VIDEO: This rally from Rafael Nadal and Fabio Fognini was awsome | Coupe Rogers 2019

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  1. Rafa has once again shown off his versatility during the match. I mean he went from error prone and losing a set quickly to then upping his level and playing with so much varieties to beat a formidable opponent in Foggy, it’s like a 180 degrees change all happening during a match.

    Rafa said the court surface was quick and so the way Foggy played left him with not much chances in the first set once he lost his serve (and Rafa himself did have his BP chances in set one to go up 3-0 but failed to convert).

    Rafa was able to turn on his offensive game after losing the first set, and he’s mixing things up like throwing in S&V, moving to the net and hitting his incredible passing shots DTL etc, and all these when he’s serving at a low first serve %!

    Imagine he serving a bit better, he would have this match much easier. I feel he’s a bit wary of Foggy, knowing very well what Foggy is/was capable of (Foggy is one talented player albeit a bit erratic, could’ve been a top ten player much earlier during his career).

    I always feel that Rafa is the best modern day tennis player out there, better than Fed and Djoko imo, because he combines athleticism, speed, power, versatility, his unique unorthodox style, his mental strength, his tennis IQ and his relentless competitive nature all in one.

    Its always his nerve, and sometimes lacking in confidence when facing players who had beaten him a few times in the past, and also his own injury issues that affected the way he played and thus his results.

    Just imagine creating a robot who plays the Rafa game but minus all the human emotions like nerve and worries etc, I think the Rafa robot would be unbeatable out there, beating all other robots who play like Djoko or Fed or Foggy or Kyrgios!

    Rafa is just so unique and one of its kind, who comes only once in our lifetime! Nobody plays like him, not in the past, not now and it’s unlikely to have somebody playing like him in future.

    We see that they can replicate a Fed (Tsitsipas comes closest, and I feel Shapo, once he gets the gist of how to rein in his all out go for broke style, could be playing an attacking game like Fed’s), or a Borna Coric, FAA who play like a Djoko; but, we have not seen anyone playing like a Rafa! It’s no wonder that Rafa is so hard to beat, and poses the biggest threat to both Fed and Djoko, despite him having to deal with injuries and suffering confidence issues because of his injuries.

  2. Yes, insane rally indeed but Fognini won the point. I had to cover my face with both hands while some spectators were on their feet clapping. Anyway, Rafa was the winner at the end👍🤗

    It was an sensational performance by Medvedev against Thiem👏

    Khachanov was equally great👏 While 90% of the support went to Felix the other day, it was about 50/50 to him and Alex yesterday.

    It was kind of fun for me watching both matches, I basically supported whoever was behind lol
    I only support Rafa 100% always. Vamos and good luck in the semifinals today Rafa💪🍀❤️

  3. Choppy match ending in victory ! First set looked like Monte Carlo match and had me and likely Rafa nervous . Anyway , big serving and stepped up baseline he game sealed the victory against an erratic hurt Fognini . The key was getting Fognini to move which is tough with the calf problem . Next match I’m expecting a very focused aggressive Rafa . The victory is at hand against Bautita Agut or Mongols .Vamos !

  4. RAFA the ultimate tennis athlete just incredible,Fognini is no slouch ether I enjoy watching him too.

  5. Very happy for you. Take rest and than good luck against Monfils/Bautista-Agut.

    Vamos Rafa <3

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