Here’s why Rafael Nadal is not upset with losing his top ranking to Roger Federer

Roger Federer overtook Rafael Nadal at the top of the world rankings this weekend after beating Robin Haase on route to winning the Rotterdam Open.

Our champ will have the chance to regain the No. 1 ranking during the March because Roger is defending Masters 1000 titles in Indian Wells and Miami.


If Rafa comes back to the top, he will then face the task of defending all the points he earned during the clay season. It will be very interesting to see what will actually happen at the top between Rafa and Roger in the next few months.

As usual, Rafa is not bothered with not being world number one anymore:

He [Roger Federer] didn’t need to return to No 1 to show who he is in tennis. What he’s achieved is very difficult and you can only congratulate him. Rankings don’t lie, he did a little bit better than me in the last 12 months.

I’ve been in the top 2 for many years. Being No 1, No 3, No 5 doesn’t make much difference. What makes me happy is feeling competitive and able to win tournaments.

I won’t fight to be back at No 1. I’ll fight to have my best possible season. If that means later in the season I have a chance to be back at it, OK.

The current ATP rankings and point scores are as follows:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Federer Roger Switzerland 10105 18
2. Nadal Rafael Spain 9760 17
3. Cilic Marin Croatia 4960 20
4. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 4635 22
5. Zverev Alexander Germany 4450 24
6. Thiem Dominic Austria 4220 25
7. Goffin David Belgium 3280 25
8. Sock Jack USA 2880 22
9. Anderson Kevin South Africa 2825 23
10. Del Potro Juan-Martin Argentina 2815 20



    • The only draw that I focus on is the first opponent. I wish Rafa had a qualifier instead since we know he is often nervous in his first match. Lopez is a tough opponent with a big serve. I hope that Rafa can have an easy win for his sake and mine. I so enjoy watching him play.

      • va4favre, Rafa played a three-day golf tournament just before he departed for Mexico. It was the first Rafael Nadal Golf Challenge and was played in Mallorca. The reporters who covered the tournament said Rafa looked really good and there were no signs of any injury. If Rafa is well, I think he can take care of Deliciano.

        Head-to-head it’s Rafa 9, Lopez 4. He beat Rafa in 2003 at Basel, in 2010 at Queens, then in 2014 and ’15, Shanghai and Cincy respectively, and as you know 2014-15 were not Rafa’s best years. I am hoping for Rafa to make it 10. For me, the upside is that Rafa has played him before. Lopez is a known quantity. Qualifiers make me nervous because many of them are responsible for shock defeats of much higher-ranked players.

        I agree that Rafa is sometimes slow to get his groove at the beginning of a tournament. Here’s to a calm Rafa.

        RAFA ROCKS

  1. It’s kinda odd to not see Andy Murray and Djoker in top 10. Those FAB4 days are over i guess… Now we ‘re back in BIG 2. I really hope that in near future Rafa wouldn’t play both Rome and Madrid. My heart was pumping hard last season when he gave every bit of his power to all clay Master 1000s. It’s lucky that he could still deliver his best tennis in RG and won the La Decima.

  2. “Pure Aero Décima…The ultimate connection between an immense champion, his racket, and his trademark tournament… It is the gift of Eric Babolat, CEO of the company, to his champion to celebrate this incredible Décima. The yellow and orange symbolize Rafa’s AeroPro Drive and the Parisian clay where Rafa has now triumphed ten times. Ten trophies are found on the frame of this collector racket.” [BabolatInsider]

    Also, according to Babolat, Rafa’s sobriquet is El Unico. I never knew that. I thinks it’s a fitting and well-deserved a/k/a for such an AWESOME champion.


  3. Those of you who were fretting about Fed playing Dubai, fret no more. He will be in Monaco, not Dubai.

    The 2018 Laureus Sports Awards, following a ballot by the world’s sports media, will be presented on February 27.

    Rafa is among the nominees for the Sportsman of the Year Award.

    On it’s [Laureus] website, Serena is among the nominees for the Sportswoman Award. Now you want to talk about unfair? Mention of her TWENTY-THIRD grand slam title was a snub. Only her 2017 AO title was mentioned. Really?



  4. It seems fans aren’t the only ones missing Rafa.

    When Fed found out that Rafa was in the Netherlands for his foundation, it is reported that he invited Rafa to Rotterdam. “He [Rafa] should come over just like to hang out. I’m pretty lonely, my family isn’t here. I have to go to him…he is the world No. 1.” [TennisWorld]

    Sounds like a bromance to me.


    • Margo, I tried to like your comment but pressed dislike by mistake. I saw that comment by Roger and thought it was so cute. That is one of many reasons why I am sad when people make negative comments here. I will always recall how moved Rafa was when Roger went to him without asking and said he wanted to help him with his academy!

      • Va4fsvre, you can change your rating to like. Just keep pressing the like option and it should change. I’ve done this successfully when i’ve made such an error!

      • My sentiments exactly, va4favre. I remember it so vividly because Rafa was just so happy to have had Fed next to him in this new and challenging undertaking.

        I also read a while back that Roger gave Rafa some advice on how to set up a foundation when Rafa was new to it.

        And Rafa congratulated Fed on his return to world No. 1.

        I remember Fed picking up Rafa from the airport when he went to Switzerland to play Basel.

        If these two didn’t like each other, it is unlikely they would share a friendship.

        And there exists a whole lot of respect between them.

        RAFA ROCKS

  5. Rafa has purportedly arrived in Alcapulco and continues his practice with Nishikori as a practice partner.

    Also, though I hope it’s not true, Rafa had purportedly signed on for doubles with Pablo Carreño at IW.
    [, Feb 22, 2018]

    I hope Rafa had some time to relax, maybe did some snorkeling, while he was in Cozumel.

    This year is the 25th anniversary of the Mexico Open and undoubtedly Rafa wanted to help celebrate.

    Wishing Rafa a great run for the remainder of 2018. I just hope he doesn’t overdo it.


  6. I wanted to address this separately, but I am sad when I read negative comments on Roger or any other player. Rafa respects all of his fellow competitors. I have given up looking at the initial draw, since it changes so much. I cannot believe the draws are all fixed since that would so undermine the integrity of the sport. I would stop watching tennis if that were true, as painful as that would be for me.

    • va4favre, thanks for having the courage to voice your concern on this matter.

      For many of us here it’s about Rafa staying healthy, injury free and getting enough rest during a season. I think for others it simply reminds me of the “sour grapes” syndrome.


    • Well said va4favre. You are right. As Rafa fans we should not get too carried away. Throwing wild unsubstantiated accusations against any player is immature and dangerous. Those doing so here must remember the slanderous accusations by the ex French Minister of sport against Rafa, which he had to fight vigorously.

  7. Whike I loved having Rafa as number one, I agree that he should focus on staying healthy. Being happy is very important to Rafa, and it is one of the many reasons I am his fan. I trust Moya to coach Rafa, but it is Rafa who pushes himself on the practice courts. I still find it amazing that such a champion lacks self confidence. Rafa did push himself too much last fall, but he did it knowingly to secure the year end number one. Tennis like life is unpredictable, but if Rafa is happy and healthy, good things will happen.

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