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Do you remember when Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer faced off in that historic 2008 Wimbledon men’s final? Or maybe you read the book “Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played,” by Jon Wertheim, a writer for Sports Illustrated and reporter for Tennis Channel.

Tennis Channel will premiere the documentary film Strokes of Genius, based off Wertheim’s book on Sunday, July 1, the night before the 2018 edition of the tournament begins July 2. 

Watch the trailer here.


  1. What ‘s there to compare? both players are legend in their own ways, time will come to step down and give way to new generations. Enjoy watching Rafa and Roger while it last. Both of them are the greatest players of all time.

  2. Very well argued article on ESPN by Andre Snellings, dated 14 June 2018. It’s titled “Rafa Nadal is not only the King of Clay, he’s the GOAT.”

    He has all the stats and comparisons to show that Rafa is the best of all time. In fact, recently I have noticed a few articles saying that number of GS titles should not be the sole criterion for judging who’s best, there are other factors to consider.

    I think anyone apart from diehard RF fans would find Seppings’ case very hard to refute.

    • I’m a die hard Rafa fan but I think grand slams is the best measure of greatness.
      1) it is a standard measurement that allows us to compare guys of different eras. How they did vs their contemporaries using different technologies.
      2) it takes into consideration both what Rafa lacks in durability but not so much like the world #1 Ranking and also actual head to head greatness when the contemporary is in the same generation which Rafa rules so it is not favoring anyone.
      3) it’s only considering best of 5 so nice shot making is important but so is endurance physically and mentally as opposed to more luck like best of 3 masters and lower
      4) don’t worry, Rafa is 5 years younger than Roger so he has a great likely hood of at least tying Rogerin slams. At his greatness level, I expect him to actually pass Roger. We’ll see though. That’s why they compete!

      • I totally agree with your response, but I wish we fans spent less time discussing who is the goat. I think every era is different. Laver could have had more GS but due to the difference in where pros could play. For years, many top players skipped the Australian Open. I remember just starting to watch tennis on TV and the Americans were not interested in clay tournaments. I am a diehard Rafa fan who does not care if he is the goat or not. It is exciting to watch him play. I love the total effort he makes on every point. I love that he is kind to all and focuses on his friends and family. I agree with your last point too that Rafa is five years younger than Roger, but I don’t see Rafa playing as long. I plan to enjoy every match that he does play because we will not see his like again.

      • That was a mouthful, but a delicious mouthful. I don’t get it either. Some fans, as I said earlier, are more concerned about what Fed is doing instead of being focused on the most exhilarating player on the planet.

        Always comparing the two. THERE IS NO COMPARISON, not now anyway. After they both have retired, and only then, can fans on either side of the aisle fight about GOAT. They are like children, “my player is better than yours.” At least they make me laugh.

        I could give a you-know-what about GOAT! I have been a Rafa fan from the moment I caught him darting from left to right on clay while channel surfing. Quicker than a hummingbird and just as beautiful to watch. That was over a decade ago and he’s still breaking records.

        I am hoping for a new Rafa era what I call an injury-free Rafa era. He can do anything if he is healthy. May he continue to love what he does…playing tennis. Otherwise, we his fans will be the losers.


  3. Just read the “Tough Call” article in Tennis Magazine – if it was for your life who would you choose, Federer on Centre Court or Nadal on Chatrier?

    Every Single expert (tennis journalists) chose Rafa.

    • I suspect that question was in the category of a no brainer. I was reading an article that said Rafa was the favorite to win RG in 2005, before he ever played there! Can anyone remember anything like that happening before?

      • Not an answer to your question but Rafa was being called King of Clay BEFORE he won his FO.


    • That’s a no brainer. If it were for anyone’s life it would be suicidal to choose Fed.


    • Tennis Channel will debut the program at 8pm EDT on July 1st. I suspect that it will be replayed at least a couple of times during Wimbledon. I do not know how available the TC is outside the US?

  4. I read the book. I watched the match several times in 2008. Nothing ever to compares. It was awesome! I always pray for a rain delay when Rafa is behind.

    • Betty, I loved your comment! I guess we Rafans have several rain delays to be grateful for. Of course, Rafa’s opponents had the equal opportunities to regroup!

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