Rafael Nadal storms past Stefano Travaglia in French Open third round

Rafael Nadal needed just 95 minutes to cement his place in the fourth round of the French Open. He encountered little resistance on court Philippe Chatrier, hitting 28 winners and saying stars started to align in Paris.

He defeated Stefano Travaglia 6-1 6-4 6-0 to set up a clash against the 20-year-old Sebastian Korda. (The American player has a cat named after Rafa.)

“The scoreline is because I did a lot of good things, I went to the net more often, I was more aggressive,” the 34-year-old said.

“I played my best match here at Roland Garros this year.”

Rafa’s stat line today:

  • 28 winners
  • 13 unforced errors
  • 73% first serves in
  • 78% first serves won
  • 82% second serves won
  • 53% return points won
  • 6/7 break points won
  • 0 break points faced



  1. I don’t know why I can see no match of Rafael Nadal. Does someone has the clue of what’s going on ?
    Does someone experience the same problems ? Instead I can see a former documentary about the wolves that has already been forecast.

  2. Wow! Is the just concluded upset of Haleo a prelude of what is to come???

    We pray not. We pray not!!!

    But as always……..cheers

  3. Among all the joke-questions that have been asked to Rafa, has he already answered about why he bites the trophees ? I remember the other winners kissing them. Do the RG ones taste better than the others ?

  4. I wanted to go to see Rafael but I am still very tired and still have not received the appropriate treatment since beginning of September. Plus transports (among other services) are very bad in my area, when I took them. I have even asked yesterday why I have so many problems with the transports, why they take time to fully answer the other people and for me always allusive, no complete answers after having waited a very long time. As usual, I get a weird answer. As I was really feeling tired, I went back home.

    Hope my internet connexion will allow me to watch Rafael playing.

  5. Rafa had better watch out for this Jordan guy tomorrow. He has a complete game like Djokovic and what’s more – he had a psychological advantage over Rafa already – He named his cat Rafa!!!! Well……..an upset could just happen!

    But as always………………………………cheers

  6. Sending Rafa best wishes for his match tomorrow against Sebastian Korda. I hope the weather is better than it was today and if it rains, they close the roof before it becomes a clay swamp.

  7. Omg!! Heavy rain. It’s like a skating rink on Chatrier. Galan is slipping and sliding. Dangerous! Why has it taken so long for officials to decide to close the roof? Common guys, get your act together!

    • They are moving Muguruza’s match over to Chatrier after N.D. finishes. Happy they will get it in.

      Vamos Garbi. (sorry Collins fans).

  8. I hope that my internet connexion will work. I Don’t know what’s going on but I can not Watch the programmes I want.

  9. Rafa will be second up tomorrow after Halep.

    Wishing that he teaches his biggest fan how it’s really done.

    • I’m not sure the Vapor shoes work for Rafa. He’s back to the Cage style, and it’s not the first time that he abandoned the new model part way through a tournament. Rafa’s kit is generally odd for this RG, I don’t know why. I’d guess having matching clothes is not at the top of his list of priorities though.

    • Yes… It’s a “partial” lockdown in Madrid and 9 towns surrounding the city…. Restrictions like no more than 6 people allowed to dine and all restaurants must shut down by 10 pm… along with other restrictions …. These restrictions have been resisted by Madrid’s city authorities, which tried to use the courts to block this lockdown, sighting it would cost the capital’s economy millions… Lots of controversy as they blame the Prime Minister for the “chaos surrounding this” …

      Spains Covid infection numbers are really spiking again and I am sure this is weighing heavily on
      Rafa’s mind…

      I’m hoping he can push through this and focus on his tennis for the time being. .

  10. Maria SI, I couldn’t think of another analogy.

    I watched him the other day and he hit a ball that was clearly out of his reach. I haven’t watched him much so I was surprised about his expansive reach without showing any signs of having to stretch to hit a ball so far from himself. It was weird in a good way if you’re a tennis player.

  11. It was a routine match, but I really liked Rafa looking so pleased with the win. If anyone was thinking that his heart, or mind, isn’t in the tournament, think again.

    I think I saw his Mum in his box today – am I right? If so, that’s good, I don’t think I’ve seen her at a match since the opening of RNA Kuwait, I was a bit worried.

  12. Solid tennis from Rafa today…. He has found his rhythm…his confidence level …he’s adjusting to the elements…. His family is there rooting him on and he is focused..
    With everything that is going on in the world, it’s really wonderful to sit back and watch some tennis and above all to see our boy play and take command of each match thus far… ..

    Looking forward to the next round…


  13. I could only see a part of the match due to bad internet service. I could only hear the ads. When reading your comments, It seems that everyone could Watch the match without any problem. This was great Congratulations to Rafael, to his Partner who has made some very good points too and of course to the French players Caroline and maybe a new great champion Hugo who has done a very good match against a former RG winner.

  14. Congratulations Rafa well don vamosssssss you can do it good luck 🎾😘❤️👍🎾😘❤️👍🎾😘❤️👍

  15. Efficient win today, Rafael Nadal. Congrats and good luck in the next round. Virus continues to surge
    In Paris-stay safe, stay healthy💪👏👍🤛🍀❤️

  16. Rafa is getting sharper in every match . He’s more confident with the heavier ball and forehand working well . That’s all good to see. Well done to Rafa 🇪🇸🌟☘️

  17. Beware the silent Italian assassin, Jannick Sinner. He’s having a very good run and seems to be winning his matches with ease. Straight sets victory yet again.

      • No preference, I ’m neutral on this one Mimi but I do think Zverev will win. He seems to be picking up his game but whoever wins is bound to be sent packing if he plays Rafa.

        They should have named this the Italian Open with so many good Italian players in it.

        I didn’t count the Spaniards, maybe more?

        RAFA SEEKING #13

      • 👌 Thank you for your response, Margo 🙏

        I prefer Rafa vs Jannik, but let’s see if Alex and Sebastian agree……

        Good luck to Rafa!❤️

      • “Zverev has the wingspan of a football field” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Margo, I almost had heart attack laughing!!! So funny!!!!

        The Zverev – Sinner match will definitely be a thriller. It will go the whole distance and Zverev will prevail, but it would be a close call.

        But as always, we go point by point, game by game, match by match and day by day……..cheers

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