Rafael Nadal: I’m very respectful to everyone (Barcelona Open QF)

Rafael Nadal discusses the test that Hyeon Chung brought at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell and moving through to the semi-finals.


  1. What others are saying. Each quote is by a different individual.

    “I also took [A] Zverev’s comments as a compliment to Nadal….he wants to be on court with the best on clay in order to improve and test his game. Understandable. He was swept under the rug in MC.”

    “They said the same thing without realizing it. Rafa said he would go somewhere to improve. Zverev wants to play Rafa, also to improve. Same thing. All is good.”

    “How are you going to win a few big titles unless you play tournaments to improve? All he said was that he wanted another meetup with Rafa on clay, which is a completely reasonable request considering Nadal is the best ever to play on the surface, and it will give Zverev more experience. What is wrong with that? I find it “stranger” that others are obsessing over a pretty normal comment from Sascha.”

    “Nadal’s comments the more shocking as Zverev did not say at all he expected to win the match. Zed was fine with another go in the QF’s after getting a bad draw. Commendable he wants more matches with the clay goat while he’s still got some prime game left.”

    Me: Disparaging remarks were made here about Sascha regarding this matter but no one is supplying links to either a YouTube interview, or articles from reputable news outlets which include the context of the quotes mentioned here.

    I am interested in any opponent Rafa has to play. That is why I try to find out as much as possible about one with whom I am not familiar.

    This just reminds about Nole who is always badly talked about; then it was Kyrgios, but now he seems to have redeemed himself; then it was Mirka [LOL, Roger and Stan, and the ATP took care of that but her comment was heard by EVERYBODY] and now it’s Sascha.

    Nothing at all wrong about different opinions but it would help if some context to support an opinion were included with the opinion.

    I am now out of breath.

    RAFA, NOW YOU ARE EVEN MORE FAMOUS [If that is even possible.]

  2. Congratulations Rafa and all the very best for the final against Dominic,
    Love and prayers,

  3. We don’t even know if Rafa is aware of all the high praise Sascha has lavished upon him. More than likely he has not heard the entire story, the real story.

    Sascha is known to be humble, family oriented, and a future number one. Sounds like someone else, no?

    Sascha is intent on improving his game and his fitness. He said that in order for him to improve, he has to play the best players. And that is why he accepted a wild card, for a chance to play Rafa. No arrogance in that.


  4. Rafa beat Zeballos 6-3, 6-4. Two hard fought sets. Zeballos played well but Rafa just that bit better. Thiem may present a challenge but I am unsure about him. According to some reports neither he nor Andy played all that well in their match.
    I am looking forward to seeing Rafa biting trophy number 10 at Barcelona or am I putting a jinx on him by saying that? Perhaps I had better change it to Best of luck to Rafa in the final.

  5. Well done Rafa! Straight sets but not straightforward. Quality match. Loved Zeballos’ selfie with you at the end. One for his album! So nice 👍Good luck tomorrow 😀

  6. Rafa, this match was certainly a lot harder for you than I imagined , you are now through to the final against Thiem, you will have to up your game a couple more notches. Thiem is not only out to take the title in Barcelona but that of the player who beat the king of clay, I know you won’t allow this to happen . Get some rest and come out fighting on the court named after the most magnificent player ever 🇪🇸

  7. 3-1 1st set Rafa leads

    It’s really windy now. Hope Rafa will win this quickly.

    It’s a bit quiet here :). Hello everyone?

  8. Rafa you are the greatest of all times.nobody has won 10 titles on any surface only you have
    I want the same result in Paris
    Wish you all the best
    King Rafa

  9. Yes Rafa it’s will be Thiem in the final with you tomorrow once you have won your match today. Andy fought back well and showed great sportsmanship , but has a way to go to get back to his best.

  10. Good luck today Rafa , I’m in no doubt that tomorrow I will have yet another Sunday afternoon sat watching you claim yet another title, and at present it looks like your opponent will be Thiem as Andy is struggling . Either way it doesn’t really matter as neither is a match for you. Also congratulations on the opening of your newest restaurant Tatelibiza, shame you couldn’t be there ,but something’s are just more important Lol. It looks gorgeous and the views are just stunning. Susie hold your nerves​ today Rafa has this in the bag 😸

  11. The very best of luck to rafa today. I’m sure he will be fine as determined as he is to get to the final tomorrow.

  12. So true! Rafa doesn’t underestimate any player. Never having played Chung before, he had to work hard to snatch the first set and needed a second set to figure out Chung’s game.
    Interestingly, he found it “strange” that the main reason for Sascha Zverev entering the tournament was to have “another shot” at Rafa as his loss to him in MC was still at the back of his mind. When asked about Zverev’s motive Rafa said “Zverev can be at the highest level…Then you have to show it on court and be humble at work….It’s strange that he comes to an event to play against someone. I play certain events because I think it’s better for my calendar or to improve.” A very smart response. Clearly Rafa thinks that Zverev needs to learn a lesson in humility and I agree.

    • I beg to differ. IMHO it did not take Rafa two sets to figure out how to beat Chung. The match is only best out of three. It was in the first set when Rafa figured out how to win.

      Rafa figured out how to beat Chung in the first set (see the score). He whooped him in the second set, won that set AND the match.

  13. Yes Rafa, you showed great respect for what Chung had to go through in order to reach the quarterfinal. You are as cool as a cucumber. So glad you reiterated, for her, your explanation about the challenge of playing this particular opponent.


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