Rafael Nadal: “It’s very tough to come back and be number one”

(AFP) – Rafael Nadal was thrilled to learn he would return to world number one for the first time in three years but sorry it came because Roger Federer withdrew from this week’s ATP Cincinnati Masters tournament.

Photo via Cincinnati Masters

For me to be in that position is something very special. I have the passion and love for the game. That’s why I’m able to be back in that position again.

Rafa has struggled with knee injuries since first becoming world number one in August 2008 after a Cincinnati semi-final run. He admitted doubting he could ever regain the top spot after so many years.

If you don’t have doubts, it’s because you are very arrogant and I’m not very arrogant. There’s a young generation up and coming. It’s very tough to come back and be number one.

Rafa knows that while he will claim the upper hand no matter how he fares this week, the year’s final Grand Slam event starting in New York on August 28 will have a major role to play in the fight with Federer for number one.

Roger and I are having great seasons. One of us will have the chance to have that position for more weeks. I’m going to try and do my best this week and see what happens.

Rafa said he was sorry to see Federer join the list of players absent this week, which includes Murray, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic, Japan’s Kei Nishikori and Swiss Stan Wawrinka.

It’s bad news for Roger he’s not playing. I’m sorry for all of them. I hope they have good recovery. We need to see them back for the sport.

Source: AFP news agency


  1. I cant believe I love the game so much. It all has to do with Nadal and his attitude. II only watch tennis when Nadal is playing. Good luck Nadal. Your no1

  2. I love Nadal. He plays well and never has an attitude. You can see by his face how he loves the game. Keep well Nada.. Sharon Y from boynton beach

  3. He isn’t number one because Fed withdrew from Cincinnati but because Murray withdrew and could not defend his points from reaching the final last year, get it right.

  4. Congratulations, Rafa! All your fans are thrilled for you, no one deserves it more. You kept your head up, and did what was right for you. Very proud of you, and your never say die spirit. Love you always.

  5. So happy for you dear Rafa, no.1again you deserve the title, I hope you stay there for a long time.Good luck always

  6. Siiii Rafa…es dificil pero no imposible…y tu t encuentras en un nivel muy bueno y competititvo…
    Salen jugadores nuevos y jovenes k vienen empujando bien…como lo fuiste tu en tus tiempos k destronaste a otros…pero lo bueno d ti sk tu nivel siempre ha sido superior aunque las lesiones t pararon un poco…
    Estos jovenes tienen fuerza fisica…pero tu tmbn la tienes xk estas pletorico y ademas experiencia y eso es algo valioso k lo da el tiempo y tu llevas eso d ventaja..
    Tu puedes hacerlo…adelante Rafa gana Cincinati y a tu posicion k t corresponde!!!

  7. I would love to see Rafa win in Cinncinnati . Playing aggressive offensive tennis and serving well are going to be key . Also Rafa consider standing return closer to the baseline on his return game . Rafa knows all this and no matter he will make adjustments as he sees fit . O wish Rafa all the best and hope he bri gs in the trophy and holds the #1 world ranking .

  8. What a selfless individual Rafa is and that’s why so many millions of fans all over the world love him so much. He is happy that he is able to be Numero Uno #1 again, but at the same instance he cares about all the other players out with various injuries. Wonderful Rafa.

    Enjoy World Number 1 once again. Vamos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No one of then was sorry when you were been injured ! Because they just get advantage with your withdrawal

  10. God is good! Keep healthy and focused!good luck and God bless you in Cinncy and US Open! VAMOS!

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