Rafael Nadal nominated for Best Male Tennis Player at the 2018 ESPYs

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal was nominated for Best Male Tennis Player award for the 2018 ESPY Awards.

The awards show will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and will air on July 18 with race car driver Danica Patrick as host.

Nominated with Rafa for Best Male Tennis Player are Roger Federer and Marin Cilic.

The ESPY, short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly, honors sports achievement in the past calendar year, with the winners decided by online fan balloting at the ESPN website.

You can vote for Rafa HERE!


  1. Apparently ESPN do not have the broadcast rights for the French Open (but they do for the other 3 slams) thus in order to protect their own interests, they recognise Wimbledon but not RG. Is this right? No, of course it isn’t. Sports achievement is about what is fair and, more importantly, measurable not a media manipulated construction. Here is a typical example of how Fed becomes ‘the goat’ by virtue of media sanctioned dominant discourse (as the sociologists would say) designed to structure our way of thinking and create their own desired hierarchy. It’s quite evidently wrong and has no place in real sport.

    • Simply put, Wimbledon uses a formula to decide seeds.

      The 32 seeds are chosen according to their ATP ranking, like any other slam. BUT then Wimbledon uses its own formula to award extra points to a player’s grass-court record during the two-year span before the current championship seeding date.

      You can read about the formula on the Wimby seeding website.

  2. I do believe in luck so I hope Rafa’s position as world No. 1 will bring him lots of luck going into Wimbledon. He won’t be seeded number 1 but I’m hoping whatever seed he is it will initiate a path to victory.

    Keep the positive vibrations going Rafa, “enthusiasm and a high level” [of tennis]. You can do it.


  3. Čoric just won Halle. A possible threat to Rafa at Wimbledon?

    Can’t wait to see the list of Wimby hopefuls. Wishing Rafa wins his long-awaited third trophy. A great thing.


  4. Go and vote. You can vote more than once for any category.

    Rafa should have been nominated in the record-breaking category for his 10th French Open win which occurred one month prior to Fed’s 8th Wimby.

    And I am curious how Čilić made the best tennis player list with zero titles, according to the ATP website.

    Simply put…very strange.

  5. Rafa lets hope that the people all see you in you, what we all see in you.

    The best player, and the best personality on tour.the fairest, the most genuine, the most generous, and the most humanitarian and humble.

    Love and prayers,


  6. Rafa is the most exciting tennis player to watch. He is a great sportsman. Great example for all the young players coming up..

  7. There’s no way, as usual, if they keep on giving the award based on the online social fans. I would love to have an award voted by sport journalists and former players.

    Like this, we all know how it will end. 🙁

    • Sports journalists are included in the nominating committee according to the Espys’ website.

  8. So they nominate Fed goe “best record breaking peeformance” gor 8th Wimb but not Rafa gor #10 RG? Really? So in our gixed world, now 8 is better than 10🤣🤣🤣

    • I believe they are referring to total Grand Slams; 20 vs 17, and not a particular tournament record.

      • Hi Victoria, I was looking for information on how each person or group was nominated but can only find the names of nominees, not why they were chosen. Where did you find the criteria for the choices? Thanks

      • It’s far more important to us, his fans, than it is to Rafa. He loves the sport with or without the recognition. But I get so tired of having Federer take his thunder. Rafa deserves to be nominated for Best Record Breaking. Federer has only had Rafa to deal with in part of his career. Rafa has had Roger in all of his career. Rafa has entered the French Open 13 times, and won 11 of them. Roger has entered Wimbledon 14 times and won 8. Rafa’s fans know who the GOAT is.

    • Both Roger and Rafa are nominated for Best Male Tennis Player. But only Roger is nominated for Best Record Breaking Performance, siting the winning of 8 Wimbledon. It looks like this:

      Best Record-Breaking Performance

      Roger Federer wins 8th Wimbledon title

      Aaron Judge hits 52 HR as a rookie

      Tom Brady wins 187th regular-season game

      Diana Taurasi is first WNBA player to hit 1,000 3-pointers

      • They left the part out where Rafael Nadal wins his 11th French Open Title
        So in the end 8 titles are better than 11. That is so wrong.

        Rafa should be nominated for this category

        VAMOS RAFA for No 1

  9. Rafa you deserve this Award I’m so happy for you congratulations vamossssssssss champ.🎾🎾🎾❤️❤️❤️🏆🏆🏆

    • Yes he does his tennis is to me the best and most exciting just so Abesome to watch and a great person to.

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