[VIDEO] An interview with Rafael Nadal: “I played a fantastic match” (2018 Monte Carlo Masters QF)

Rafael Nadal can’t imagine playing better than he did en route to a 6-0, 6-2 win over Dominic Thiem to advance to the semi-finals in Monte-Carlo.

Match highlights:


  1. Good luck Rafa , you reign supreme over the clay courts and I don’t see that changing today , have another great match and I look forward to seeing you bite that trophy again tomorrow 😁

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  3. In a previous post DMTNA raised concerns about Rafa’s movement and footwork in his match against Aljas Bedene. Well, I don’t think there’s any need to worry because Rafa was really good against Khachanov and brilliant against Thiem. It’s so good to hear him say that he played “a fantastic match” because he did, that’s the truth and the score line reflects it. Even when he was 5-0 up in the first set, It was funny to see the look of disappointment on his face when he lost a point. That’s how driven Rafa is and always has been. He’s happy and full of confidence, hitting lots of solid, flat backhands (instead of running round his forehand) and ending points quicker, when he can, to conserve energy. The change since Carlos Moyà came on board is clear to see and long may this partnership continue!

    Dimitrov said that he was looking forward to playing Rafa and wanted to try out one or two things. Let’s see how his shoulder holds up because it’s sure to get a good workout!

    • Yes, I read that article too, as if Dimitrov has a secret weapon to surprise Rafa. He did say he wants to play more aggressively. He also stated he will concentrate on his side of the net. He better pay attention to what Rafa is doing otherwise we may have the 6-0, 6-0 score which Thiem denied Rafa.

      Just 2 more hours to see what Grigor means. To his credit he admitted he’s not afraid to face Rafa and wants to learn.


  4. Confidence soaring-Rafael can feel it, and it is sublime🤗Beautiful Monte Carlo
    and blitzing 6-0, 6-2-perfection❤️

  5. Now, finally this is what I waited to hear from Nadal. That he played a fantastic match. Rafa played excellent since his return from injury. I’m so happy that he is back and hungry for the 11th title at Monte Carlo. We will be rooting for you to go all the way to RG as well. GOOD LUCK.

  6. how to call what you did incredible and great with humility (not that i would ever need to do that personally)

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  7. I am happy to hear Rafa finally say, “I think I played a fantastic match.” I hope we have not offended the “humility” proponents as he said it without offense or malice toward his opponent.

    Rafa also said today’s performance will be hard to duplicate.

    Don’t underestimate your capabilities Rafa. Maybe you will duplicate your 2005 clay season.

    Off to the semi-finals.


    • Margo, I too am delighted to hear Rafa openly admit that he played a fantastic match, because he did. It was not boastful in any way, just a fact. He praised Thiem as a great clay court player and did not put him down in any way.
      Over the years under the influence of Toni Nadal he was always made to feel that he was nothing special and others were better. Reverse psychology from Toni but perhaps carried a little bit too far resulting in some self doubs from Rafa.
      I can see the influence of Carlos Moya here. He wants Rafa to play with more confidence by seeing how good he really is.
      Rafa will always be a modest person who always has praise for his opponent and we would never want him to change but a little bit of self praise now and again for excepional play can do no harm and may result in doing some good in how he sees himself.

      • Beverley, First and foremost, glad to see you back. You had me worried.

        Second, so glad you agree. Your thoughtfully-written response explains things beautifully. I have nothing to add as you’ve said it all.

        P.S. I just copied and pasted this reply from an earlier post where it landed. How I dunno…😂😂😂

        RAFA ROCKS

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