PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello enjoy some time together in Paris

Rafael Nadal and his gorgeous girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello enjoyed a summer walk with family and friends in Paris last week. Here are some photos taken by paparazzi.

Source: Extra


  1. Rafa is a lucky guy, has a beautiful girl who will wait for him to finish his career. That’s my kind of girl. His sister is super hot too, when I see his sister I understand why all the girls go goo goo ga ga for Rafa.

    • Not until he is done with Tennis. Women weaken legs. He has the rest of his life to be a family man. He has 5 good years left of Tennis. He must maximize Grand slam winning. Don’t let any woman take that away from him. He has one chance to become the GOAT. 4 slams to go. Vamos!!!

  2. What a lovely couple & good to see Rafa taking time out from his busy Roland Garros schedule. Best wishes to you both & good luck Rafa for the rest of the tournament

  3. I kind of envy Rafa’s girlfriend to look good in every photo she appears. Sadly I have this superpower.

  4. Rafa and his girlfriend, Maria, ALWAYS look GREAT in ALL the photos they’re in!!! No denying that!!! They’re a very good looking couple!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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