Rafa withdraws from Basel to rest his sore knee

Yifan Ding/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from next week’s Basel indoor tournament because of fatigue.

Our champ announced his decision on his Facebook page.

I sadly announce that I have to pull out of the Swiss Indoors Basel, after seeing my doctor in Spain just after landing from Shanghai.
I am suffering from an over stressing of the knee and the problems where already present at the tournament in Shanghai which now forces me to take a time off on advice of my doctor.
After two great weeks in China, with the title in Beijing and the final in Shanghai it is time for some rest.
I want to send a special message to the many tennis fans in Switzerland which have always showed great support and respect also on my matches with Roger.
Hope to see you next year.


  1. This excuse of Rafa ”looking tired” is so nauseating and each time I see it I actually feel like vomiting.
    Cant you guys reason?
    Against any other person (that is not Roger or Novak) Rafa would have played an excellent game, he would probably have taken them to the cleaners and we will all come back to this site to hail him as the best thing to happen to Tennis in the open era.

    Nobody would even have made reference to his knee!!!!

    C’mmon, Rafa can run, but he can’t hide from Roger for too long. Besides, Novak will be returning next year and it will all become very interesting.

    But as always, we’d see………………………….hmmn

    • There is obviously a multitude of things going on with Rafa. He wouldn’t even discuss his knee. When things are going his way, everything is hunky-dory. Not winning Shanghai must be a terrible blow but when dealing with Rafa one must take a multi-faceted approach. He is too enigmatic for anything less. No one is in his head but Rafa.

      RAFA ROCKS 2017

  2. You should rest, and be. In God shape for the next one! You play to much the last’s weeks! Enjoy the rest and come back with all the Power!

  3. Rafa you need to rest please .you has Ben playing to much tennis.need to rest for shure.you are not a robot.vamosssssssssss champ and rest please.🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸❤️

  4. Good desicion champ! Take a good rest, listen to your body and doctors and try to relax!
    The last time you looked very exhausted!
    You are and will be 4ever our no 1☝️⚡️❤️

  5. l am glad that you are having a rest your year as been very busy and lots of good games,l am looking forward back to mallorca in june for a mouth by for now chill out vamos rafa

  6. Not surprising at all. Happy I missed this match as I would have been too upset. Again, Rafa not listening to his body. And which knee is it? The one he beat up on during his Cîlíc match?

    Also, it seems that Roger is also in the heads of many of those here. Rafa lost, plain and simple. Because of exhaustion? Knee problems? Fear of Fed? These have nothing to do with Fed; they have to do with Rafa, and Rafa alone. I would also like to hear from Moyá.

    I do hope it’s nothing serious. Rafa should rest and have a thorough evaluation of the state of whatever is going on. He had a beautiful season and I feel he should look to 2018. I don’t care if he doesn’t play the rest of 2017. If he does, I hope it is with a new vitality after a good rest and total recuperation.


  7. The following rambling has no pretentions to analyze. It just exposes some sentiments.

    Good decision for Basel, but wish he had made one last effort to beat RF in Shanghai, for I strongly believe the biggest factor for losing was on Rafa’s head not on his knee. Just listen to his speeches and attitudes of idolatry for RF, which has nothing to do with Rafa’s.humbleness. Rafa just feels inferior to RF and since the AO 2017 he keeps repeating the same blah blah at his repetitive losses.

    I just wish RF would retire so Rafa can recover his fighting spirit where he is not intimidated by the 20 aces of Isner, by the genius of Kyrgios or by the hard hitting of Cilic. If not RF will keep on playing to further consolidate his GOAT status and we will soon see Rafa calling tennis a day and retiring to his beloved island. A realistic and for me saddening scenario.

    Until then I will always root for him and be happy to see him win and sometimes sad like when he lost against Muller in Wimbledon 2017, or angry to see him tanking and lose against RF AO final 2017 and Shanghai masters final 2017.

    Please RAFA recover your physical and mental health for when in the fighting spirit, you are the most beautiful to watch.


    • Puma

      Nadal problem is his attitude towards Federer. His amount of respect and admiration for Federer is what is bothering me sometimes about him.

      Take a page out of djokovic playbook. Novak respects Roger off the court. But on the court Djokovic despise Federer

  8. I am very concerned about rafa injury plz rafa it has taken so much to reach this level …..plz rest well and be healthy …good decision to skip basel and plz skip paris also ….and prepare well for wtf…

  9. Weird to say this, but i was releived to hear Rafa confirm he is having knee pain; relieved only because it explained how weak he appeared against Fed.
    But on the other hand it’s worrying that this problem is back, maybe just low level though?
    Glad he’s skipping Basel, he’ll play again when he’s ready.

  10. This is good.This is what Rafa needs to do.Rest and relaxation,time,and space.He is not a robot.Give him a break.He knows what to do,Nobody fights like him.He gives his all on the tennis court.It will be a great years end,2017.Send positive thoughts and feelings to him.Only one RAFA. VAMOS.👍🏼

  11. I am relieved to see Rafa pull out of Basel. If necessary he should pull out of Paris too. Then give it his all for WTF.
    Fed will probably win Basel but he may not win Paris. Rafa has never won in London at the end of the year but he was always exhausted by then.
    If he can enter it. rested he may have a chance and Fed may be exhausted by then.
    Rafa played several matches in Shanghai with the roof closed and won them all except the final so here’s hoping for his good health for London this year..!

    • no beverly he should play paris to win it and play the atf to win it. Its about running the score he failed to do it in sjanghai now he has to do it in paris. Also his nr 1 spot is on the line if he withdraws from paris.

      Nadal should figure out with his team how to be more competive against federer next year. Because right now federer is better then Nadal.

      • It is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE & OK whatever transpired in the last match sweetheart ! VAMOS FOR THE GENIUS TALENT YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ….everything is apart of the whole and as you often say, it is the sport! YOU CAN TAKE PRINCESS R TO THE CLEANERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) OH YEH…..AND YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITIES TO DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Enjoy a beautiful rest full of fun and good time. You have accomplished so much this year and that is what the focus must remain…. YOU ARE BRILLIANT CHAMP SWEETHEART & WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great week and enjoy everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )
        Lots of love & happiness & keep smiling sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXO

  12. Rest well, Rafa. Take all the time you need.

    I hope Rafa won’t rush for Paris if he still feels something by then. Everything can wait. The loss was unfortunate but I believe even though he failed, he tried to give it his all and no one can take anything away from him. Yep, many were, and still are, putting him down just because he lost to Fed again.

    I’m still very proud of Rafa’s Asian campaign this year. His best level was real. It’s the best I’ve ever seen him in the Asian swing, despite the final.

    Now just hope nothing is serious and he will recover well soon. He will always have his next chances.

    From his twitter:

    Rafa Nadal
    Oct 15
    Great tour in China, with the title in Beijing and the final in Shanghai! This isn’t over, let’s keep going!

    Vamos! 💪💪🍀🍀🇪🇸🇪🇸

  13. Get well soon and take care Rafa 😘🍀 Looking farward seeing you on court again 😍🤗
    VAMOS CHAMP#1 🎾💪🏼

  14. I am happy that Rafa has withdrawn, but it was a no brainer. Rafa was exhausted in the final and could not compete with Roger’s best. Even Delpo said that the Shanghai court was made for Roger. Even the roof was closed. So much is being made of Roger’s winning five in a row, but Rafa beat Roger five times in a row three times. Roger skipped the entire clay season. Rafa would have beat him then had they played. We Rafa fans have gotten too spoiled with Rafa’s tremendous year. 62-10 is still the best. The only problem with winning so much is that you must defend the points next year. Roger is incredible, but he is 37 next year. Rafa will always be five years younger. The most important thing is that Rafa be healthy and happy!

  15. I hope Rafa can play at Paris and London. There are still 3500 points up for grabs between Basel, Paris and London. If Federer plays all 3 tournaments and Rafa does not, Fed could end up number 1 at the end of the year. Neither one of them has to defend any points from now until the end of the year.

  16. Buena decision…cuando te vi la venda es l k mas m preocupo…cuidate k estes n.1 o n.2…es lo mismo..no tienes mas k demostrar…TU SALUD LO PRIMERO…

  17. Do what is best for you💪👍thank you for your tremendous effort-it has been a privilege to follow your career. We were getting spoiled expecting you to always
    win🙏I could see that you could not play your game last Sunday. Rest and recover-we want to see you back on court soon💕

    LOVE YOU ALWAYS. 💟💚💓❤💜💗💔💞💘💕😚😙😙😙😙🌻🌼🌺🌾🌸

  19. Rafa has played a huge amount of tennis this season. I’m glad that he has listened to the advice and pulled out of Basel to rest. Sometimes less is more!!!

  20. I hope Rafa recovers quickly as it would be a shame for him to miss the London Masters . From his statement , it surely sounds like he’s not planning any more tennis in 2017 . It’s been a great 2017 and I look forward to a healthy Rafa in 2018 and another great year of winning tennis . Vamos Rafa forever !

    • I did not take from Rafa’s message that he would not play London. He said that he hoped to play Basel next year. I doubt that he will play Paris, but I hope we will see him in London.

      • I hope he will skip Paris as well, va4favre, then give it all for the WTF if he feels good enough. If not, just give it a try and and what will happen will happen. His health and longevity are the most important, not the chase for the YE#1 ranking, which killed Murray last year…

  21. No surprise. Rafa looked exhausted against Fed. It was clear he had no strength left for the match. It may be that he will not win another match. He was in a fight mode for two months and there is no way to maintain that for any length of time. But he will go out on top this year. Who knows about the next. Gracious as always. Love you Rafa.

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