Rafael Nadal says he does not care about Nick Kyrgios mocking his serving technique

Rafael Nadal says he does not care about Nick Kyrgios mocking his serving technique.

“I really don’t care. I’m here to play tennis,” Rafa said.

“Honestly, I don’t care at all. It was funny? Good. That’s it.”


  1. NK constantly sucking up to some players & deriding others- what is he playing at???
    Hoping to gain allies to join his jealousy of players like Rafa & Nole?
    Let’s just focus on the greats of which he is not & never will be one!
    Nick, try winning ONE grand slam or SHUT UP!

  2. Some say it will never work, that it won’t be accurate but the ….


    PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FLORIDA — The ATP has announced that a trial of Electronic Review will take place at a select number of clay court events on the ATP Tour for the first time, beginning with the ATP 500 event in Rio de Janeiro in February.

    The trial on clay was approved by the ATP Board in November 2019 and will take place at three events across the ATP 250 (TBD), ATP 500 (Rio Open presented by Claro), and ATP Masters 1000 (TBD) categories in 2020. The tournament application process for Electronic Review in the Spring clay court season is on-going.”

    • I’m amongst those who have doubts about the accuracy of the review system on clay. What about windy conditions, for instance, when the clay kicks up and swirls around? Perhaps it’ll have to be switched off in certain conditions, who knows? If the technology proves to be accurate, then great. It’s got to be better than relying on an umpire running down to the line each time and making a subjective decision.

  3. Until Kyrgios wins his 19th grand slam, he shouldn’t be criticizing Rafa. I don’t think he can change
    his behavior. A good description of Kyrgios: THUG !

    • NK is a lot of things : immature, attention seeking, arrogant, conceited, insensitive, tactless……but I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a thug.

  4. Typical Kyrgios stupidity and childish behavior. He has a thuggish attitude and he is soo jealous of Rafa!
    Rafa is a class act and responded just like the way we thought. He is truly one of a kind both on and off the court.
    The tennis association needs to put in place stronger rules and standards for this sort of behavior. Kyrgios is a repeat offender, treat him as such.
    You go Rafa!!! You are number one!!

    • Why is it Nadal gets such a difficult draw on his team and Federer, Djokovic, Kyrios on other team with draws of guys in the bottom of the lineup. Pretty suspicious is all I can say. Federer and Djicovis should say something they know the draws are unfair, they should be ashamed.?

  5. I eagerly look forward to the day Nick ”the idiot” Kyrgios would be banished for life from playing tennis. His cup is already overflowing…….just imagine the last meeting with Nadal where he intentionally and willfully hit a ball at Nadal!!! ATP has been too passive on his case otherwise the incident with Nadal is enough to have banished him. Nick is a complete disaster, a disgrace to the entire sport community and to humanity in general.

    He has serious jealousy personality disorders that propels him to hate those at the top of his sport. forgetting that there is no short cut to the top; only consistent hardwork and excellence take you there.

    But, sooner than later, justice will be done – Nick would be banished from the sport for good!

  6. Maybe Nick should retire early and join the seniors’ tour where his clowning around would be appreciated for sure.

  7. Best response from the best tennis player in the world. It’s such maturity that separates Nadal from the likes of Nick who have failed to advance in tennis and be in hall of fame

  8. Rafa treated the behaviour of Nick Kyrgios with the contempt it deserved. He has too much class to engage in a conversation about the silly, disrespectful antics of a man who refuses to grow up.

  9. I’d just been starting to think that Kyrgios had grown up a bit, given his genuine concern over the bushfires, but apparently not. What does he get out of making fun of another person, who’s never done anything to him, like some nasty little school bully?

  10. I love Rafa’s reaction to question on kyrios mocking him. Rafa doesn’t need to react to such a mean, low-life like kyrios who is so mean and insecure he has to make fun of people who are better than than him in every way— such as Rafa. Rafa doesn’t need to respond to such questions. He is better and more secure within himself— sticks and stones and people like kyrios are not important to his game and talent and life. And certainly he does not need to pander to insensitive announcers.

  11. Kyrgios is not learning . His behaviour is that of a buffoon .
    Rafa through to their match . 🍀🌟

  12. strange that someone who dresses in the dark (surely that explains the outfit) and has a chicken lay an egg on his head, and leave some blonde feathers behind. could continue his bufoonery by insulting a wonderful,intelligent dignified tennis icon. wasn’t he supposed to be penalized and shut away for years????

  13. This is another tournament, and memories can be short, but NK has acted like a lunatic in the past.
    Perfect response from Rafael Nadal👏👍🤛💪❤️

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