Rafa Roundup: Nadal’s greatness is something we are all blessed to be witnessing

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“My true feeling is these kind of things are not going to happen forever, so I just try to enjoy them and to play with the full passion and with the full energy and concentration, full love for the sport until I can,” said Nadal. “I know the day to say goodbye is closer than 10 years ago. It is something that I am not worried about, but it is a real thing. So I am just enjoying every day and trying to play with the best attitude possible, to keep being happy playing tennis. That’s all.

In 2017, Nadal gave us the spring of La Décima, when he won his 10th titles in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and at Roland Garros. Will this be the spring of La Undécima? Has his career just been an elaborate way to teach the world how the Spanish system of ordinal numbers works? By now, his triumphs during the clay season seem pre-ordained; Rafa himself barely felt the need to celebrate after the last point on Sunday. But as we saw when he briefly lost his confidence, winning finals is never as easy as he makes it look. None of Nadal’s victories over the next two months should be taken for granted or passed off as routine. What are the chances we’ll ever witness dominance like this, on any type of tennis court, again?

Overall for the match, Nadal hit 87 (73 per cent) rally backhands and just 33 (27 per cent) run-around forehands. Nadal’s backhand accounted for five winners and just seven errors over two sets. That means he averaged a backhand error one out of every 12 shots. Simply outstanding for a shot that was supposed to be under attack.

Rafael Nadal has 16 Grand Slam titles – including an historic 10 Roland Garros titles – and he’s currently spending his 170th career week at No.1. He’s by far the best left-hander in tennis right now, but is he the best left-hander in sports right now?



  1. Rafa my hero. Not just for your amazing 11 titles at Monte Carlo but the fact that you can enjoy and appreciate your success in such a modest manner.
    You are a wonderful role model for all young players.
    You are realistic enough to know such results cannot last forever but you will strive to achieve your very best for as long as you are able.
    You are a true professional in every way while at the same time acknowedging the support of your team and family for the role they have played in your success.
    Best of luck in Barcelona, but please rest for a few days first.!!

  2. Felicitaciones Campeon¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ por 11 veces campeonar en Montecarlo

  3. Every time I watch him play I am grateful and privileged to do so . An amazing player, a wonderful humble and genuinely nice person who brings such passion, excitement , athleticism, intelligence to adapt and change his game .
    Congratulations Rafa and to your team and family 😍

  4. Rafa is truly a unique humanitarian, with so much enthusiasm for tennis,sport, his willingness and desire to give back to tennis all he can, and and his simple humble and gracious spirit in all situations, either on or off the course.

    I am sure his uncle Tony, his team and family must get so much joy in realising that they have all been part of this epic journey,

    All the best to you Rafa in Barcelona and in every way,

    We all over the world are all learning many characteristics from you,

    Love and prayers,


  5. 🙏🏻thank you for your passion and enduring love for the sport. Your words ring true-enjoy the moment-you have written about how an athlete suffers, but the
    blissful face of victory makes the painful experiences fade. We are, indeed, honoured to share these times.❤️

  6. Rafa, you are such a legend, one in a million!!! Your humbleness, appreciation for the little things in life, I just love everything about you!!! Congratulations on your win at Monte Carlo. My star, my hero, my legend- King of Clay!!! 💯

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