Rafael Nadal withdraws from Cincinnati Masters, as expected

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the Cincinnati Masters as he adjusts his schedule to retain fitness ahead of the last Grand Slam of the season – the U.S. Open in New York.

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Speaking after the match, Rafa was asked by Brad Gilbert what his plans were for next week. Our champ replied: “I don’t know. I have to come back and speak to my team and let’s see.”

Later, it was reported that Rafa pulled out of the Western & Southern Open on Sunday, citing fatigue after winning his record-extending 35th Masters 1000 title earlier in Montreal.

Rafa’s decision to opt-out of Cincinnati promises to yield a stronger campaign at the U.S. Open later in August, and he’ll be hoping that his only warm-up event at the Rogers Cup will be sufficient preparation for New York.

Rest up, Rafa! See you soon in New York City!


  1. Good luck to Andy Murray who will play his first singles match today since his hip surgery. He is pain free which is great. Happy for him. His Cincy opponent will be Gasquet.

    • Yes, shame Murray 😕 Bravo Gasquet our French player 😀 friend of Rafa s , playing together since they were 13. Fiona in Paris

      • Pleased for Gasquet to the semi final 😀 then fell 😕 Bravo Mededev the final 😃👑 All out now for US Open 😉 Fiona in Paris

  2. I am very happy to hear that Rafa has withdrawn from cincy, he has exactly nothing to prove by playing, this is the best move for him we enjoyed his play in canada and he deserves a little rest.

  3. Decisions made by the Nadal team are best for him. He is a leading ambassador for the sport, and
    it is also a business. Rafael has worked very hard not only on court, but also on off court business commitments. He has improved his English skills, and speaks confidently in press conferences. He is very focussed when advising journalists that they are wrong. Who has more patience or charm?
    Aspiring champions need to watch, listen, and learn from one of the best👍👏💪👑🏆🙏thank you for a great Rogers Cup.💖

  4. Rafa should practice hard for the US Open . I beleve he should play on US OPen surface and stay intense . He has had plenty of time off and he wasn’t really physically taxed in Montreal . The idea of golfing in the Bahama’s is probably appealing but I think his time is better spent being 100% game ready and confidently focused .Vamos Rafa !

    • Wherever Rafa goes it won’t be for the full 2 weeks before the Open. In the past he has always arrived fairly early in New York due to sponsor and media commitments. Added to that this year is a Player Council meeting which he won’t want to miss as it will be his first since being re-elected. He knows best how to proceed and will get plenty of practice time in.

    • jeffreyT0325, I don’t know if more practice will make a difference. Rafa has said that practice is not the same as competing. I am more worried about his lapses in concentration which may have lost him his match vs Roger T Wimby. Whichever course he decides to take before the US Open I hope it rewards him with a 19th Slam.


      • Yes I agree . Rafa knows what’s best We just want to see him win the US Open ! Too much rest is not his way unless he is injured which thankfully he is not ! As far as lapses in concentration , yes that is a concern . Alot of the unforced errors in the first set against Fognini were from not being focused and match ready .Thankfully , he turned it around with the help of a calf injury to Fabio. I would hAve been very disappointed if he had lost that match as I was in Monte Carlo . The Medvedev match was almost perfect Rafa after holding the first service game . Anyway , let’s will a US Open title . Rafa can do it as he has demonstrated !

  5. I think we should all be grateful that Rafa is playing. He has allot on his plate at the moment and a rest will do him good. The U.S. Open is a big tournament and I for one am thrilled he will be playing there. Rafa have a wonderful rest before the U.S.Open and a Blessed Marriage Ceremony. Enjoy Life to the fullest and I thank you for all the enjoyment you have brought me from being able to see you play and bring such excitement into the game again.

  6. I think Rafa has made the right decision by not playing at Cincy he needs to rest and enjoy time off before the US Open . Rafa is not afraid to play against anyone he can beat anyone when at his best he needs to be in good form and the rest will help him to be in good form. Vamooose Champ cant wait to see you playing tennis again at the USO.

  7. Absolutely the right decision. One of the many reasons I’m happy that Rafa won in Montreal is that it meant there was no temptation to go to Cincy and try to guarantee the number 2 seed for USO. Not only has Rafa achieved that position, he has a win on hard court to give him confidence. Rest and enjoy your victory Rafa!

  8. Rafa buena decisión… ADELANTE.. T ha dejado buenas srnsaciones ezte torneo k t valdran mucho para el US OPEN… t veremos allí… Cuidate un abrazo

  9. Looking forward to see you back on court at the US Open, have a well deserved and restful break Rafa!❤️

    It is understandable you and your team decided to skip Cincinnati, I will always remember your “Summer Slam” in 2013👍👏

  10. I don’t think anyone’s trying to avoid playing each other. It’s disappointing that we won’t see Rafa, Roger and Nole at the same tournament before the US Open, but hard courts put a lot of stress on the body, none of them are as young as they used to be, and they have to think about what’s best for their health.

  11. Good he need to rest and get ready for US OPEN in NewYork.🎾💪😘❤️🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸😘❤️

  12. Mjus, you “old” cynic 😄. I don’t know why you would think that. Rafa and his team have planned the schedule for the rest if the year and he was never going to play in Cincinnati. He may not always relish the thought of playing Novak, but he certainly wouldn’t duck out of facing him. Rafa has a good record in Canada and it’s natural that he would want to defend his title in Montreal. The win will give Rafa a lot of confidence going forward. What’s the point of him playing in Cincinnati and wearing himself out before the US Open? He wants to give himself the best chance of winning his 19th GS and that’s just what he’s doing by opting to rest for two weeks before then. Very wise in my opinion.

  13. Pleased about this..he was unfire at Montreal. Needs to rest wrist/elbow after weight of balls there..calm to get fired up again for Flushy Meadows

  14. i dont understand why nadal is skipping cincinnati perhaps he should have skipped montreal. I am getting the feeling that he wants to avoid playing djokovic on hard court

    • He is been given his proper ranking World 2 at US open..therefore he won’t meet Nole b4 final

    • mjus, I think he wants to be at optimum health for the US Open. If he plays Cincy, after Montreal, he won’t be fresh. Being fresh doesn’t guarantee a US Open win but it will give him a much better chance of winning his 19th Slam AND reduce the chance of injury.

      I think he is also looking toward Laver Cup, Davis Cup, his trip to Africa, and the Olympics. ATP Finals. The Australian Open. He has to do his best to avoid injury.

      If I were Rafa, I would relax before the US Open, sit back and think I defended my title. Great. Let those two fight it out at Cincy, it’s a Masters not a Slam. LOL

      As I stated earlier, he’s got a lot on his plate. And we don’t know which additional tournaments he will definitely play before year’s end.

      Last but not least by any means, marriage and bachelor party at Las Vegas.

      I’m exhausted just writing this stuff. LOL


    • Why would he skip Montreal Canada when hes the defending champion? Why would he play at Cincy instead?

      It doesn’t make sense at all! Why dont you ask Djoko and Fed why are they skipping Montreal?

    • mjus…. Here is why Rafa is not playing Cincy… Rafa is 33 years old and has suffered many an injury in the past 3 years as you know… Prior to Montreal he said he was feeling physically fit and looked forward to the Rogers Coupe that he thoroughly enjoys and has done exceedingly well at… This tournament was perfect
      timing and we all saw the results yesterday…

      Rafa has not done that well in Cincinatti … He’s said it himself (and doesn’t know why). Additionally, It’s on the heels of the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the year… Do you honestly think he would risk injury on a hardcourt event a week before the Open? I have always felt Rafa would bow out…… I did wonder why he let the draw be done, with him in it… lopsiding it a little as I never thought this was a last minute decision for him… Perhaps the event wanted him to take his time in answering whether he would play or not in hopes
      he would show up or at least keep the ticket sales going….

      Regardless…. He needs to be smart about his tennis career.. He’s feeling good…strong… and in a few short weeks he’ll be in New York… and that is where if Roger and Novak play their best and Rafa plays his best…. he will meet Nole and /or Roger in the semis and or the finals of the Open…

      That’s where he wants to be … in the finals…. and whoever is on the other side, bring it on!!

      VAMOS RAFA!!!


  15. I think Rafa has enough match play before the USO. I mean, the way he played against Foggy, his ability to change things coming back to win the match after losing the first set so quickly, tells me Rafa is mentally prepared to fight out there to win.

    Moreover, he’s able to deal so well with tough windy conditions and beat the in form HC player at the moment so comprehensively, that speaks of Rafa’s clear thinking out there on the court. When Rafa is playing well and thinking calmly and clearly out there, it spells troubles for his opponent whoever he is.

    As long as Rafa is fit and healthy physically, and is mentally prepared to go all out to play and win, he will be one formidable player for anyone, at the slam. Yes, including Djoko and Fed.

    The USO HC suits Rafa more than the AO HC imo. Also, Djoko does better at the AO because he has the winner’s mentality there after winning 7 out of 7 finals, ie 100% win rate! So, Djoko tends to play his best tennis at the AO; moreover it’s the first slam of the year so he’s also physically fresh and well prepared.

    At the other slams – FO, Wimbledon and USO – Djoko usually has to fight harder to win; so Rafa will have his chances to beat Djoko should they meet at the USO ( Rafa came close at Wimbledon last year, so there’s no reason he won’t turn the table this time as long as Rafa is ready for it!).

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