PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal takes his new catamaran yacht out for a day trip in Mallorca

Rafael Nadal turned 34 on Wednesday and his new yacht docked at the Club Nàutic in Porto Cristo on Friday. The impressive luxury yacht is 23.95 meters long, accommodates 12 passengers and is valued at 5.5 million euros.

Spanish paparazzi were there to capture all these photos of Rafa, his wife Maria Francisca Perello, father Sebastian, sister Maria Isabel and other friends as they first cleaned the boat.

Source:, Photos: Splashnews, Gtres, Solarpix


  1. Enjoy your new “toy” with family and friends, Rafa!
    ❤️ your logo, looks elegant👍

  2. Enjoy, Rafael. What a sleek, beautiful catamaran. It suits you. Let us continue to work to get this pandemic under control. How fantastic to get some r and r on the Mediterranean. Best of luck as Spain and the world recovers. The struggles continue, while our spirits remain strong and unbroken.👏💪🤛👍🎾❤️

  3. Hoping someone asks why he chose to name it Great White. Don’t recall that he has ever expressed an interest in sharks.

    • Perhaps you want to inject race into the conversation. Forget it. Don’t think there’s a racist bone in Rafa’s body.

      • Absolutely not! Never thought of that angle at all. I find the suggestion insulting and bizarre.
        Am merely interested in the name. End of story.

    • LOL I was thinking shark also. I never wanna meet a Great White.

      The sad part about many sharks is that they are caught, their fins are cut off and they are thrown back into the ocean to die. For soup!!!! HORRIBLE.

  4. Rafa many safe trips whilst on board your new yacht. Congratulations. Sorry you’ve had intrusive press again pointing cameras at you.

  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) LOVELY PHOTOS…..ENJOY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOOX

  6. Mucha alegría porque le puedan disfrutar en Familia y con “Salud” abundante, nuestro más y mejor preciado bien. Desde Canarias un colectivo y enorme abrazo a Rafa & Familia. C. Javier

  7. Mucho mejor que volar a NY. El/La Mar esta limpia y cristalina , que María y tu mismo disfruten mucho de la excursión marítima. Desde Canarias para ambos dos todo bien y bueno. C. Javier

  8. Have mixed feelings about these photos. On the one hand it’s very nice to see Maria Francisca looking so well. It has been several months and we missed seeing her. On the other hand the Nadals undoubtedly did not invite the press to come photograph them.

    In any case happy for them that their catamaran has arrived and with the restrictions being gradually lifted that they can enjoy some pleasant voyages.

  9. Rafa being highlighted on WNBC at French Open, I think it’s 2006. Not sure
    13:06 NY time

  10. Disfrútalo junto con tu familia, es con quien mejor lo puedes hacer, enhorabuena!!!

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