Wimbledon 2017: July 1st practice photos + video

Here’s a few photos from Rafa’s practice today.

Rafa prepares for his assault on The Championships at Wimbledon in a practice session with Grigor Dimitrov.



  1. esperando con ancias tu participacion Campeon… mi idolo y favorito deportista y un ser Humano exelente

  2. Rafa here is to all the best for next week and all your days of playing.

    Love and prayers,


  3. After the news of the absence of Moya and omnipresence of uncle T., all I needed to cheer me up was the gloom and doom predictions of Maria’s Siberian aunt. I hope she is more neknowned for the inaccuracy of her weather forecats.

    Basically, I prefer to believe that it is all irony because as a fan I am sure Maria would prefer not to imagine such a scenario.



    • PUMA, I finally located an article but in Spanish, about Carlos being absent from Wimby. It basically echoes what RNF explained.

      “The Spanish champion [Nadal] confirmed that Carlos Moyá, one of his trainers, will not be at Wimbledon.”

      “‘He has three children and I have a large team. Toni and Francis will be here…..Carlos has to rest now. It is important for him also to be with his family. I have Toni as always, and Francis will help me. I always use him for grass and for me that is a great help. I am happy with them here.'”
      [Redaccíon, 1 Jul 2017]
      I translated without any assist and feel it is accurate.


  4. I have missed why Moya will be abset. Can anyone inform me?,

    Best of luck greatest RAFA your fans are unconditionally behind you (I believe all his fans would share my sentiments).



      • But it’s such an important tournment, and it’s not too far from Spain. He could have brought the kids with him. I could understand that if Moya wants to skip the Asian tournaments or other small tournaments. But to me, it’s important to have Moya there to keep enforcing the aggressive style of play Rafa exhibited in French Open.

      • I feel that Carlos deserves a break after all these months guiding Rafa to be his best.

        Please remember that Rafa’s coaching is a team effort. All indications, from Toni’s many recent interviews, confirm that they [Carlos, Toni, Francis] are all in agreement about what Rafa needs to do. Rafa also stated that he uses Francis during the grass season which is very helpful to him That interview is posted here. You probably missed it.

        RNF also explained Carlos’ absence.

        RAFA ROCKS

  5. “Rafael Nadal had warned his Wimbledon rivals he will be a major threat to their title dreams if he can survive the treacherous first week at the All England Club.

    Nadal arrives in London on a high after winning his 10th French Open crown without dropping a single set.”

    “‘This is a tournament that you can go out very early. But at the same time, if I am able to go through at the beginning, I think I’m with confidence.

    I’m playing well since the beginning of the season.'”

    “Refreshed by a spell practicing at home in Mallorca, Nadal, who won’t be joined by coach Carlos Moyá at Wimbledon, is in better spirits than his rivals.”
    [Firstpost, July 1, 2017, 19:55 IST]

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

    • Hmmn, after playing some exhibition matches that are really nothing, but glorified practice sessions.

      Anyway here’s the latest news in town:

      My great Siberian Aunt (who really I was named after) and who accurately sees tomorrow like nobody else, has privately let the cat out of the bag to me. I will just give a few snippets from her highly world-awaited Wimbledon predictions:

      1. Andy Murray will be out in the first week!

      2. Roger Federer will make it all through to the final

      3. Rafa Nadal will follow Andy’s footsteps mentioned above

      4. Stan Wawrinka will be out in the 2nd or 3rd round

      5. Djokovic will reach the final round, but will lose it.

      So, there you have it. If you combine (1) and (5) above, you should easily decipher who the winner is.

      We shall reveal the exact scorelines a day before the quarters begin…so you betting folks better get your pen and biro around then. As you know, Aunt Maria (Siberia) never misses!!!!

      But as always, we’d see………hmmmn

      • But Federer and Djokovic can’t both reach the final! Has Aunty got Roger and Rafa mixed up? 😉

      • Thank you Maria ( snake island) ) , for your great Aunts prediction’s ( all except the Rafa One) . Some Sence of humour and light relief needed .😁

      • Well Maria, you might want to tell your Siberian Aunt that she is talking nonsense. Based on her so-called predictions in number 2 (Roger making it to the final) & number 5 (Novak losing in the finals), those two are mutually exclusive, as both Federer & Djokovic are in the same draw, so can only meet in the semis! I think it’s safe to presume that the rest of her ‘predictions’ were just as full of baloney.

        Here’s my prediction. Novak will beat Roger in the semis in 5 sets, then will meet Rafa in the finals. Nadal will then beat Novak in 4 sets to lift the trophy & become champion once again!

  6. Carlos Moyà will not be there for Wimbledon but I’m sure Rafa and his uncle Tony will have all bases covered. Afterall, Rafa is a two time Wimbledon champion. Make it three Rafa!!!

  7. Sooo happy his legs are getting the recognition they deserve. THEY ARE GORGEOUS.


  8. I am hoping Rafa will play well, but most of all I want him to stay healthy. He gave us the best present ever in La Decima, so I want to be realistic. It would be a continuation of this dream year if Rafa could regain the number one ranking. On a less serious note, it looks like Nike is testing longer shorts on Rafa at least on his practice kits. I hope not since Rafa has better legs than many women.

  9. Toni said, “Rafael has one thing better than everyone else…the intensity of his game.” Despite his dimples, I can see that intensity in some of these pics. That intensity is only one of his many gifts

    Rafa looks to be back in warrior mode after his too few days of relaxation post RG. Per Carlos Moyá: “I’m sure we’re going to see a great version of Rafa….He has made a great transition to the grass.”
    [All quotes from ATP website.]

    Rafa, I am super pumped for you and like you, hoping for a FO-Wimby double. Good fortune to you on the battlefield.


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