PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to David Goffin at ATP World Tour Finals

An injured Rafael Nadal has made a losing start at the World Tour Finals in London. He went down 7-6(5), 6-7(4), 6-4 to David Goffin in his opening match at the O2 Arena on Monday.

At one moment Rafa looked at his team and said “I can’t anymore”, but he didn’t want to stop. With his fighting spirit, he even managed to save four match points to take Belgian player into a decider of the second set.

The defeat leaves Rafa almost certainly needing to win his remaining two second-round matches to make the semi-finals, but will he make it? We’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Rafa did all that we could ask of him, ie go out there and give it his all. And boy did he give a good account of himself – the result notwithstanding:)

    Well done to Goffin though. So happy to see him in top form after his disaster at the FO.

    Rafa sweetheart, thanks for all the great and wonderful memories this year. You’ve been an inspiration to us all. Rest your body now and recover, you totally deserve many hours of downtime on your boat:)



    LOVE YOU ALWAYS. 😙❣💟💞💝💚💙💗💖💕💘💓

  3. Hi everyone (again). I should be sleeping right now but am still a bit too emotional. So here I come again. 🙂

    Rafa fought with a lion heart until the end, despite so much pain and not enjoying playing by his own admission. It’s true he didn’t play the best tactics for his conditions. And it’s so painful watching him having to run and scramble so much, grimacing a lot and touching his right knee at times. I had such mixed feelings watching this match, a bit frustrating, sad, and mostly worried.

    But listening to him post-macth, everything became clear.

    (In Spanish)
    “The decision to play in London was mine. There was a part of the team who thought that I shouldn’t play.”

    “I don’t regret any of my decision in this year.”

    “I have more pain than I can bear. I tried, I fought but there was no sense to keep playing.”

    “I understood I couldn’t go ahead already while I was playing. Couldn’t change direction, other basic movements. I do not like it end the year this way.”

    “I have 31 years, not 36. My mind will decide my calendar. I would not change now what I did this year.”

    “My best matches of the year? Maybe Dimitrov in Australia, and del Potro in New York.” (Totally agree)

    (In English)

    “I do not believe I deserve to finish this year with two more defeats.”

    “I am of course disappointed. But I’m not gonna cry. I had a great season. I really appreciate all the things that happened to me during the whole season. Thanks life for this unforgettable one.”

    “I’m gonna work hard to try to give me more chances in the next season to keep being at the top and fighting for the most important things. Thank you and Merry Christmas, everyone.”


    After one of those last rallies, Rafa’s told his box: “I can’t anymore”

    Goffin: “Best win of my career. But I could see that Rafa was not moving well.”

    Annabel Croft: “Nadal looks in pain from courtside view but fighting hard !”

    Brad Gilbert: “This kinda of match from Vamos-Rafa simply refusing to lose. just competing = I love watching this type of match.”

    I will watch the hilights with a smile on my face. Wish him a speedy and best recovery and hope he will be less “stubborn” next year.

    Thank you, Rafa and the whole team, for a tremendous year. It ended on a little bit sad note but things happen and we know Rafa will bounce back again like he always does.


  4. Wow Rafa you are amazing to play with such pain.

    Rest and get treatment and take care of your body,

    Love and prayers,


  5. Listening to Rafa’s post match press conference he was very philosophical about his situation. Win or lose, he’d already made his mind up beforehand the he was going to try to get through one match and no more. He was clearly playing in pain and said the only reason he played was because he had a commitment with the event, the city and himself and l know that he didn’t want to let anyone down. I’ve got to hand it to him, he’s a very honourable and loyal man. Rafa knew that there was no point in continuing. It seems that Greg Rusedski did have a crystal ball 😀He’ll now go on to get the necessary treatment, but I hope that he has sufficient time to rest and get his knee healed before the AO next year.

  6. Sorry u had to withdraw
    But the important think is for u to be pain free I don’t want to see u suffer
    I just hope we can see u in 2018

    I want to see u in person
    Love ❤️ u

  7. Rafa stands for …
    R- Resilient
    A- Amazing
    F- Fighter
    A- Astonishing
    Simply Rafa !😉
    Much Love Rafa 😍😚😍😚
    I’m Always Team Rafa !

  8. Good grief, I don’t know Rafa got to that third set. Well actually I do – it’s by being Rafa! He himself was obviously below his best but Goffin also played well. Rafa did better than I expected from watching his practices yesterday and today. So I’m not too disappointed – Rafa did what he wanted, entered the tournament and played a truly competitive match. He certainly shouldn’t be upset about that performance, he did so much more than just turn up and play – fought for the whole thing, forced 2 tie breaks, won a set, played some stunning points and as always, that unbelieveable fighting spirit.

    I don’t know if he’ll play on Wednesday, but I do know, that as ever, win or lose, Rafa helped to give the crowd a great match. Maybe some casual tennis watchers at the O2 will go home tonight as Rafa fans… 🙂

    • “Maybe some casual tennis watchers at the O2 will go home tonight as Rafa fans… 🙂”

      😂 Yes, I believe there must be some, jas. I’ve heard some Fed and Novak fans said they felt heart wrenching for him. It must be even more emotional watching him live…

  9. Really sorry for Rafa. Great fight but his knee is not ok. Please retire from the tournament and take rest to get well soon. Always with you. Vamos Rafa <3

    • Only Rafa would fight so hard when he was injured. I too hope that he withdraws. Rafa has had such a wonderful year and now deserves to rest and relax. He achieved more than I could ever have hoped for. We are so lucky to be Rafa fans.

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