ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal is so close to being No. 1 again

Rafael Nadal poses during a photocall to celebrate his record breaking 10th French Open title at Quai de Grenelle on June 12, 2017 in Paris, France. (Julian Finney/Getty Images)

The new rankings are up. After his success at Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal climbed to second in the rankings (his highest placing since October 2014), cutting the gap on Andy Murray to just 2605 points.

Rafa didn’t play a single grass-court event last year. Andy won both Queen’s and Wimbledon so he will need to defend all those points from last year.

ATP Rankings (as of Monday):

1. Andy Murray – 9890
2. Rafael Nadal – 7285
3. Stan Wawrinka – 6175
4. Novak Djokovic – 5805
5. Roger Federer – 4945
6. Milos Raonic – 4450
7. Marin Cilic – 4115
8. Dominic Thiem – 3985
9. Kei Nishikori – 3830
10. Alexander Zverev – 3070

Novak Djokovic slid from No. 2 to No. 4, his lowest status in 7 1/2 years. Andy Murray retains his No. 1 ranking and Stan Wawrinka stays at No. 3. Roger Federer is still No. 5 after missing the French Open for the second year in a row.

Rafa is still #1 in the year-to-date rankings. ATP still hasn’t published it, but our champ is definitely the first player to qualify for the prestigious season-ending tournament, to be held from 12-19 November at The O2 in London.

Rafa was asked yesterday whether getting back to No. 1 in the rankings is important to him. He has spent a total of 141 weeks there, most recently in July 2014. He said:

I am playing well. I am in a good position. I just won the most important event of the year for me, so that’s the only thing that matters today, no?

Winning these kind of titles, then you have chances to become any number (in) the ranking.

The next Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon, starts on July 3.

Source: The Associated Press


  1. Uncle Toni words on his nephew’s win:
    I am not very expressive and I am not used to cry neither, but today I got emotional.

    We were coming from hard years especially 2015 full of doubts and anxiety. And in 2016 for me Rafael was the No. 1 favourite to win in Paris, then he got injured and retired here. They were saying Rafa was finished, that he would have not won anymore, and now he is at the very top.

    It’s about effort and dedication. I have not a big part in it, because Rafael would have won without me as well, although I don’t know if so much

    Speaking about what it meant for him to award Rafa with the trophy, Toni added: ‘This is a secondary thing, the most important thing was to have another Roland Garros and another Slam.
    wasn’t an unbelievable match because it seems easy, but every year it’s more and more difficult to win a such trophy. And we have it.’ Rafa’s improvements on a game level were clear: ‘He is a better player in terms of technique.

    He improved his backhand and second serve. In 2008 he was younger, but now he is more complete on all surfaces.’

    When Carlos Moya was asked about Rafa’s chances of becoming No.1 he said ” it’s on the horizon, but we enjoy this tournament, we live the present and we see if we can keep improving. Today he was as perfect as the years he won here, but this time he showed an amazing maturity.”

    Bjorn Borg’s reaction after ‘La Decima’:
    ‘He is the best clay-court player ever”I never saw anyone playing so well in a Paris final.Nadal hasn’t any weakness on clay and plays every point like if it’s a match point .He gives 110%. I followed him on TV, I saw every point. He is unbelievable, no one played a better match than him in Paris against an opponent who wasn’t bad.’
    No one believed that he could make a come back, but he did it.Winning this way after being half injured for years is fantastic. You can’t play a more perfect tennis than this, it’s impossible. I am really impressed by Nadal, who kept improving especially on the backhand side. It doesn’t surprise me because he worked a lot, training for seven or eight hours per day.’

  2. I think Rafa winning the No. 1 ranking is almost assured, again, as long as he stays healthy. The way I see things is that Rafa is not confrontational, except during a match when he smashes his opponents, so he will be earning the No. 1 ranking, and replacing Andy. He won’t be taking anything, he will have earned it. And when he does, it will be celebration time again.

    I am happy for Andy in that he managed to keep his ranking as long as he has. So much was made of his climb to the top that many doubted it would last a few weeks, if that long.


  3. Rafa is happy, relaxed and gained so much confidence from winning RG. His serve and backhand have improved tremendously and his balls are penetrating the court more. Of course, Queen’s will be a good test, but all these improvements gives me confidence that Rafa will go deep into the second week at Wimbledon. As he doesn’t have a huge number of points to defend between now and the end of the year, becoming number one again is definitely a strong possibility.

  4. I would love to see Rafa take the number one spot from Andy( only Rafa mind) sorry Andy , but to me what he achieved on Sunday topped everything and he did it in style, but No 1 comes a close second.

  5. The only way to get the chance to get another Wimbledon again is changing his game. Rafa’s knee won’t allow him to play high topspin to attack opponent’s backhand like the past. He also has been nervous about his knee since 2012.
    Really hope that Carlos Moya is gonna fix his serve and returning of serve. Rafa needs to win a lot of free points as the main power and after the first week, he might get a chance.

    • Rafa on Wimbledon: “If I have pain in the knees, then I know from experience that it’s almost impossible.” [Note his keyword “almost.” I’d say that is some heck of CONFIDENCE.] “Because I need to feel strong, low and powerful legs to play well in Wimbledon. If I don’t feel that, then probably my chances are not there, no? But if I am healthy [which he is], and I am able to have the right preparation [which he will work on at Queens] and feel healthy during Wimbledon [i trust he will] , then I am probably going to have my chances to play well.” [TheGuardian]

      Mats Wilander on Rafa: “Absolutely his is one of the main favorites now for Wimbledon.”

      “Nadal has changed his game and he is way more aggressive, closer to the baseline, it’s a different Nadal.”

      Wilander attributes Rafa’s resurgence to Moyá joining his team. “I never agreed with people who said that Rafa should stop working with Toni, but having his friend Carlos there and Francisco Roig means that they talk to Toni and give some new ideas and then Rafa trusts the plan.”


    • DMTNA

      Not only the serve and his return but also he needs to find a way with this team to deal with the return and the agressive flat backhand of federer. Besides that his mental status. Rafa talked about his vulnerable knee. This can cause a problem for him on grass because he will be affraid to go 100% for his shots. A lot of work to do for his team and queens might be a very good test. I dont expect anything for him simply because he didnt do well the last six years on grass so it would be not realistic to expect huge things from him in London. Federer, Murray are the main favorites and i think raonic, cilic, krygios, zverev are maybe the outsiders. Rafa can play freely without pressure

  6. Isn’t it as if a 3 year nightmare has ended? How many depressing losses were there? How many interviews full of doubt, with the lowest point: Nadal indicating that another year like 15 or 16 would mean he would quit! Rafa has lost more often in the period June 2014 (post RG)- May 2017 than in the 5,5 seasons before that. I just checked it, Nadal lost 44 matches since the start of the 2010 season until 2014 RG (that is 5.5 seasons). He lost 45 matches in the next three years. His current 2017 win loss of 43-6 is of course excellent.

    • Dude he just won 10th French open and is leading ATP ranking race.. your stats and opinion has no value at this point

      • “Duuuuude” the point I am making is that he has basically risen from death. Fake positive freak comments are all you want, duuude?

    • Jason,

      It certainly is. I had my doubts myself. Especially in 2015 when he lost against players he never lost before but moreover he looked like a very old man who didnt know what to do. The most disrespectful i found were the anti nadal pro federer pundits who were writing him off. I remember myself and others were calling the whole time for him to sack his coach. But now in hindsight I am proud that nadal resisted the call for sacking toni. Wheter you like toni or not but toni nadal has become in my opinion probably the best tenniscoach of all time. Name one coach who coach his player to fifteen grandslam titles including 10 roland garros. The reason why he was playing the last two years so badly had nothing to do with toni but more with nadal himself and nadal took responsibility for it instead of blaming his coach. Djokovic could take a lesson from this. It was toni himself that decided that something needs to change and he called carlos who step in. I was very proud on sunday that nadal gave uncle toni a lot of credit in achieving his goals and i think we all should do.

      But to answer your post. If you compare the nadal of this year with the nadal of 2015 and 2016 big big big difference he is now fully back in the game winning a grandslam and the undisputed nr 2 in the world

      • mjus, Toni called Moya, but adding Moya WAS Rafa’s idea. Toni admitted that in a interview in Spanish, only when they asked him.

        Of course this is not to undermine Toni, the greatest (at least in terms of achievement) but also the luckiest tennis coach in the world. But it works both ways.

        Rafa’s problems in 2015 + 2016 had to do with BOTH himself and his team. A larger part was himself but you couldn’t say it’s 100% him. Because even though he’s the one who plays and fights out there and there’s only his name engraved on the trophies or mentioned in the countless “Nadal is finished” articles/comments, IT’S STILL A TEAM WORK.

        That said, I’m 100% with you on this:

        “I remember myself and others were calling the whole time for him to sack his coach. But now in hindsight I am proud that nadal resisted the call for sacking toni.”

      • Another view is that it was an idea born
        of a collaborative decision-making process.

        Toni never liked flying, he was always on tour with Rafa, he has a family that needs him home, he has the academy to attend to and to give guidance to employees and students alike. There must be contracts with Movistar to deal with, and on and on. His workload must be tremendous in addition to coaching Rafa. It is quite possible that he suggested to Rafa that it was all too much for one person to handle, knowing that if Rafa decided to add a team member it would be Carlos. Also, he could have said it was Rafa’s idea to signify that Rafa would be making his own decisions. Neither Toni nor Rafa would say something to cause the media to start a Nadal-family drama about the hiring of Moyá, who will be working at the academy also.

  7. Rafa you sure deserve ALL CONGRATULATIONS on your great winning and your humbleness.

    Love and prayers,


  8. Am so overwhelmed with joy. My prayer has been granted. What a good week to start knowing our Rafa has just gone through a stressful 2 weeks. Hope he’ll get the much needed rest and build up new strength and stamina to face another weeks of full on practice for the forthcoming matches. Here’s hoping that he’ll win the Wimbledon and the Queens and all other major events.

    Again congrats Rafa. That trophy really belongs to you. You’ve worked hard for it. Congrats as well to your whole team especially to uncle Toni who has been so very much valuable and helpful and supportive to you. And also to Carlos Moya. He also deserves a recognition for his new contribution to further enhance your skills.

    Great to know as well you’re on #2, Bravo Rafa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless us all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I have not stopped smiling since yesterday! My heart told me that Rafa was playing at the highest level, but my head worried about an upset. In fact, the stars aligned the entire two weeks for a Rafa win. I am troubled that some especially in the media are now making Rafa a Wimbledon favorite. That is too fast. Let’s wait to see how he does at Queens first. Rafa has been playing a lot of tennis so far this year. He needs to be careful to not overdo it. I have full confidence in Toni and Carlos that they will not let it happen.

    • Spot on about the grass. It is more likely that we see a grass season like we did in the last 5 years. Rafa does not have new knees all of a sudden. Most important is that confidence remains even if he’d be Rosolled again. Media always bash him when this happens – but 2013 has taught us that it says nothing about his US swing chances. Moreover I hope Roger will get knocked out early at Wimbledon.

      • Jason, I feel as you do that the grass season will not be kind to Rafa’s knees. I also think it far too early to expect that Rafa will win Wimbledon because he won the French Open. Unfortunately the media want to project straight from one tournament to the next, full of praise when Rafa wins, but as you say, bash him when he loses.
        Rafa has no points to defend at Wimbledon so even if he only lasts a few rounds it means more points.
        I would love to see him win Wimbledon but not at the expense of further injuries , putting him out of play for future tournaments.
        I don’t think an early loss at Wimbledon would at this stage destroy his confidence as he has been very guarded in interview concerning the effect that grass courts have on his knees so he is being realistic. What concerns me more will be all those negative remarks by the media and some ( but not all ) Federer fans who will immediately jump to the attack.
        I would prefer to see him healthy, happy and progressing favourably without over-taxing himself to further injury.

      • Rafa has nothing left to prove on any surface. I would however love to see him win the world tour finals at the O2 in London later on this year as he has never won that trophy. Oh and perhaps a 2nd Australian Open would be nice.

      • I dont think Rafa is the favorite for Wimbledon . Only he can know how much his knees are hurting.
        But if you only watch his form and the other player form, I do believe this is last chance to win it. His knees will only become worse and not better with time. I mean in his book even he says he will be very luck if he gets to play tennis till he is 29 -30 years old. also i think the players in their early 20s are getting better, there is a high chance that from next year they will win the majors, and the 30s will be out of the picture. It would be funny if this area started with Rafa and Roger and will close with them ( and not Djoko and Murray) and then next generations will starts to win
        Not that i mind because I wanted to Rafa win the 10th roland garros titlte and beat Sampras record. He has done it, so after this everything just plus..

      • Rafa is ONE of the favorites to win Wimbledon, at this point in time. Too early to “guess” correctly who will win Wimbledon.

        So many here were worried about the next-gen players during the clay season. They all fell by the wayside barring Thiem, who beat Rafa at Rome. Rafa should have skipped Rome. Plain and simple.

        Rafa’s retirement has been written about almost every year. Guess what…Rafa’s still here, and if Carlos Moyá is correct, Rafa will be competing for another 3-to-5 years. Rafa will be with us as long as he is able to be competitive. The young ones will have to wait.

        Rafa has amazed me all the years I have been a fan, AND HE STILL AMAZES.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • I too agree about making uninformed statements about Wimbledon. Rafa’s performance at the Queens Club may give an indication about his chances for Wimbledon. Or, he could do poorly at Queens but win Wimbledon. Toss-up. Rafa: “One tournament at a time.”

      I am no physiologist and surely can’t discuss the present condition of Rafa’s knees. However, Rafa and team undoubtedly have been working on strengthening all those muscles needed to withstand the beating that a grass-court tournament will exact on them. Of Queens, Rafa said, “…it’s the best way for me to be ready for Wimbledon.” He won Queens and Wimby in 2008. We could very well see a repeat. 🤗

      Rafa will be joined by Andy and Milos, winner and RU respectively. Also looking to win Queens are JMDP, Stan, Nick, Goffin, and Dmitrov.


    • i couldnt agree more va4favre. Lets be realistic he hasnt done well on grass in 6 years lets see how his knees will hold on grass and queens will be the perfect test. I personally do not consider rafa is favorite for the wimbeldon title. That is simply to optimistic

  10. Congratulations Rafa to you and your team on your magnificent 2017 season, which has brought you to being the World No. 2, Rafa redux. I hope the second half of 2017 brings even more happy moments.


  11. So happy for him. After all the problems with his knee, back and wrist – nobody deserves it more than Rafa. Take rest and enjoy the moment. Vamos Rafa <3

  12. Para mi nunca dejaste d ser n.1..estuvieras donde estuvieras en l ranking…eres especial y lo has demostrado….y para colmo d todo EL 10 d Roland Garros….m alegro x ti k bastante hemos sufrido en casa en tu racha baja…ADELANTE k te seguimos

  13. That was a really nice documentary shown by eurosport. So nice to see rafa relaxing with his family and laughing and joking and how nice was he with that little boy and his parents and inviting them to his hotel to meet Mary and himself. However that cryochamber looked horrific. Poor rafa. Lol

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