VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices in Madrid

Welcome to Madrid, Rafa!


  1. Alguién en Espana sabe en cual hôtel Rafa y el equipo estàn alojados en Madrid ? Fiona en Paris

  2. Or on hashtag #MAPFREpreguntaRafa some super photos of the session in Madrid 😀🎂 viernes, Friday. Have a look 😉Fiona in Paris

  3. Hear, hear Fiona 😊👍🏻 – Go’ for it Rafa 😍👑🍀

    VAMOS our champ! 🎾💪🏼😘

      • Seeing this vidéoclip on our Fan Club site of Rafa signing autographs after practice shows how good he is to his fans even when there is a crowd 😀 I was lucky to catch him to sign after practice in Manacor in Oct. He had a busy day Friday in Madrid, training in the morning, afternoon in the new Mapfre office answering questions to business people and fans ( it is on the AS site in Spanish ) ☺ Mapfre Insurance is a sponser of his, evening ,the présentation of the Mutua Madrid Open🎾 with the Director and others in el Prado, thé art gallery. Does any one know which hôtel they stay in in Madrid ? Fiona in Paris

  4. The best of luck Rafa vamosssssssss champ you are the King of CLAY 💪🎾❤️😘

  5. Bienvenidos a Madrid! Mucha suerte y exito Rafa!!!
    Maria Elva en New Jersey. USA

  6. Continue to play well Rafa. Each is a step to knowing that you will do it!!! Stay within yourself and your game will conquer!!!!

  7. Simply gorgeous 😍🎾🥰

    The best of luck Rafa 🍀❤️

    VAMOS CHAMP! 🎾💪🏼😘

    • Yes, good to see the first practice in Madrid. 😀 Shame for Barcelona 😕 Let s hope he carries off 👑 the crown here and Rome and R Garros to make up for it. Fiona in Paris

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