Rafael Nadal drops one place in ATP rankings

Photo: Marco Strullu
Photo: Marco Strullu

The post Shanghai Masters rankings are up.

Rafael Nadal has dropped one place to 6th spot in the ATP singles rankings after being eliminated in the second round at the Shanghai Masters.

Andy Murray has closed the gap to Novak Djokovic to less than 2,500 points as he bids to become world No 1 for the first time. If Andy wins titles in Austria and France he could end Djokovic’s 27-month reign as world No 1 as early as November 7, although that will depend also on the 29-year-old Serbian not reaching the final in Paris.

ATP World Tour rankings – top 10 as of Monday 17 October:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Djokovic Novak Serbia 12900 17
2. Murray Andy United Kingdom 10485 17
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 5820 21
4. Raonic Milos Canada 4690 17
5. Nishikori Kei Japan 4650 19
6. Nadal Rafael Spain 4380 19
7. Monfils Gael France 3815 18
8. Federer Roger Switzerland 3720 16
9. Berdych Tomas Czech Republic 3300 22
10. Thiem Dominic Austria 3250 28

In the 52 week rankings, the year to date rankings, Rafa is still #7.

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Djokovic Novak Serbia 10600 15
2. Murray Andy United Kingdom 9685 15
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 5060 18
4. Raonic Milos Canada 4690 16
5. Nishikori Kei Japan 4360 18
6. Monfils Gael France 3625 17
7. Nadal Rafael Spain 3300 17
8. Thiem Dominic Austria 3205 25
9. Berdych Tomas Czech Republic 2880 19
10. Goffin David Belgium 2645 22

Source: AP, ATP World Tour


  1. Ce n est que partie remise rafa reviendra pr la nouvelle saison et reprendra sa place qui est la sienne ds le big four ! Je le soutiens de façon inconditionnelle 👑👑👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤

  2. The general consensus on the online tennis forums is that it’s over. Even the most optimistic Nadal followers realize it now. Thank you for everything Rafa. It is a pity you threw away the last three years (and the other ones that would still be in the pipeline, hadn’t you been so incredibly stubborn).

  3. Always followed u Rafa…. mais il est peut être tems de mettre fin à ta carrière et profiter des bons moments…. jouer au golf (sport que tu adores)… faire du bateau et profiter de bons moments avec ceux que tu aimes.

    • Yes, he did , Susie.
      I recall that happening but he bounced back.
      Whether he will this time remains to be seen.
      he has a lot of points to defend at Basel, Paris masters and WTF so if he doesn’t play in those or he gets disappointing results he will drop more.
      All we can do is support him. He has given us many years of breathtaking tennis. But he is not a machine. He is going to wear down sooner or later.A new or additional coach cannot revive a worn out body. That’s my opinion anyway.
      But I could be wrong. It’s just how I see it.
      Rafa my hero whatever the ranking.!!

  4. Rafa will always be Numero UNO with the fans no matter where he places on the ATP ranking system.

    Viva la Rafa forever!!!!!!!!


  5. A great shame for Rafa but maybe not unexpected ,he will need to play the rest of this year to try and defend his 1,080 points. Good luck toAndy on trying to make the number one spot, if not this year then the start of next . Behind you Rafa whatever decision you make for the rest of the season.

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