VIDEO: Here’s why Rafael Nadal’s work ethic is so untouchable

After his semifinal win over Grigor Dimitrov in Monte-Carlo, 10-time champion Rafael Nadal arranged another practice session after the match!


  1. Rafa you are a true sportsman and gentleman, in every way.

    Good on you that you wanted to go straight out and practice the forehand ready for tomorrow.

    All the best for your game against Kei,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Do what you have to do Rafa!

    I remember Nishikori in Madrid 2014 final match, he had the full measure of Rafa that day. So unlucky he got injured and Rafa got the win. However it just shows that Kei pushed his body past its physical limits, and his body broke down before he could complete the match.

    That’s what it takes to win against Rafa. So a friendly advice to Kei: don’t overclock your body again. It’s not worth it, and Rafa is much better than he was in 2014:)

    Rafa for his 11th tomorrow. Complete it champ!

    • Lol… a great example of what it takes to beat Rafa and that it’s hard to do. Even though Rafa got the W, I credit Noshikori with a win there. Unlike Chokovic who claimed he was in control of Rafa at the 2006 French, Kei actually was in control of the 2014 Madrid match until he got hurt lol…. Rafa had a bad back that year too. He didn’t win one clay tournament except the French. Amazing huh from the king of clay, no titles except the French. Doesn’t sound possible.

  3. Your “long” post was good reading.

    I rarely look at other sites and when I do it’s usually by error. Some articles have a comment area at the end of an article and there have been times I wanted to comment on a Rafa article. The nonsense I have read.

    I strive for balanced comments. What I don’t like are comments insulting other players, or making up lies, because a Rafa fan doesn’t like a particular player. It just gets very creepy.


  4. if rafa has the energy to do that then he should. Remember he is complety fresh since he skipped iw and miami so in that case maybe that withdraw from iw and miami was a good idea.

    But I want to temper a little bit the enthusiasm. Lets see how he plays in other tournaments. But based on this tournament i am thinking man why can he not play like this on grass and be a threat to federer

    Rafa critize federer for skipping the clay court season. This is perhaps the first time i am hearing nadal critizing federer.

    Also good to see djokovic reuniting with his old coach. Like i wrote before the atp tour needs djokovic. The top 4 should be reunited because the next generation is not ready yet to take over.

    I am also suprise that the tennis pundits did not critize federer for skipping the clay court season. Why is federer always above critism.

    Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have a very lets see interesting relationship. Federer is the lionel messi from tennis never critized by the media and the pundits and technically the best from the three. Then you have nadal who is the cristiano ronaldo a workaholic with a strong body and fighting spirit but never getting the credits from the media for his accomplishments. And then you have djokovic the neymar of tennis. the best of the rest achieve a lot in his career but again always disliked by the pundits and the media

    • He should always take a long break after the Aussie. It makes absolutely no tennis sense to play anymore hard court tournaments after the hard court grand slam. That is a major fail by the ATP.

      I think you are referring to him saying he does not plan to skip any slams….Rafa did not criticize Federer, that is just him talking about himself. He also said he does not know what the future hold and that if age catches up to him he may end up doing the same. He is not Federer’s age yet so, he doesn’t know what it feels like to be 36. His statement was not criticism of Federer, just him answering a question a reporter asked to the best of his ability.

      I’m a Ronaldo fan lol…. did you see his bicycle kick??? Freaking amazing.

    • mjus, I have to disagree on this. Rafa did not criticize Roger for skipping the clay-court season. When asked about Roger skipping clay Rafa said, “….Of course, when you get older, you need to adjust a little bit more the efforts and the calendar. But for me, [it] is difficult to say I don’t play, grass, for example, or I don’t play hard. It is not in my plan, but I can’t say ‘never’ because I cannot predict what’s going to be in the future.”

      I read many different publications about what Rafa said. Their headlines made it appear that Rafa did criticize Roger. One publication went as far to suggest Roger told [never happened] Rafa he would play him in best of 5 on clay but then announced publicly he wouldn’t play clay. Don’t forget that Roger has earned his right to choose what he plays. And so has Rafa. It was also posted here that after Roger’s knee injury he was advised not to play clay.

      About Rafa playing on grass. He has won 2 Wimbledons. Many top players don’t win on all surfaces. Look at Rafa’s record. He has won multiple Grand Slams on all surfaces, except for the AO. Consider what he does before Wimbledon; the full Monty…clay season.

      On IW and Miami, he withdrew by necessity, not by choice. And it was a smart move hopefully to be healed by the time clay court season arrived.


      • I agree with the above comments, but wanted to add my voice. Rafa did NOT criticize Roger. Initially he was just teasing him. The reporters in the presser mentioned Rafa’s big smile. At another presser, Rafa was asked about skipping tournaments When Healthy! and Rafa responded as stated above. Rafa has only respect for Roger, but the Roger trolls need to criticize everyone else. I am so tired of reading that Rafa faked his injury to skip the HC. Yes, that is why Rafa cried for an hour after he withdrew from Acapulco. I am also tired of Roger fans refusing to acknowledge that Rafa might be favored on clay. Sadly for Roger, he is unlikely to play again on clay. I think Roger made the best decision for his career by skipping the clay season. He did not do it because he is afraid of losing to Rafa. He played it until the past two years. He will be 37 this August, let’s be real. Roger has a lot of reasonable fans, just as Rafa does. Sadly, it is the few who spoil it for everyone. Now we have the Djokovic trolls back who say Novak will not lose again. I apologize for the long post.

      • Va4Favre,

        Roger is scared of Rafa on clay. 100% no doubt in my mind. He’s afraid of him on other surfaces too, but knows he has a respectable chance to beat him on the faster surfaces and that it’s more likely Rafa gets upset than him, so he plays those. If he had “love for the game” surface wouldn’t matter and he’d play clay just to play. But love for the game is not the main reason he’s playing… He’s about holding on to the GOAT title and he’s resigned on clay. Wasting energy on clay when he knows he’s going to lose will lessen his chances on the faster surfaces.

      • I do like facts, not hyperbole.

        You make it sound as if Roger knows the draw in advance and that he will definitely play Rafa at the FO, were they both to play.

        Quite frankly, if Rafa didn’t beat Roger at the FO, someone else did, except of course in 2009. Yet Roger continued to play the FO, until his 2016 injuries when he withdrew, despite losing to Rafa so many times.

        2005-2008 lost to Rafa
        2009 – wins his FO
        2010 – lost in QF to Soderling
        2011 – was runner-up to Rafa
        2012 – lost to Nole in Semis
        2013 – lost to Tsonga
        2014 – lost to Gublis in R4
        2015 – lost to Stan in QF
        2016 – withdrew from FO – injuries
        2017-18 : advised by his team not to risk injury

        Roger’s FO record clearly shows him trying to win the FO despite the presence of Rafa, the best clay-court player in history, being in the tournament. Fed kept coming back for punishment. Doesn’t look like fear to me.

      • You want facts? Here are a few:
        1) Rafa has won the French 10 times, and last I checked Slams are all that matters in the GOAT discussion. Since 10:1:1:1 are bad odds, time to skip clay.
        2) 5 of Rafas victories had Roger as a victim of The King of clay. That’s 5-0, not 5-15. NEVER Beaten rafa at the French. At age 37, Time to give up.
        3) Roger Last made the Finals in 2011. At age 37, with clearly a better person dominating that surface, time to give up. Don’t take another ass whoooing and lose confidence for grass.
        4) Roger last made the Semis in 2012 where he could no longer even beat Chokovic much less the king of clay. If the king of clay is playing, run… run away to where the dirt is covered and the grass is green.
        5) Last time he played on the clay of Roland Garros was in 2015. (By now he probably feels like Rafa does on Grass lol!!’)
        6) You can be scared and still enter a tournament. Similar to the Jews being afraid of Nazi gas chambers but they still walked into them. It’s smarter to just admit defeat and not wast your energy on a futile endeavor which you know will end with Rafa holding his 11th Trophy LOL!!!! He’s taken enough beatings at the hand of the king of clay. He’s letting others feel his pain.

        Did you like these facts?

        Here’s one more:
        Roger is afraid of Rafa on Clay! And at the USO!

  5. That’s dedication! No time to rest! Rafa will hit as many forehands as necessary to get it firing perfectly for tomorrow, as he knows what Kei Nishikori is capable of. Good luck champ!

  6. I want a healthy Rafa and he has to know after a match the body should be put through a recovery period, not more tennis.

    Good luck to Rafa tomorrow vs Kei. He too is returning from injury and may be a lot stronger than expected.


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  8. Rafa played at perhaps 75% as well as yesterdays match against Thiem and yet he won convincingly agsinst Dimitrov . The finals match looks to be more comoetitive should Nishikori prevail against Zverev. In either case , Rafa should beat either opoonent and clinch his 11th trophy at Monte Carlo . Vamos Rafa and thank you for returning in fine form !!

    • As you know now, Kei won. I just think he will be a bit tired after his tough three set matches. He has had a longer layoff without matches than Rafa. Kei can definitely be dangerous. I expected Grigor to be more competitive.

  9. Great job Rafa! wish you the best of luck tommorow! win win win👏👏👏

  10. Anabel croft did call it that Rafa would be out on the practice court straight after the match as he wouldn’t have been completely satisfied with the way he played today. Rafas’s leaving no stone unturned and making sure he’s doing everything he can to make sure he’s victorious tomorrow .

    • Well called by Croft. I heard that he was dissatisfied with his forehand and wanted to have a positive feeling before his match tomorrow. I can only assume that he was now satisfied. Rafa is a perfectionist and it is another reason why we love him.

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