Roland Garros 2018: Rafa’s pre-tournament interview [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal shares his thoughts on returning to Roland Garros and looks ahead to this year’s tournament as he bids for a record 11th title.



  1. Rafa all the best you can do it vamossssssssssssss champ the clay is your surfes love your fans 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍❤️🏸🏆


  2. Following is an excerpt from a long but enjoyable article on Rafa.

    After his Barcelona win, and following his pool dive with the ball kids, Rafa did the unthinkable; he did not not practice for THREE days. “Before, if he stopped for more than one day, it looked like he was doing something wrong,” said Francisco Roig. “Three days looks normal but for him, it’s a lot. He understands that he needs more quality than quantity.”
    [The Wall Street Journal, 5/28/2018]



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