Rogers Cup 2018: Best shots from Rafael Nadal vs. Stan Wawrinka [VIDEO]

Watch the best shots as Rafael Nadal reaches the Rogers Cup quarterfinals with a straight-set victory over Stan Wawrinka in Toronto.




  1. Wow Cilic is motoring! Reminiscent of his US Open form. Too good. Rafa just has to hope that the tornado coming from Cilic will subside.


  2. Enhorabuena!!!!!!!!!! Gran partido…hacia tiempo k no te enfrentabas a el….M ALEGRO D TU VICTORIA….aùn recuerdo el partido k Wawrinka se tomò el cafè…..VAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


    • Yes Rafa, some super shots with Stan 😀 I have said Bravo to him and the highlights were good, highlighting the best. 😅 Let s hope he continues. The rest in Majorca in July 🌞🏊 has done him good, the photos of him under the sun 🌞 in his yacht the Fan Club showed us on 24th July came from the Daily Mail, also super 😂 I am going to Majorca end August and hope to see him and the Academy. ☺ Depends exactly when he returns from US Open. Fiona in Paris


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