PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Kei Nishikori to reach semifinals at Roland Garros

When it comes to the red clay of Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal has been nothing short of perfection.

Despite the short rain interruption, Rafa stayed completely focused and routed No. 7 Kei Nishikori 6-1, 6-1, 6-3 on Tuesday afternoon to improve to 11-1 in French Open quarterfinal matches.

He has now reached his 12th French Open semi-final and his 31st in Slams to draw him level in third place with Jimmy Connors.

After the match, Rafa said:

It is very satisfying.

It is incredible to be back in the semifinal here. This tournament is very important to me.

It is beautiful for me to play here again.

The 17-time Grand Slam champion will next face Roger Federer for a place in Sunday’s final.


  1. friday is a long time away, no?

    the time difference is 6 hours.

    if i find out before you, letch know…


  2. ENHORABUENA!!! Y suerte con Federer. Tengo confianza en ti y en tu juego.. Estas es una posicion muy buena.. Adelante Rafa siempre contigo

  3. Well don Rafa congratulations in your win vamossssssssss champ you can do it ,good luck love ❤️ your fans 💪💪💪💪🎾🎾🎾🎾😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️🎾💪😘❤️🎾💪😘❤️🎾💪😘❤️🏆

  4. Excellent work today Rafa.
    Pat Cash said that Roger will try to capitalize on Rafa standing far back behind the baseline by drop shots and serve volleys. Well Rafa will be smart enough to adjust his game accordingly.

    Don’t allow Roger to get on the front foot with his forehand, Rafa. Run him ragged!

    • Or underarm serves? Rafa’s smart enough to counter whatever tactics Fed dreams up. And if he isn’t Moya is!

      • Ramara, the legal underarm serve was popularized by Michael Chang 30 years ago.
        [SOURCE: ATP News June 4, 2019]

        Roger is known for the legal SABR tactic which he used against Tomas Berdych at the ATP Finals in 2015.
        [SOURCE: ATP Tour News Nov. 16, 2015]

        Rafa has to be ready for anything against any opponent. He won 17 Grand Slams by being prepared for battle as I trust he will be tomorrow against medical time out [legal] Roger.


  5. Better Federer than Wavrinka. Hope Rafa attacks RF to give him a bagel and a breadstick like he did when they had met at Roland Garros years ago.
    Wamos Rafa, you are the best

  6. Vamos Rafa
    Just Wow
    Grit, determination, Passion and Dedication Defines You…
    Now settle The Score with Roger
    You have to play Very bad To lose one set

  7. Congratulations RAFA👏😁
    Good luck on Friday and Sunday🍀
    I can’t wait to see you lifting the trophy❤️

  8. Many many congratulations Rafa you are a star. You played so well keep it up. I will be willing you to win on Friday! Have a good rest. You really are the best and long may you continue. You are an inspiration to everyone! Any chance of any tennis ? Just kidding. You are my greatest hero!

    Love and all the best from Jo

  9. Congrats to Rafa and finally to a Fedal semifinal. Can’t wait to see Rafa triumphant on Friday.


    • Dear Setinthepast,

      Truth be told, it’s an unpredictable Friday match ”Final before the Final” between Rafa and Roger, wow!
      And the best way to narrow things down in order to at least make a reasonable prediction is to solely use their performance so far in this tournament to judge.

      All in all and up to this stage, Roger Federer has slightly been the more efficient player of the two (a la Fedexpress) spending less time on the court. Both of them have dropped only one set apiece. Both of them will have enough time to recover. Therefore, going by their current form and the opposition they’ve faced, I will give it Rafa to win on a 51% to 49% ratio.

      However, going by past records, Rafa has a 23 – 17 Head to Head advantage over Roger, but it is Roger who has won the last 6 matches in a row (all on hard courts).

      We should nevertheless remember that the Roger Federer of today is not the same Roger Federer of some years back that Rafa could easily beat with his eyes closed. Roger has vastly improved all aspects of his game and gone are the days when Rafa’s high bouncing and spinning balls were a nightmare for him to handle.

      Taking all the above into perspective, if Rafa must win, he has to be aggressive from the get-go, he must not allow Roger dictate the pace and he must cover the court very well. Ofcourse, Roger will like to keep the points shot and avoid getting into rallies with Nadal. Nadal must also play close to the baseline to be aggressive.

      Over the years, the Tennis world has observed how Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have each found solution to the problem called Rafa Nadal. However, Rafa has not improved things much in his game; well, he changed Uncle Tony for Carlos Moya………

      Rafa fans out here should brace all for the unexpected!

      Isn’t it surprising that Roger is in the semis despite not playing any clay court tennis for the past 3 or so years? And he has just defeated the 2015 French Open winner also!!

      He waited for the right moment to build confidence, to build momentum (and to avoid the pressure of being labeled as one of the favourites) to face Nadal. And that time is NOW.

      I say Federer in 4

      But, as always, we’d see…….cheers

      Rafamazing rocks……Vamos Rafa

      • All credit to Roger, but I really need Rafa to win this! Hoping Sascha can take out Nole tomorrow, but it’s unlikely.

      • MariaDeep Thinker

        I say Rafa in 3 or 4 so take that! Hhmmmfff

        RAFA ROCKS

  10. Well done champ. From the start a solid match to the end.

    All the best for friday. Vamos Rafa <3

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