Australian Open 2019: Friday practice photos

Photos from Rafa’s practice session today.


  1. Rafa looks like he’s moving freely and l pray that he stays in good shape, especially in light of the news about Andy Murray. Just watched Andy’s emotional press conference, after his practice match with Novak, and it was painful viewing. He revealed that his hip is not coping and he’s in increasing pain the more he’s on court. He went on to say that he aimed to retire after Wimbledon but it looks like it’s going to happen after the AO. The irony is that, if that’s the case, he’ll end his career at the tournament he fought the hardest to win on several occasions, but fell short at the last hurdle (and lost four out of five times in the final to Novak). Very sad, as the worst scenario for any sportsperson is to end their career due to injury and not on their own terms. All respect to Andy who i’ve enjoyed watching over the years – a multi grand slam winner, a great tactician and fighter who always put everything out on the court.

    Look after your body Rafa. No unnecessarily long rallies please, as I want to see you playing for as long as possible.Best of luck next week champ.

    • Very touching and emotional post. Heartbreaking to hear this about Murray. Praying for Rafa’s health and success all the way. Vamos

    • Lorna, Totally agree with your lovely comments on Andy. I was so sad when I read about his presser. I was worried when I read about his practice session with Novak. I am, of course, a devoted Rafan, but a big fan of Andy’s too. While I always want Rafa to win, it is more important now that he play uninjured. I want Rafa to retire when he wants to and not because of injury.

    • Andy is, to me, a close second favourite to Rafa. They’re the only only two for whom I’d stay up all night to watch their matches. I read the news before going to bed last night and couldn’t sleep when I did. Lorna, I get the irony about the AO too. I hope Andy can fulfil one last career wish to finish at Wimbledon. I’m sure they’d put on an exhibition/ceremony for him anyway, but a real match in the tournament, win or lose, would be better. Andy v Nick please?

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