, cada vez te adaptas mejor a todo lo nuevo que esta temporada, cuidate, que siguas con este ritmo, suerte para el resto de partidos, y recuerda SIEMPRE CONTIGO

  8. Before slamming Zverev about possibly being infected with Covid-19 I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He said he has been sick since his match against Mark Cecchinato. He could have the flu.

    He was asked by a reporter about being tested for the virus but Zverev would only say he wouldn’t answer any questions from that reporter because of previous negative articles about him. I don’t know which articles Zverev was referring to.

    David Ferrer was supposed to be with him for the clay tournaments but I don’t know if he is. Zverev’s family couldn’t make it to Paris. There is social media rumblings about him being diabetic and if it is true that could be a factor for him not feeling well. Is he eating healthy and taking care of himself. He is obviously going through a very stressful time and couple all of that with the French Open’s lack of protecting the players is enough to wear anyone down.

    Zverev may know what his health situation is but won’t say. I just hope it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. I can’t believe he would knowingly potentially infect others.

    • Yes, I think his dad too. I saw his dad and Ferrer sitting in his box the previous match against M. Cecchinato.

    • As others have confirmed, Ferrer is there with Zverev. The health rumour has been around for a while, but I’m not sure if that condition is a risk if combined with COVID. I only saw the last set of today’s match, but he didn’t look like he was having breathing difficulties to me. I heard he called the doctor and physio earlier in the match, but dismissed them when they arrived. The journos asked about that and pounced on him for a story. I expect he’s just got a cold/flu.

      • Hopefully it’s just a common cold/flu.
        I read that his last test was on September 29 and result came back negative, and he has been reminded for his next test.

      • Thanks Mimi, Lorna and jas_uk

        I just hope it’s nothing serious and that he stays in his room.

        Hoping Rafa and others are safe.

    • Margo,

      French government guidelines state that anyone with Covid-like symptoms including a temperature above 38 degrees and cough, trouble breathing etc that A.Z. acknowledged he was experiencing is supposed to isolate for 7 days. During a pandemic it isn’t safe to assume that it’s just a flu.

      The previous negative articles about him were probably because of his behaviour immediately after the Adria tour where he had promised to quarantine. Instead he was filmed at a large party in Monaco where no one was masked or socially distanced. So he in fact did knowingly potentially put others in harm’s way. Although asked many times he never apologized for his conduct.

      Hoping that he recovers well from whatever he has and that everyone around him remains healthy.

      • Pauline and Marileena, thank you for your arguments about why Zverev should not have played his match today. I have to agree.

        I am wondering if he hid his condition from David who has a wife and infant waiting for him to come back home. As both Rafa and David have said, a coach can give guidance but the ultimate decisions are made by the player.

        In my unwillingness to assume he has the virus I ignored the symptoms that should have led him to withdraw today from RG.

        I hope doctors can offer a diagnosis and set us and others at ease. Epidemiologists are still learning about Covid-19 and how it affects people differently. Zverev could be an outlier.

        He has a lot more of growing up to do.

    • I agree…. maybe it’s a virus…. but considering the symptoms he presented at his press conference, it puts the fear in everyone around him…. and if he felt that maybe he shouldn’t have played, then he should have withdrawn… There will be more Grand Slams… After all, by coming to the event today…he interacted with others, he was in the locker room … he was on the court.

      I don’t think he would ever ” knowingly potentially infect others”. that would mean he’s been tested positive and he knowingly is out there…. I would never think he would do that… But if he was sick after his last match as he has stated… he should have requested a test or stayed in bed and begged off today…

      Let’s hope it’s just a virus as you suggest….

  9. While we want the best outcome for Rafael Nadal, health and RG officials must make the prudent call in view of COVID. Zverev is ill, and said he should not have played. Virus makes no exceptions!

    • I was very surprised to hear him say how ill he felt. He’s already had the virus and it’s probably just a stomach bug or something, but it was a reckless thing to do, under the circumstances. He said himself that he shouldn’t have played, so why did he? The virus has spread round several football clubs and rugby clubs in the last couple of weeks: it doesn’t take much.

      • He said he played because he “expected to win in three sets” but realized, after starting his match, that it would not be possible [because of how sick he felt].

        I guess he hasn’t learned not to underestimate his opponent.


        According to LeMatin:

        He stated that his physio had a cold two weeks’ ago and tested negative as did his team.


        Looking back now about his comments on how he was forced to grow up because he had been on his own and traveling without his family was just bravado and I was very surprised to see him crying when he accepted his runner-up trophy at the USOPEN talking about his family not being there, etc.


        During the early part of the Tour’s hiatus he and his girlfriend visited China and both became ill. He THINKS they may have caught the virus but didn’t say where in China they visited.


        As pointed out by Pauline, he ignored not only the French government’s protocols but he also ignored tournament guidelines. CNN reports that the FFT had no knowledge of his fever. He was supposed to alert the medical team as soon as he found out. It’s obvious he can’t be trusted if this is true.

        Selfish and deceitful.

  10. Great&congratulation once again Rafa, if you already reach QF, I only hope and wish your Seventh Victory at this French Open. From The Canaries, with much pleasure. C. Javier

  11. Congratulations Rafa well don vamossssssssss all the way you can do it love from your fans 👍🎾😘

  12. In Zverev’s press conference, he said he was feeling sick overnight and that he had a temperature. He refused to answer the question concerning when he was last tested. Two players in the girls’ section have tested positive for covid. I sincerely hope that Zverev hasn’t contracted the virus, bearing in mind that he played Sinner who is set to play Rafa in the QF.

    • Think it would be best for everyone concerned especially player if there were no audiences at all…should never been allowed in first place, but this is the greedy
      RG committee….we need money. Give me a break…think of the profits down through the years…..

    • I just read the transcript of his press conference.. in which Sascha says he never should have played today… He feels very sick, is feverish and is having trouble breathing…. all signs of you know what… Oh Sascha…. why risk your health and the health of others…. I am sure by now he has gotten tested and now we wait.

      And Sinner… hope he feels good and healthy… and I’m sure he’ll be tested today as well…

      Here’s hoping for negative test results for everyone as the tournament progresses…….

    • You would expect that someone whose parents had tested positive to be more sensitive to the ramifications of infecting other people. I have the utmost respect for David Ferrer but surely A.Z. told him he was sick or Ferru would have noticed himself. What about the tournament officials? Shouldn’t someone have stopped the match from proceeding? Irresponsible all around.

      Admitting to the press after the fact doesn’t cut it. He has a lot of maturing yet to do.

  13. Great match for Rafa….Calm, relaxed, focused….

    How cute was the picture that was shown on the screen of Sebastian Korda at 10 years old taken with Rafa Nadal .. only to fast forward 10 years later and be at the French Open playing him…. and for Rafa…who would ever thought when he took that picture that he would be facing this kid 10 years later as well….
    This had to Sebastian’s thrill of a lifetime today, and asking Rafa for an autograph reminded me of other young opponents who ask Rafa for a selfie after their match…

    Can’t wait for the next round…


  14. Wonderful to see Rafa playing in the sunshine today.

    Disappointed that we haven’t seen Maria at his matches but can’t blame her if she prefers to avoid the Covid situation in Paris. Hoping she is healthy and doing well at home.❤️

    Buena Suerta to Rafa against Sinner on Tuesday.

      • That would be lovely Mimi.

        Am monitoring the news as France just recorded its highest number of cases ever and many are saying Paris is heading toward lockdown. If so can’t imagine spectators being allowed in next week. Should be an announcement soon.

      • Mimi,
        Re-your 8:24pm comment: You are so sensible. Thank you for always being the voice of reason.

  15. I am a bit crossed to let a message today because I have not been able to watch the match due to internet connexion problems, again and again. That’s a pity.

    Thanks to your comments I have learnt a lot on the match. Let’s keep me posted on what happens because I think that it will continue this way without me having a chance to watch the programmes I want to.

    Good luck to our champ.

    Anyway, If someone is also a fan of Celine Dion and can transmit the way to reach her or SONY, it would be great. I can not with my connexion. In fact, I have a so restricted internet connexion, I think no one has the same.

  16. Congratulations to Rafa and may he continue on the road to #13💪🏸

    Sinner has not paid his dues so show him your mighty game.


  17. A straightforward victory for Rafa, considering the windy conditions. I’m glad that Sebastian Korda got on the scoreboard in each set, and he could walk off the court with pride.
    Apparently, Sebastian got his idol, Rafa, to sign a shirt on which he wrote “To my friend Sebastian. All the very best in your tennis career”. How wonderful !!

  18. Rafa you are cruising through the opponents. Am hoping you have Jannick Sinner in you QF, you can give him a few pointers as you did to Sebastian Korda. King of Clay..all the way

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