PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Practices With Dominic Thiem At Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal trained with Dominic Thiem as he geared up for this year’s Wimbledon campaign. Here are a few photos.


  1. Now that we are at the point Rafa will play in the 16 round to see if he can get through to play in the quarters
    It would be nice if Rafa would equal Borg
    With a 3 rd double championship‼️
    He is my favorite modern player
    He reminds me of Borg, but Rafa speaks to the press more , also, Rafa is truly emotional for all the correct reasons
    Go for it Rafa you can win it 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

  2. Ramara, Nick Kyrgios is talented but he is also a Drama King! I am sure many players do not want to face him.

  3. In light of Djokovic’s statements you might expect him as President of the player’s council to try to try to bring pressure to bear upon the powers that be to alter Wimby’s ranking formula. So far crickets. He may feel that there isn’t enough support for the change but that didn’t stop him from ensuring the ouster of Chris Kermode as ATP Chief. This in spite of opposition on that decision from Rafa, Roger, Stan and many others. Novak only seems to do what is best for him.

    • RR, yes, just awful. To not renew Kermode’s contract has been lamented by so many players, in addition to those who know what he has done while executive chairman and president of the ATP.

      I had been following the story that his contract would expire and came across rave reviews of how he fought for the players so I too was surprised his contract was not renewed.

      By all accounts, Djokovic is credited with orchestrating Kermode’s ouster..

      An ugly saga.

      There is an article, among many, that covers this subject:
      The Kermode Kerfuffle: Why Tennis’ Era of Good Feelings Could Be Over

  4. Looks like Nick Kyrgios will not join the fun at the Hurlingham Club, Jay Clarke is Dominic’s opponent now.
    I definitely want Nick Kyrgios to stay away from Rafa at Wimbledon and in all tournaments………..

  5. It seems to me that Dustin Brown is the least of our problems at Wimbledon… He’s been off the circuit for the past 2 years due to a severe back injury/surgeries etc… He just came back recently and his loss is no surprise…

    I have to say the more I read and hear about the seeding at Wimbledon…the more annoyed I get … I know its usual but it’s such a lack of respect for the all tennis athletes and of course it affects Rafa… Even Novak gave a statement to the press saying although in his opinion Roger is the GOAT, that he was very surprised that Wimbledon would do the seeds this way… He says “After all…it’s Rafa they put Roger ahead of”. Doesn’t seem right, does it Novak?

    Rafa is doing the mental and physical thing he did at the past 4 tournaments… focus…smalls steps… improve each day… That’s his mindset and its been working… Let’s not forget he made it to the semis last year and even that was filled with a questionable outcome due to the roof drama…

    With all of this going on…I sure hope he kicks a– this year at Wimbledon…

    Would bring me and all of YOU tremendous joy…

  6. Michelle,
    I believe they would only choose a lucky loser from those who have made it to the third round. It’s virtually impossible that there would be so many pull outs that they would have to dip into second round losers.

  7. Rafa good luck all the best for you vamossssssssss you can do it love your fans 💪🎾😘❤️🌎

  8. For the fan who was concerned that Rafa might have to face Dustin Brown: he is out of Wimbledon. Lost in the second round of qualies today.

  9. Good luck to Rafa and Dominic on Friday🍀❤

    Rafa vs Lucas Pouille

    Follow by

    Dominic vs Nick Kyrgios

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