PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats David Goffin to make the Roland Garros fourth round

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal cruised into the fourth round of the French Open courtesy of a four sets victory over David Goffin this evening.

The defending champion took almost three hours to see off his Belgian 27th seed opponent 6-1, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 as Goffin’s run at Roland Garros came to an end. He powered 38 winners past Goffin on Court Philippe Chatrier and maintained his record of never having lost in the first week in Paris.

Rafa, who will celebrate his 33rd birthday on Monday, is now 89-2 at Roland Garros and is six match wins away from 950 career victories (944-194 mark).

After the match, Rafa said:

David is a great player. When he’s playing well, he’s a player that already showed to everybody that he can win against every player in this world… In the first set I played unbelievable, I think, so, so good. Then a good second set, too. In the fourth [set], of course I had to fight again, and I think I became a little bit more aggressive again, and that was, at the end, the key.

Our champ will face Juan Ignacio Londero in the next round.


  1. All the best for 4 the round! I am sure ,Rafa is well on the route to 12 th RG Vamos Rafa…

  2. Rafa what a match you played you really are the best I’m betting for you to win. Keep it up. Love from one of your greatest fan!

  3. Rafa congratulations well don champ you can do it vamossssssssss all the way to the finals 💪💪💪🎾🎾🎾❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘💪💪💪 good luck next much 💪💪💪🏆🏆🏆😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🎾❤️❤️❤️

  4. khawartaimoor, hopefully that was then but not now. From Carlos’ interview I think the team is especially focused on the mental aspect of his game because they realize what a challenge it has been for Rafa to come back each time after so many injuries. Like Carlos said “This is different” after Rafa’s last injury.

    Not until Rome did he feel both physically and mentally in the game. I also noted that Rafa is recently talking about how he is working to be mentally fit as well as physically—something he hasn’t really discussed. I cannot express how happy I am that the team is getting to make him realize how great he is. Hopefully this is a new chapter in his life for the better — evolving is the key to his greatness.


    • Exactly Margo
      First I have heard something from Rafa “loss of desire” which was scary because the day when he hangs up the racquet it will be very difficult for me to follow this sport as I am very Rafa Fan as you all here
      Good to be back among all of you
      By the way where are Rainier, susie… Margo??

  5. I’ve been watching Nadal since he was a child. Just watched one of his matches when he was 16. Maybe someone will put it on here and you’ll see how good he was then and still is. I’ll see if I can pull it up for ya’ll. Love Rafa. Happy Birthday Rafa. 🎂🎂👑👑🏆🏆🎾🎾

  6. So glad I finally found this Rafa support group!! I’ve been his fan since he was 20, but much of the time I’m around Federer people, and though I respect his achievements his personality I find lacking. Love Rafa’s by comparison, and I give him kudos for his belief, his efforts, and of course his undeniable skills! Go RAFA!!!

  7. Rafa very well played match stay real aggressive in next match congratulation and win again

  8. Here’s to Rafa celebrating his birthday and his win against Londero on Sunday. May he cruise in his fourth round.


  9. This was another beautiful day at the office for our boy Rafa… He came out strong and focused and played with a comfortable nature.. So Goffin pushed him in the third ..ok…and so Rafa regrouped and took care of business in the 4th… And that’s all you need!!

    Rest tonight… analyze tomorrow… Sunday will be another great day!

    Vamos Rafa!!!

  10. You are right-3rd set stress out! Enjoy the victory, but stay focussed and healthy for next round.👍💪🤛👏🍀❤️

  11. You are so right-3rd set stress out! Enjoy the victory, but stay focussed and healthy for next round.👍👏💪🤛🥰🍀❤️

    • I think we all agree that “cruised” was not the right word. Goffin is an excellent player and a frequent Rafa practice partner. He knows Rafa’s game very well. I don’t care if Rafa loses a set or not, but long matches are a different story. Rafa started on fire, dipped a level as David improved, but finished strong.

  12. Wonderful result!

    Keep the wins coming Rafa. David was a worthy challenge today.

    Stay focused and healthy champ!!

  13. Four more to go great champion. Continue keeping it short and sweet [matches].

    Well he didn’t exactly cruise [for a Rafa] but he did a darned good job of winning his match. He is still fresh having been away for so long and hope he stays that way. Fresh and healthy.


    • Yes, Bravo Rafa 😀 cruised , we hoped for after the first set but not exactly as that 3 rd set was a surprise and not wished for 😕 He seemed a bit on edge and that led to some faults 😕 Better to finish earlier. 😐 Still, a good rest tomorrow we hope ☺ Fiona in Paris

  14. Outstanding in the sets one and two, slowly in the third and solid in the fourth..well done champ. Take rest and than all the best on sunday. Vamos Rafa <3

  15. Coming to the summary of the match
    I think very good thing for Rafa happened today that he played Goffin in 3rd round and lost one set because if he didn’t it would be a problem for Rafa to lose a set in later rounds. Rafa played an excellent match especially after losing the set.
    I always get worried when Rafa does not break early in any set. My thoughts
    I just love people here on this forum
    Feels like a family

    Vamos Rafa
    Surely Number 18 and 12 is coming home

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