Rafa Roundup: “He’s unbelievable. Every year Rafa surprises me”


Nadal has served 3,449 aces in his career, with 271 (12.7%) coming this season. He served only 122 aces last season. A snapshot of where those aces were directed in 2019 can be seen from the 105 aces he served this year at ATP Masters 1000 events and the Nitto ATP Finals.

“I can assure you that this academy project could have been located in several placed in the world where we were offered important benefits and a lot of facilities,” Nadal said. “But though it was a higher economic cost, I wanted to do it in my home, in Manacor, where this project could be positive for my region and the Balearic Islands.”

He explained why he wanted to address the issues. “I don’t like to enter into these types of controversies,” said Nadal. “I just wanted to express my feelings of pain and disappointment [and] I think you should, also, have my point of view about things that people are saying.”

Ferrer told Express Sport: “I think his goal is to win as many Grand Slams as possible. It is a target for him. He wants to do something like Roger. It is a very good target for him to still keep going. It is more difficult but in this moment he is the No 1 in the world. So he is in a good place. Tsitsipas, Thiem, Medvedev are very good players but Rafa for me is the favourite to finish next year as world No 1. He can do it.”

“He’s a superhero. He’s unbelievable. Every year Rafa surprises me,” he said.

Rafael Nadal: Year-end ranking, No. 1

2019 record: 57-7 with four titles, including two Grand Slams

The player of the year can be the individual who was most successful or the one who had a significant impact on the game in general. Our choice this year qualifies on both counts.

The Russian raised his level in the final set and sprinted to a 4-0 lead. With Nadal serving at 1-5, 30/40, it appeared that Medvedev would pick up his first win at the season finale and 60th tour-level victory of the year. But, as Nadal has demonstrated countless times, he can’t be counted out.

Not for the first time — or second, or third — Nadal entered a season under an injury cloud. This time it came courtesy of yet more knee issues and an abdominal complaint. He has often lamented how much time he has missed over the years but always seems to rally, and impressively. Indeed, “I’ll be back” seems like a line tailor made for Nadal, not just for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “Terminator.”

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  1. I’m familiar with a bit of urban talk, but not that. It’s understandable that many people disliked Nancy’s comment because, on its own, the phrase sounds derogatory. It’s up to Nancy to explain what she meant if she wants to.

    • Just the opposite is true. It does not require context. The sentence on its own conveys an expression of positivity.

      • Positive to some who are familiar with the expression, but not to all. Context aside, i just don’t like that type of language, as it’s unnecessary. I hope i don’t have to resort to the urban dictionary too often.

      • It is a vulgar slang sentence but without the Urban Dictionary [UD] and other sources I would never have learned what it meant.

        I have had to resort to the UD on several occasions for words posted here so it does serve a purpose. My hope is that “urban” doesn’t replace “standard” English. Language is always evolving.

        From what I have read, the sentence is a US and/or a North American slang.

  2. While I wouldn’t use the expression and have never heard anyone use it, I am a voracious reader. I posted the following definition of the phrase “is the sh..” to perhaps explain what fan Nancy meant.

    I am also surprised by the condemnation shown for this expression yet no one complained when fanlove and others have used the “f” word.

    TOP DEFINITION [Urban Dictionary]

    “Is the shit” is a phrase that is grammaticly incorrect. The phrase implies that something, or someone “is the shit”, not suggesting the negative meaning of the word “Shit”. The word “shit” is in fact transformed in to a very strong, positive word, when put in this sentence; it can describe almost everything.

    My bike is the shit

    Andrews mother is the shit

    pancakes is the shit

    I am the shit

    he is the shit

    she is the shit

    you are the shit

    they are the shit

    And if maybe a picture is taken and (ex) a car is pictured, it can be discribed like this; Car is the shit. or any other adjective, subs. verb. etc.

    • Hi Margo – I hear you loud and clear.

      Depending on the demography from whence this kind of speak comes from, the word s__t can mean different things, two things in this case.

      I have heard ‘sick’ being used to describe Rafa’s shots (tennis) as being ‘sick’ – awesome…

      Since the fan base of our beloved Rafa consists of varied age-demographic groups, then communication becomes tricky.

      Guess my age was showing when I took offense on behalf of Rafa.

      There’s a saying in Spanish my father rattles off whenever appropriate –“cuentas claras, preservan amistades” — keeping accounts square, preserves friendships.

      So Nancy probably is in the best possible position, to clear the air, and clarify what she meant?

      No pressure though — don’t mean to be more sanctimonious than my first comment.

      Thanks Margo, for shedding light on this language wrinkle.

      Having said all the above, I still like to live my life, expletive-free – my 3 sons are so aware of this!


      • Julieta, I did consider asking Nancy to clarify her statement but decided in favor of explaining what the phrase “XYZ is the sh..” means because I’ve never seen it in a negative context.


    • Yes the inclusion of the word ‘the’ makes it a positive statement. Something like ‘Rafa is the best’ – but more than that. Rafa is the Super Hero In Tennis, as agreed by Feli Lopez, David Ferrer and all of us 🙂

  3. Russia has been banned by WADA from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing games.”

    “The decision means Russia will have no formal presence at next year’s Summer Games or the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. Similar to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Russians who have not been implicated in the country’s state-sponsored doping scheme will be allowed to compete in Tokyo as unaffiliated athletes.”
    [SOURCE: WaPo]

    My heart goes out to those honest Russian athletes who won’t be able to represent their country.

    • I like all of the young Russian tennis players, what a shame for them not to be able to compete for their country. Rublev and Khachanov gave their all at the Davis Cup finals.

      • I wonder how Daniil is taking the news and if this decision will affect the Russian players’ performances if they decide to participate in the Olympics.

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  5. Rafa Congratulations on such a wonderful,energy packed year and you stayed in good health that is the best thing. I’m so glad your #1 again and I’m sure you will remain there. I just also wanted to say I think you made the right choice as where to have YOUR academy. No one should tell you where you should have put it. It is great for your Home and you can help out training as well. Great Decision
    your fan forever
    p.s. please stay healthy and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. Rafa, congratulations on your well-deserved success👏
    All the best in your future! Stay healthy and happy❤️

  7. El mejor embajador que tiene España es TU RAFA, con pocas palabras se dice mucho, no merece la pena entrar en polémica, SIEMPRE CONTIGO RAFA!!!

    • Remember Nancy, whether one’s comment is positive or negative and directed at a person, community or nation, pointing that finger, (I learned the hard way) means 3 fingers are pointing back at you.


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