Rafael Nadal practicing ahead of the US Open in New York [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal took to the practice courts yesterday at US Open with his coach Francisco Roig.


  1. Since he was practicing with Roig on court, I was also wondering if Moya is with
    them. After all he is the main coach and this is a slam. But now somebody reported that he was seen at the players lounge,so I feel better.

  2. If some of you fans think I may be looking too far into the future I respectfully counter that because 2019 will be here in just 21 weeks. Time flies, except when Rafa is not playing. Time then drags on interminably, or so it seems.

    I am very concerned about Slams reverting to the 16-seed format in 2018.

    The 32-seed format was instituted in 2001 supposedly to protect the higher ranked players from an early exit. According to a Forbes’ article it has worked only too well pointing to the fact that since the 2005 Australian Open only 3 men outside of the Big Four have won a Slam. It gives the biggest stars more time in the spotlight which benefits both sponsors and broadcasters.

    Does anyone knows what Rafa thinks of this? I’ve looked but so far found nothing about his opinion on this.

    Your opinions? I don’t like it.

    • I read about that deal some months ago and wondered about the lack of choices consumers have. I was happy when I could subscribe to the Tennis Channel for a fixed annual price. Subsequently the Tennis Channel was sold. Now if you wish to watch tennis you can do so ONLY if you subscribe to a package that includes the Tennis Channel, other crap I’ll never watch. Unfair to tennis fans. I hope you’ll have more choices in the future. TENNIS FANS UNITE!

  3. Don’t mess with Spanish police. Kudos to them for rescuing…. read on

    Spanish Police Shut Down What May Be Europe’s Biggest Illegal Turtle Farm
    August 23, 2018, 7:34 AM EDT
    Updated on August 23, 2018, 10:26 AM EDT
    Madrid (AP) — Spanish police have shut down what they believe to be Europe’s biggest illegal turtle farm, selling endangered species worth 10,000 euros ($11,500) each.

    Police in Mallorca seized around 1,100 turtles and 750 eggs, including specimens of 14 of the 50 most endangered species in the world, Europol, the European law enforcement agency, said Thursday.

    Some of the protected species came from the United States, Canada and Mexico, it said.

      • OMG LOL Can’t imagine Rafa being a turtle smuggler. You’ve got me laughing. Rafa on turtle rescue duty.

        I posted that because I know the security is pretty tight at that airport. In Rafa’s bio he explained how security minded the airport staff is…not only to protect Rafa from reporters who have no business with Rafa but I can imagine also protecting against the steadily increasing number of tourists who visit the small island. I’ve always worried about his privacy and his safety.


  4. Best wishes for the US Open, Rafa!! You have always been my Number !. Show the world what you can do. You are the greatest.

    Remember, the young players like to play at the baseline and approach the net. You can do that too and knock them off their rhythm.

    Best of Luck!!

  5. All the best for the US. OPEN vamosssssss Champ you can do it good luck all the way to the finals .im the biggest fan Rafa 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Sascha Zverev teamed up with Ivan Lendl before the US OPEN.

    The draw is expected to be held today at 2pm today local time.

    The winners each will receive $4.32million [men’s and women’s singles].

    Total prize money is $52.83million.

    • Margo, thank you for all the info! Much appreciated! Can’t wait for the draw to come out. Best of luck, Rafa and all Rafafans!

      • YB you’re very welcome. It’s always a pleasure for me to share with other fans anything I think may be of interest.

        I copied the following from USOpen.org

        USOpen.org will stream the 2018 US Open Draw Ceremony today at 2 p.m. ET, live from the US Open Experience at Brookfield Place in Manhattan.
        Defending singles champions Sloane Stephens and Rafael Nadal will be on hand, with analysts breaking down the potential paths for the players competing in the 2018 US Open.
        Check back live for complete coverage of the draw.

        I think some other site it would also be on FB but I cannot stand that site.

        Wishing Rafa a fourth US OPEN title.

  7. Rafa looks like good condition. I’m hoping you must be playing tennis.Good Luke and take care. I always love you Rafa!

  8. Rafa hit with Stan inside the Grandstand as part of a free practice session during Fan Week. [US Open Website]

    I hope the spectators are respectful to players during their matches.

    I don’t know if it’s true about from-the-box coaching but @Britta Hamburg claimed if Marian [Nole’s coach] coaches from the box as he did during Wimbledon and Cincinnati she will tell the umpire and officials.
    [SOURCE: @ATPWorldTour thread]

    Can’t the umpire see any box coaching going on???

    Rafa looks very healthy, he seems bursting with energy and is beautifully tanned. If his racquet does him justice, everything will be fine.


    • Marian Vajda’s coaching from the box was clear to see on tv during the Wimbledon semi final and it really annoyed me. The umpires should be more alert to this no matter who. Otherwise, allow on court coaching – which I am not a fan of – as players need to work things out for themselves in a match.

      • You’re so right Lorna. And I should have used the sarcastic/irony symbol [/s] instead of question marks to convey my displeasure.

        I agree that tennis singles is a one-on-one sport and players, no matter who, should rely on their own expertise ESPECIALLY during slams while a match is in progress. It should be an even playing field. Some players can’t afford a coach and they would be at a disadvantage.

        RAFA ROCKS

  9. According to a fan on Twitter, Rafa was playing Parcheesi with Carlos and the gang in the players’ lounge earlier on Wednesday.

    I also saw pictures of him at practice, and being mobbed by fans.


    • Thank you , Margo, for letting me know regards Rafa and Carlos. I was worried.
      Because , Carlos has been doing a fantastic job .

      • You’re welcome Positive Thinker but please remember that Rafa is surrounded and guided by the same team members for over a decade, except for Carlos. And at Toronto he also had a childhood friend with him who is presently a coach at his academy.

        I too miss Carlos but when he is not with Rafa he’s only a phone call away.

        As Alex said, I think Rafa is in a good place now.

        There will be ups and downs with Rafa but that’s the price we pay as fans. If he can keep his confidence level up he should be fine. And I don’t want him to become “bored because neither player was winning points” as he said he was during a Toronto set.


  10. Nice practise pictures. But, i am anxious to know, where is Carlos Moya.
    Is he no more with the Rafa camp.

    Anyways, all the very best for the US Open.

    Love you champ always. 💙💖💟💛💛💚💞💓❤💚💛💜💟💖💖💖💟💟

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