Mexican Open SF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Marin Cilic in Acapulco?

On Friday, Rafael Nadal will play third-seeded Marin Cilic in the semifinal at the 2017 Mexican Open. The Croatian advanced to the final four without hitting a ball as scheduled opponent Steve Johnson was forced to withdraw with ankle injury.

Tennis - Mexican Open - Men's Singles - Quarter-Final - Acapulco, Mexico- 02/03/17. Spain's Rafael Nadal celebrates his victory against Yoshihito Nishioka of Japan. REUTERS/Henry Romero
REUTERS/Henry Romero

Date: March 3, 2017

Match time: Not before 6 PM local time / 7 PM EST –  New York, Montreal / midnight – United Kingdom / Saturday 1 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Saturday 11 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on facing Marin:

He’s one of the toughest rivals in the world, he has a great serve and is very aggressive. I will have to play so much better than today if I want to have a shot.

It’s a big match. I hope to be prepared for it. (via AP)

The two-time tournament champion leads the series against Marin 3-1, but they haven’t played since the Basel quarterfinals in 2015, when Rafa won 4-6, 6-3, 6-3.



  1. Fernando Verdasco (what a hunk), when asked about Rafa during a Dubai presser, put it quite succinctly, “And I really love him [Nadal], but it’s really tiring. I know that it’s Nadal, but whatever decisions they have to make, it’s their decision. Maybe it’s the best for them.” Great non-response Fernabdo!


  2. Congratz Rafa…..the “fear factor” has returned. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘👍👏😀😍😉🎾🎾🎾🎾



  3. Rafa well don ,you can do it because you are the best player and good person too .your fans love you.xoxo🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  4. Congratulations Rafa on your advance to the semi-finals.

    I am glad you recognize you MUST raise your level of play in order to beat Čilíc. Focus on how to get to the final.

    BEST OF LUCK, RAFA!!!!! 👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘

    • Margo, I too was pleased that Rafa admitted that he played poorly. He did not say why so we fans are left to wonder. At least he was not wearing a bandage on his knee. I think he will play better this evening.

      • va4favre, hopefully there is nothing to wonder about. As with any skill, learned or innate, there are “off” days. I can type 90wpm, with 1 or two errors. Other days, it’s as if I have 2 left hands. LOL. Rafa could have simply been having an off moment.
        Unless we hear to the contrary, all is well with our champ. However, I do wish he would have left the bandage on, just for support. Perhaps he felt it was a hindrance or just really doesn’t need it.

        RAFA ROCKS

  5. NOVAK is out. If Kyrgios plays like that again he will be in the final. If beating yet another top seed doesn’t spur him on to start taking his game serious then nothing will. I am not a fan of his but what a waste of a talent , other players could only dream of.A stint at Rafas’s Academy might do him a world of good.

  6. I do not understand why the commentator’s always give Nick’s age as an excuse for his behaviour. Big deal Rafa believe it or not was that age once and never acted in that way.There is no denying that Nick is very talented but the desire and commitment isn’t there , and he is quite happy to be famous more for his attitude than his game . Andy has only in the past few years felt comfortable in the limelight that’s why he tries to help Kyrgios and yes he does drop the occasional F bomb but that’s where the similarities end. I actually believe Kyrgios loves the limelight and the money just not the game where as Andy gives 100% out on court , shuns the limelight and loves the game . Rafa and Roger are hard acts to follow , but sadly in this day and age bad behaviour seems to draw more attention.

  7. Watching Acapulco Djokovic vs Kyrgios. Some commentators really get carried away. Billing these 2 as the greatest in the history of Tennis, also Kyrgios n Murray have a great respect for each other! Yes, they speak the same language … if you get my drift! No reference to Rafa n Roger in this category of Legends! Vamos Rafa n Roger. Nan Shirley. 😰😭😢

    • Yes, I agree “the nerve” in omitting mention of Rafa and Roger as among the greatest. We know that Rafa is still the King of Clay, only one title of many of “firsts” for our champ.
      Kyrgios has yet to reach his potential and Nole is “among” the many greatests.

      Some commentators simply suffer from myopia. LOL

      I “get your drift.” That was cute.


      • Correction: Too many “s.” Should be “….among the many greatest.”


  8. So pleased for you Rafa , haven’t seen the match yet but listening to the commentator’s you didn’t play your best, still you achieved the results you needed, now up your game again for your next match against Cilic he will be a tough opponent and has had a days rest . Good luck Rafa and remember you can do this

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