Where Rafael Nadal Lands On Forbes’ 2019 List Of World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Forbes recently released its 2019 list of the world’s highest-paid athletes, which takes both salary/winnings and endorsements into account.

Rafael Nadal comes in at No. 37, with his $9 million winnings and estimated $26 million in endorsements making for a grand total of $35 million.

The other tennis players in the Top 100 were fifth place Roger Federer with $93.4 million, 17th place Novak Djokovic with $50.6 million, 35th place Kei Nishikori with $37.3 million and 63rd place Serena Williams with $29.2 million.

The highest paid athlete in the Forbes list is Lionel Messi with total earnings of $127 million, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with $109 million and Neymar with $105 million.

Source: Forbes


  1. DG,
    For the most part you are in good company here but be aware that there is at least one unhappy troll who visits every so often to praise and cheer on Rafa’s opponents. She has not surprisingly been absent since his victories at Rome and RG. If she comments on Wimbledon please ignore her as we have learned to do.

  2. Thank you Margo. Glad you interpreted my statement the way it was intended. Perhaps I could have been clearer. I knew Rafa had shown up before the cameras did and that his only intention was to help in that awful situation without any thought of it being publicized. Ramada is correct that a photographer came in later. For what it is worth I am a woman and an admirer of Rafa’s kind heart.

    • You’re very welcome RR.

      Don’t sweat it as I do post a lot and at times my comments are misinterpreted, too.


  3. I want Rafa to overtake Djokovic in rankings and earnings . So revenge for Australian finals loss and Wimbleton loss would be a great start . Rafa , you can do it ! Vamos !

  4. Thanks for all the research and staying in tune, everybody! You’ve made some excellent points about the details as well! I feel fortunate to be in such good company!
    Vamos dear Rafa!

  5. Tomorrow morning the road to Wimbledon begins for Rafa. He’s starting his practices on the grass at Santa Ponsa Tennis Academy in Mallorca, Spain , near his home…just where he wants to be. Take it nice and easy Rafa… Can’t wait till we see you on court at Wimbledon.

  6. I really don’t care about the rich list and I don’t think it’s at the forefront of Rafa’s mind. Of course, winning tournaments pushes up your earnings and hence your position on the list. In any event, i’m just interested in how many slams Rafa can win before he hangs up his racquet and I should think he feels the same way.

  7. I’m sure I’ve seen something on social media about Rafa getting a statue at Roland Garros next year. My main memory of Philippe Chatrier is of Andre Agassi calling him a “bozo”! I’m sure he was a very nice man, but the “bozo” comment just sticks in my mind!

    • setinthepast, I think it was in 2017 after Rafa’s 10th win it was decided that a statue would be made of him in honor of his unbelievable record at RG. As you pointed out, It is scheduled to be ready in 2020, to coincide with the new roof.

      I referred to Garros and Chatrier because they never won a Slam, much less a FO. Rafa now has 12 titles, 12.

      I am not one to say things have always been done this way or that way. There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules, and Rafa is an EXCEPTIONAL tennis CHAMPION. Name a court after him. It can always be changed in a century or two when and IF someone tops him🤗



    Roland Garros was an aviator, not a tennis player.

    Phillipe Chatrier never won a Slam.

    Rafael Nadal is the winner of TWELVE French Opens in addition to SIX other Slams.

    What am I missing? Maybe the French will honor him after he retires? And where is the promised statue of Rafa at Roland-Garros?


    • Rafa’s statue is coming next year. Also a statue of Roland Garros, the aviator war hero. I don’t think some of you guys understand. Stadiums and courts get named after heroes and/or distinguished players from *their own country*. It’s a unique honor for a Spaniard – or ANY foreigner – to get a statue at the French Open!

      Wimbledon has a statue of Fred Perry (an Englishman), not Pete Sampras or Roger Federer. Australia has courts named for natives Rod Laver and Margaret Court, not, God forbid, Novak Djokovic. The USO complex is named for Billie Jean King, the main stadium for Arthur Ashe, both Americans of course Madrid’s courts are named for Manolo Santana and Aranxa Sanchez-Vicario, not Thomas Muster or Guillermo Vilas.

      • Ramara. – what you say makes sense… I believe this is a HUGE honor for Rafa at Roland Garros for the reason you just described. My understanding is he wanted the statue to be of him holding the cup… but the powers at RG wanted the statue to display Rafa in action “hitting a ball” to which he agreed.. This is so well deserved and I am sure the statue will be nothing short of amazing. Cant wait to see it!

      • Yes, and Barcelona tournament has its main show court named after Rafa!

      • And I guess having Rafa’s statue displayed as hitting the ball makes sense, rather than he holding up the Coupe de Musketeers imo, because when it rains, the cup will be collecting rain water!(the cup doesn’t have a cover, unlike the one at Wimbledon or USO). Doesn’t make sense imo, unless, the statue is about Rafa embracing the cup in his arms, then that’s a different thing.

  9. Two more weeks until the start of Wimbledon on July 1 [7/1-7/14]. The draw takes place on Friday, June 28 at 10am, with seeds having been announced two days earlier.

    Players will have no say in deciding roof closure, unlike last year. The weather will be the deciding factor.

    There will be a tie break at 12 all in the final set.

    Dominic Thiem has pulled out of Halle citing exhaustion. Hopefully he will be fit for Wimbledon.

    I believe Rafa is healthy and rested for another chance to win a third Wimby Slam after his unbelievable 12th Roland-Garros.


    • It’s likely, very likely Margo that our dear sweet Rafa will meet Dustin Brown and then Lukas Rosol in the early rounds of Wimby!

      It seems a tough, tough road for Rafa to get his overdue and third Wimby trophy.

      But as always, Margo, we’ll see. Let us aslo remember that nobody sucks more than Nick Kyrgios,
      Yeah Nick Kyrgios really, really sucks…………cheers

      • Maria, O ye of little faith.

        Yes, Rafa will have an uphill battle in any tournament he plays but this Wimby sees a fresh Rafa, a healthy Rafa, and a Rafa who is actively working on the mental aspects of his game; a very important aspect on the road to victory.

        Rafa has said many a time that you can’t expect an easy road to winning a Masters because the best players in the world are fighting for the same thing. So think about how he feels regarding a Slam, an even more prestigious event.

        No matter who Rafa meets at Wimby he will answer with determination and grit. May the tennis gods be with him.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Brown? Rosol? I doubt both of them would be trouble for Rafa!

        Brown couldn’t even beat FAA, don’t think he’s any better against Rafa! Rosol? Rosol would have problems getting through the qualies, and the Rafa now is not the Rafa of 2012 Wimbledon!

  10. I don’t begrudge Rafa’s money. He started working hard at age 4 to achieve what he has. Tennis players with his special talent are one in a billion. People gladly pay large amounts to watch him enabling the large payouts at tournaments. He gives back so much to needy children through his foundation. Remember also how he helped clean up after the floods in Mallorca. Didn’t just pose for the photo op but stayed for hours mopping up. Then he donated €1,000,000. He is a generous and good person. He has earned his fortune.

    • Just a minor correction Rafa did not “pose for a photo op” after the flood. The photog spotted him there, took the shot and called in camera crews. Rafa didn’t want personal publicity at all that awful day, although I expect it did bring in donations for the clean up effort.

      • A different perspective.

        I did not interpret RR’s comment as “Rafa posing for a photo op.” Anyone who follows Rafa would know that Rafa would not be posing for photos during such a disastrous event.

        RR can speak for herself/himself but I think she/he meant compared to others Rafa was actually “helping others” instead of posing.


  11. Shoulda stayed with soccer, Rafa! 🙂 (But I’m thankful he didn’t since I don’t watch soccer. Although if I’d known about Miguel Angel back in the day….)

  12. That much money is completely ridiculous. They don’t even have a degree. Surgeon and people who save lives are underpaid … What about the poor who don’t even have one meal a day … and no roof over their head… It makes me sick.

  13. I don’t really believe this list. I mean Rafa only has $26 mil in endorsements? That’s quite impossible, because his Nike contract alone is worth $10 mil already. What about his Banc Sabadell, Maphre Insurance, Telephonica contracts in Spain? Plus his Richard Mille, Kia and Babolat contracts?

    He also has others if I’m not wrong. Also, some endorsements actually went to his tennis academy, like the arrangement with an airline; a building materials company etc.

    Anyway, he playing only nine events last year and still having $9 mil prize money was already doing very well!

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